May 24, 2011


"No man is an island". A very famous saying that applies to everybody. 

We have a family who helped us from the time we where born until we, their children decide to stand on our own. But even if we live away from them, we still can count on them whenever we experience troubles in life. I know this doesn't apply to all parents (based on experience). 

We have friends whom we share our happy and sad moments in life. Most often we share our secrets with them. This applies of course to our true friends. Friends in times of good and bad. We can't deny the fact that we have friends that I often call "leech". These are the friends who just come along with us when they need something: I am specially talking of material things here. 

We often give help to our family and friends when they need us. Sometimes, we do things that we shouldn't be doing just to help them. For example: When our family or friends need money badly and we are not capable of lending them, we borrow from others so we can help. I know this is not a bad thing but we also have to consider the situation. And our family or friends should also try to understand. I always say, how can you help a drowning person if you yourself is drowning? Simple, help yourself first before you help others. In this way, you might give help in a better and bigger way. 

One thing that irritates me the most is when a person is asking for a help and yet you are aware that he or she is not determined enough to help himself or herself. If you are in my situation, would you still help? I also experience obstacles in life but I try to solve them myself until I can. Why is it so hard to let them understand this? Why do they always cling on someone who can't help them and they are even aware of it? Can't they instill in their minds that "POVERTY IS NOT A HINDRANCE TO SUCCESS?" 

May 1, 2011

To My Godson: AJ Caragan

My super handsome godson. Miss you baby Aj!

Happy birthday AJ! I am sorry I miss your birthday this year. But I know you have many more birthdays to come. I won't say I will make it up to you because in reality I can't bring back the past. I won't promise that I will be present on your next birthdays either because I don't hold the future. 

I just would like to give a simple message for you. I am aware that your mom loves you very much opposite what your father does. She was and is always there to guide and help you no matter what. If you only know her sufferings and I am sure you will know and understand this when you grow up. Now, she has a dad that protects her from those people who made her life miserable. In the future, you will be the one protecting her from those who will make her cry. 

I won't say that you have to get mad at your dad who abandoned you and your mom but I would say that it is your choice if you will acknowledge him when you grow up. I also know that you won't hurt your mom the same way your dad did. 

You are a gift and a son to a loving mother. I will not say be a good boy but I'd rather say, choose the path you know what is right for you for I am aware you will be able to differentiate what is right from wrong.