October 25, 2013


Opinion Questions:

1.  Are you given paid vacation each year in your country? If so, how many?

2. Which place do you prefer to go on vacation most of the time? Why?

3. Most people like to go on vacation in the summer. Which is popular in your country, the mountain or the sea?

4. What would you say if someone ask you to visit the seaside in the winter?

5. What season is the best to go on vacation in your country? Why?

6. Which do you think is better in going for vacation, driving your own car or using public transportation?

7. How would you respond if your boss demanded you to give up your vacation for your job?

8. Is it okay to lose your vacation for a better pay at work?

9. If you have the chance to travel for a vacation for a least a month, where and how would you spend it?

10.  How would you describe an ideal vacation?

Note: This is created for my ESL classes. 

October 21, 2013

Discussing Bad Results

Alex: We need to face the music here. We’re in deep trouble! Sales are down by 50% versus last year.

Pan: It looks like we’re going to be in the red for the year to the tune of $1 million.

Ron: No wonder. We’re losing market share to Manhattan Beer.

Alex: Why? We need to get to the bottom of this!

Pam: Every year they come up with new beers. They’re really on top of trends. For instance, last year they released a low-carb beer.

Ron: No wonder they’re eating our lunch! They’re cashing in on the latest trends and bringing great new products to market.

Pam: Meanwhile, were running in place. We need a new product line and new ideas for marketing.

Alex: It’s time to clean house and bring some new blood into this company.

Ron: You took the words out of my mouth! We need some new people with fresh ideas.

Note: I don't claim this as my own. 
Source: Speak Business English like American by Amy Gillett

October 19, 2013


Opinion Questions:

1. We are aware that air pollution is because of cars. Do you think people are willing to buy electric cars despite high prices and inconvenience?

2. Are you willing to give up your current way of living to help clean the environment?

3. What is your stand in building more nuclear plants regardless of radioactive releases?

4. What are the other forms of pollution that you can think of? Are you concerned about them?

5. How would you react if the government will require you to pay higher taxes to help in cleaning the environment?

6. Could you think of an anti-pollution law in your country? Is it implemented well by the authority? How do the people respond to it?

7. As an individual, what can you do to help lessen any form of pollution?

8. Would you consider overpopulation a form of pollution?

9.  What do you think is the best way to fight pollution?

10. Is there a possibility that our planet will be wiped out because of pollution?

Note: This is created for my ESL classes. 

October 15, 2013


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Note: This is created for my ESL classes. 

October 11, 2013

Discussing Good Results

Peter: Great news! We had a record-breaking quarter. We brought in revenues of $500,000.

Linda: Wow, revenues really were though the roof!

Todd: That’s great. Kudos to Linda! She deserves a pat on the back. The guerrilla marketing campaign  she dreamed up was brilliant. She sent out e-mail to all of our customers asking them to e-mail a friend about our services. For each friend they e-mailed, they received a free gift.

Peter: Linda, your campaign helped us drum up a lot of business. We signed on 800 new customers.

Linda: I’m really glad my plan panned out. I thought it would, since everybody loves a freebie.

Todd: Linda, we can always count on you to think outside.

Linda: For the record, Peter helped me come up with the idea.

Peter: Thanks for sharing the credit, Linda. But it was your idea.

Todd: The important thing is that were now giving our biggest competitor, U.S. Bank, a run for their money.

Note: I don't claim this as my own. 
Source: Speak Business English like American by Amy Gillett

October 9, 2013

Gender Equality

Opinion Questions:

1. How do you define gender equality?

2. Why is gender equality important?

3. Do you think gender equality the concern of men? Why or why not?

4. Is inequality between men and women an old culture? Why or why not?

5.  Have you ever felt inequality in your life? If so, what situation? How did you cope with it?

6. Do you think it is possible to achieve equality between men and women?

7. Is equality similar to fairness?

Note: This is created for my ESL classes. 

October 8, 2013

Attachment: Something I have yet to overcome

Dealing with so many different people everyday is fun and exciting. You  have the opportunity to learn other cultures in many ways, whether it is intentional or just by accident. With my job, I am vulnerable to emotional attachment. This is the time when I wish I have a shut down button on my brain to let my it stop functioning for a while. I am all aware that these people don't give a shit about me after the lesson, but I can't just stop myself from caring about them. I guess I was born this way or I just don't have the courage to be a heart of stone. Being keen to detail is good but sometimes would lead me to trouble. I am glad no matter how crazy I am for so many things, I never go insane literally. I know that I can learn to control my emotions but I also know that it will take time. Although I don't show it that much, it is sometimes noticeable. 

I always hold on to promises and I take note even the minute ones. I have received so many promises in my field of work and I would say 90 % of them were not fulfilled which make me ask why people make them without even considering the outcome if they break them. Maybe, this should be the nature of humans. I hope I can do the same but I can't because I am haunted by my conscience whenever I try to do so. I guess I have to learn to ignore promises.I will do my best to overcome each one of them step by step. 

I must put this on top of my list of New Year's resolutions. 

October 5, 2013


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Opinion Questions:

1.  How do you differentiate need from want and from desire?

2. Did you want to look beautiful? Why or why not?

3. Did you want to be smarter than other people? Why or why not?

4. Did you desire to help the needy and be helped by others? Why or why not?

5.  Do you think you are happier if you have more than what your peers have?

6.  What would you do then if you had everything humans can have?

7.  Is it difficult to let go of our desires? Why or why not?

8. Have you ever desired of something or anything that didn't make you happy? How did you cope with it?

9. Are there any ways we can overcome wanting too much all the time?

10. What is the ultimate thing that will make you and most people satisfied?

Note: This is created for my ESL classes. 

October 2, 2013

Talking About Company Strategy

Andy: My team has come up with a strategy. We can’t continue being fast followers. We need to start   developing our own cutting-edge technologies.

Laura: Why? We’ve been fast followers for the past ten years. Why mess with success?

Andy: Success? Get with the program. Our sales are way down. Our cash cow, the model 8B, only sold 900 units last month!

Laura: I can understand why. That phones a relic. It’s been around for over three years. What about our phones?

Andy: Our latest model cell phone was a real dog! It sold only 20% of our sales forecast.

Laura: Any idea why?

Andy: Product life cycles are much shorter now than before. New technologies are developed at a much faster rate.

Laura: So what are we supposed to do?

Andy: We need to become much more innovative as a company. Instead of producing me-too products, we need to leapfrog our competitors.

Laura: How do we do that?

Andy: For starters, we need to beef our R&D department. We need to develop differentiated products which we can sell at a premium.

Laura: As anext step, let’sget buy –in from our marketing and sales directors.

Andy: Right. We should get everyone on the same page.

Note: I don't claim this as my own. 
Source: Speak Business English like American by Amy Gillett