December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015 - Way to Baguio

I haven't traveled much this year after my epic one on the New Year. Since Christmas is not highly celebrated where I live, I decided to go somewhere. I asked my husband if he could come along, also my two in-laws who are having their birthdays in December. I hate shopping and also a bit tired of manning the kitchen so I am pretty sure there won't be any celebration for them unless they will come along. When I told them, they were more excited than I do! 

Before the day of the trip came, we made sure to ready everything. I asked my husband to reserve our tickets at Victory Liner Cubao. Mind you, they don't have online reservations, huh, I thought it's an airline. nyahahahaha! Itineraries are done and so our jackets! Brrr! It's cold in there :D 

The day of the trip came. I have no sleep for we are leaving at 2 am and my work hours ends at 11:30 pm. I then decided to just finalize our luggage. I was done finalizing at 12:30 am. It doesn't matter, I will just sleep on the bus. 

While waiting for our ride to the bus stop

December 11, 2015


We can always stand out

Everybody knows
the world is round, up and down 
nope; city nor town.

Always, all agree
pick not the unripe fruit trees
sour, bitter it'll be.

Do good, yes of course!
yet selfishness dominates 
nothing good is done.

Hope, glimmers maybe,
darkness lingers, spread freely
 Light; guard cautiously.

December 7, 2015

I Love Kimchi!

Since I was a kid, constipation was one of my biggest health problems. It is said in many health-related websites that I should eat foods with lots of fibers. Because of that, I started eating red rice. I think eating white rice gives a hard time for my stomach to digest food. I also tried eating oat meals, wheat bread which I bake, and of course, lots and lots of veggies. Unfortunately, since I am living in the country side it is a bit difficult to go to the supermarket when I consume all my foods. I know it is easy to get vegetables here but mother in-law isn't always home to prepare for my meals if I am busy at work. 

I remember when I was still in college, I used to eat kimchi which my Korean friends introduced. I noticed that my digestion improved during those times. However, when I started working and was away with them, kimchi was no longer part of my diet. I only ate that when we go to Korean restaurant or when I decide to patiently eat supermarket kimchi which taste really aweful! 

These past few days, I decided to make my own kimchi and have it stored so I can eat anytime I want. There are no Korean stores nearby therefore I had to ask my husband to drop by a Korean store in Ortigas when he went to the bus station for reservation. Luckily, he was able to bring home what I need.

December 3, 2015

Review: Summerwind Resort Laguna - Hot Spring

I planned a get together party with my former high school classmates but unfortunately,  they were not able to come due to their tight schedules. Since I am working from home, I can bring my job anywhere as long as there's an internet access hence I still pushed it through together with my husband and my sister in-law. I decided to have a room rented instead of just a cottage because I am sure I will be tired from the long travel time. I am also being careful with my back due to my fall from the stairs and of which gives me difficulty to be lying down anywhere. 

Upon arrival, we asked if we could check-in earlier because we arrived at 13:30. Their policy is guests can only stay for 12 hours with the basic charge which is 1000php for a room with a maximum of 4 pax. I asked if we could just leave our things for a while and we will just be going back at 19:00; they didn't allow it. They offered 1200php, 200 extra charge for the early check-in but we will have to check-out at 7:00 the next morning. 

November 25, 2015

Cooking: Nabe (Japanese hot pot)

The weather is getting cooler where I live and this makes me think in cooking foods that are best for this season. I have been wanting to cook nabe, Japanese hot pot but since it is difficult for me to find ingredients, I have always set it aside. However, last weekend, I got the courage of cooking it using alternative ingredients but before giving up on the original ingredients, my two sister in-laws and I spent more than four hours at the supermarket looking for them. I was hoping the universe will suddenly drop all the ingredients I need! hahaha! Unfortunately, the universe was a little selfish that day! 

The ingredients I used are:

  • Beef - sukiyaki cut. I won't have the patience in cutting a regular cut beef into thin ones so I just closed my eyes and bought this even it was expensive. 
  •  Beef broth - Knorr beef cubes is the best and easiest one to find. Don't judge me but I tried my best to find dashi but I couldn't. 
  • Soy sauce - I also tried looking for a Japanese soy sauce but there's none so I used Kikkoman soy sauce (I so loved the smell and the taste!)

  • Tofu - I love tofu, whatever the recipe is. Of course, I picked the Japanese tofu. It's so soft, you don't have to chew it when eating. I think you know what I mean!
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Onion leeks 
  • Onions - When I cook, I want onions to be present in all my recipes! Many of my friends always say, they are confused weather I am a Filipino or Indian or Korean and so on...LOL! I wish I can bring my own onions when I eat out. 
  • Noodles - After mini mini mowing at the international section as to which noodles I will use, I decided to pick this one. 
As you can see, I just used a few ingredients. I was hoping to buy shitake mushroom but it is damn expensive!  Also, I wanted to have sake, a Japanese rice wine which I think is perfect for this recipe but as I said earlier, the universe was a little selfish that time. I then bought red wine!

Right after we came home from the supermarket, I asked the people at home to do the washing, peeling and chopping. They were all excited so it was done in no time.

November 19, 2015

Shoot,shoot and shoot!

After so many years of shutting myself off from the world of photography, I am now slowly embracing it again. However, coming from the film camera, it is a little difficult for me to deal with digital one. I am used to taking a shot and developing it,omitting the editing part. However, I can't do much but accept the fact that we are now in the digital world thus I have to use one. 

After so many months of thinking, assessing and analyzing all the factors that affects my willingness to buy a new camera, I finally had decided to get one two weeks ago. My husband was more excited than me when it was delivered. He knows from the first time we met until now how I was into it before. Once delivered,  I immediately studied and applied the things I have learned while waiting for it to arrive. 

Here are my first few shots:

Lovely dog: my very first shot 

Sister in-law: Second shot

Testing different camera modes
The first two were both taken at home. Then I decided to go out when I heard the kids in the neighborhood are planning to play volleyball near the farm. 


Volleyball or football?

Tallest palm tree in the neighborhood

November 18, 2015

Movie Review: Spectre

Poster at the movie theater

I can't deny the fact that Spectre made me hold on to my chair. 

It started with a long and intense opening fight scene which gives the viewers a slight idea as to where the movie is going or where the story started.  Daniel Craig as James Bond is trying to decrypt a story which will bring you back to the past. 

Watching such kind of film make viewers like me expect for fight scenes I can never imagine and yes Spectre has  given that. I am also well-aware that most viewers anticipate for awesome cars that will be used. Seeing Aston Martin in the movie wowed me but then it is expected it will be wrecked but not as wrecked as I was thinking before the movie. I was also waiting for the Bond girls and of which the movie didn't fail to do. Monica Belluci did a very good job portraying the wife of an infamous assassin despite shown very little in the film. Madeleine Swann played by Lea Seydoux gave color to the entire movie itself although not so well if compared to the other Bond girls in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. 

November 6, 2015

Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter

Almost all people if I am not mistaken want to have long lifespan or immortality. Many are using science seeking the fountain of youth! But that's not how life is designed for in reality.

The last witch hunter is a movie about a man named Kaulder starred by Vin Diesel who in the ancient times used to hunt witches. He was then cursed of immortality by the Witch Queen acted by Julie Engelbrecht. This scene is shown on the very first part of the movie. Then it is shifted to the modern times where Kaulder is walking among the people like a modern man but still doing as in the past however not killing them. Michael Cane as Dolan 36th, Rose Leslie as Chloe (a dream walker) and Elijah Wood as Dolan 37th are with Kaulder in the modern times.

I had my eyes fixed on the screen not even touching my bucket of pop corn once the movie started.  In all honestly, I expected for more medieval type of scenes; seeing Vin Diesel with the long beard and the sword shown on the trailer but then it didn't. The scenes shifted from modern times to the ancient times which makes the viewers' eyes fixed on the movie or else you'll get lost if you miss something. 

November 2, 2015

Baking: Dark Chocolate cake

Everybody was at home last weekend because of the holiday. November 1st and 2nd should be holidays because of the commemoration of the dead in the Philippines. Sadly, the government didn't declare the 2nd as the holiday. 

November 1st is my mother in-laws birthday. We planned to buy her a cake but then I was already tired of the same taste of cake since we only have one bakeshop nearby. We then shopped for ingredients we don't have to make a dark chocolate cake. 

After mixing all the ingredients, I baked it for 50 minutes under 150 degree C using a halogen oven since we don't have the conventional one. While baking, we prepared for the white frosting. We don't have an electric mixer so it was done manually. 

We did it after almost 30 minutes of vigorous whisking! It was tough but we felt great after seeing the result.

Me coating the cake with dark chocolate ganache 
After coating, ready to freeze

October 30, 2015

2016 Philippine Election: Registration

Will the Philippines bloom or wither?
We are almost at the end of the registration of new voters, transfer of voters and so on for next year's national election. Since I don't stay in one place before I got married, I decided not to vote. This time that I am settled in one place I think, it's time to register and I did it yesterday. 

While I was filling out the forms, I can hear people asking questions to each other what they should write on those forms. I am busy filling out the forms so I didn't mind them. I had a hard time handwriting since I am now used to typing on keyboards so I got a little slower than expected. I was reviewing the forms after filling them out when a guy suddenly approached me.

The conversation went this way:

October 23, 2015

Stupidity at Its Best!

Beautiful to see but it can be deadly
Life is a game; if you know how to play it well, you'll win. Yes it's true but make sure that you're not harming others to acquire what you want. We're humans and we are all sinners but this doesn't justify that we can keep making the same mistakes over and over. It's like abandoning a flower repeatedly until it will lose its blossom and die. 

We all experience heartaches in life. Different kinds of heartaches that could possibly break you, but allowing yourself to be broken won't do you good. Instead, it should be a stepping stone for a better tomorrow. I've been there and I know I have told myself I won't allow anyone to take away happiness from me. As I always say, happiness is a choice and at the end of the game, I will make sure I will laugh at it. 

You might have encountered someone leaving you for no reason. The time when you were together, you have promised you will take care of yourself only for him. Your life revolved around him. You made sure that your success will be shared by you and him but little you know, he's been planning to leave you in the middle of nowhere. You cried, you had sleepless nights and you even forgot to have your meals. Your life was crushed and perhaps at that point you wanted the earth to just throw you away to another planet. However, you came back to your senses and made clear, that was not the end of it. You took the challenge, made yourself a lot better and molded into someone wanted by many. 

October 19, 2015

My Birthday Celebration

The happy birthday celebrant
 My booked flight for my birthday was put to waste for I can't travel for now due to medical condition. It's not a really bad one but I decided to take a rest for a few months to get better. I guess I will just move it to December if I have time to go somewhere. Since I am at home, we decided to celebrate. It's semestral break, my in-laws can come home to celebrate with us. I then decided to make a homemade ravioli. It was a tough one since all one done manually but the outcome was really delicious. 

The making of ravioli
My brother in-law was the one who continued making the pasta dough after I instructed him how to do the it. He was definitely tired! :D (Well, I am munching ravioli while writing this)

October 8, 2015

I Felt The Chill

The University Athletic Association of the Philippines Cheer dance Competition 2015 is over. I have read countless of comments and criticisms regarding the result of the competition. I wasn't able to watch the competition on TV and so I waited for it on Youtube. I can't wait to watch and see how it went

I just saw it the other day. I watched NU's , UST's, FEU's and then UP's team. Call it bias but as a former Iska I still cheered for UP. I know nothing about cheer dancing but wacthing UP's team many times makes me think most comments were right. The first time I did, I noticed I was smiling. I just love how they executed everything. Flawless! Then came the end, I felt a chill when I heard the Wardy Puyod's guitar rendition of UP Naming Mahal. Mind you, I sang while I was watching it.

October 5, 2015

Movie Date: Hotel Transylvania 2

Listening to the laughter of the children in the cinema brought out the child-like in me. 

As promised, we had a movie date with my two daughters haha! They were like my daughters except me not being pregnant to them. How I wish though. I was still sleepy but I had to force myself to get up since we still have to drop by the dressmaker's shop for my body measurement. Because I am too dumb when it comes to landmarks, I asked my husband to come along as I can't still remember where the fabric shop is located even if we have been there countless of times. I guess I need to rewire my brain, ey?! 

After all of those little things to do, we all decided to watch the movie including my husband. Talk about encouraging him to close the business for just one day just to watch the movie with us! haha! Success! While waiting for the movie, they all decided to eat at Jollibee. Because it's fast food, I was hesitant but then I was with the younger ones so I can't do anything but follow. LOL! Good thing I had fun... taking pictures of Jollibee's butt. hahaha! 

I am fascinated with butts including Jollibee's butt!

September 29, 2015

Still Alice: The Hunt Is Over

On my work desk
Finally! After waiting for a long time, I finally get my own copy of Still Alice. I have controlled myself from watching the movie for I wanted to read the book first. The previous weeks, I was so desperate I almost bought the book online which is 4x the price locally. 

The first time I ordered the book online from National Bookstore, it was a total failure because I got a call the next day after placing the order that the book is no longer available. I was like, what?! Why is still posted online if it's no longer available? Oh well, the website is not updated. I was recommended to buy the dvd instead LOL! Come on! 

September 21, 2015

Movie Review: Heneral Luna

I rarely watch a Filipino-made movie in theaters. If I am not mistaken the last time I watched one was 11 years ago. It's been a long time since I lost interest in watching our own movies. In fact, I once considered our movie industry dead. Now that I have seen Heneral Luna, I was really excited that this could be the start of looking forward to watch our own movies.

Heneral Luna is a historical epic movie which is set during the Philippine-American war starred by John Arcilla, Arron Villaflor, Joem Bascon, Archie Alemania, Alex Medina, Art Acuna, Mon Confiado, Epy Quizon, Bing Pimental, Paulo Avelino, Mylene Dizon, Alvin Anson, Nonie Buencamino, Lorenz Martinez, Leo Martinez and Ketchup Eusobio.  Sorry for mentioning these names but they deserve it. These actors have made the viewers laugh, angry, cry and most especially learn. 

John Arcilla who played as Heneral Luna deserve a salute. I can't help but clap my hands at the end of the movie as my only way of showing my appreciation. His way of delivering humor, anger and patriotism left my eye not blinking and ears fully focused on the movie.  

September 20, 2015

Responsible Journalism

The popularity of social media these days seemed to have made some journalists forget about their responsibility of delivering facts to the people. It is very easy to write something about someone, good or bad for most of the time we can mask our identity behind our computer screens. There are those who just would like to gain fame in the internet world, have more likes on Facebook or millions of followers on Twitter that's why there are those who don't give a s**t on what they are going to write or report. 

I am aware that we have the freedom of speech but how many of us really understand the concept of this freedom? If we are free, does that mean we are also free to write or report false accusations? I don't think so! We may not have formal education on journalism but I think those who are considered educated should know what freedom of speech really is! It's easy to say "sorry" but the damage that have been done for that person or group of people can never be mended again. Worst, it can bring emotional or mental stress to them. As Maya Angelou said " People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel".

September 17, 2015

Hashtag BinayVisitsUPLB

When I heard that Vice President Binay was going to visit the University of the Philippines Los Banos to talk about Governance, Transparency and Social transformation, I was elated. Elated because the young ones will be given the chance to express their thoughts on what is going on with our country. For those who are well-informed, I guess we all know that our Vice President is facing corruption allegations these days. I can't help but share my friends the situation on that day. I wasn't there but I was following what's going on on Twitter. I was currently chatting to one of my Facebook friends that time, I felt said with his reply.

September 14, 2015

First Baking Attempt

Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors - it's how you combine them that you apart. - Wolfgang Puck

I love the kitchen as I always say. I didn't get a formal education when it comes to cooking, I just love imagining the way my food is prepared when I eat out. And I think I am getting money-wiser nowadays, my brain goes on calculating everything whenever I find myself eating out. Maybe because I have proven that I can save more money when I do the cooking at home. 

I hate sweets but most of my love ones and the people around me love it. They can eat a jar of chocolates when put in front of them. Cake is something they will wake up to even in the middle of the night. I remember my friends finishing whole slices of too sweet cake at Starbucks while I just had a bite. 

August 25, 2015

Tempura Obsession

The rainy days make me stay in place and think of food all the time. Even though I try to work on weekends my mind still wants to cook something so I always make sure that there's something in the refrigerator whenever my cooking addiction attacks. 

It's been a long time since I tried cooking shrimp tempura. That was a total failure. haha! I guess I was just so confident that I could turn it out right just by imagining how it was cooked. The result, delicious but it looked terrible! Huh! 

Failed tempura :D

August 19, 2015

A Choice

Solitary Chair

Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the wrong words seem to rhyme.- Collide Howdie day

You are trying to get your sleep in the middle of a quiet night when suddenly your mind drifted to an event of your life you considered the happiest. You suddenly miss him. Tears started to fall while your mind keeps scanning the time you spent together.  You remember all the events and even the words he told you vividly while you were together. You can't forget his scent, his voice and his laughs. You know exactly how he makes you laugh even with just ordinary jokes. His whole being is written in your mind.

August 14, 2015

Who Wants Kebab?

Cooking is something I do when I feel sad, angry, or happy.

With that, I went back to cooking after I got sick for a few weeks. My palate craved for something after eating bland foods and taking doses of medicines. My entire bed rest was dedicated to reading, watching movies and digging the internet for some recipes I may want to cook someday. 

I haven't used my broiler for a long time since after I invaded someone's kitchen. I can't even remember when was that. I thought pineapple pork kebab might do well in there.  I have been watching Cooking with Jack Show but I haven't tried cooking his recipes, so I thought this one is easy enough to do, besides it can be a family bonding. LOL! You can look for the recipe from the video.

Not everyone in the family eats pork so I decided to use beef, chicken and pork. Lot's of choices, ey? I am generous I guess. hahaha! Since I hate shopping, I asked someone to do the shopping for me but of course there's always a mistake but it doesn't matter, it makes me more resourceful.

While the broiler is busy doing its job, our noses are already full of the yummy smell of the food. I couldn't wait to taste it!

July 13, 2015

Crappy Employment System in the Philippines

I can't avoid thinking of my masseuse. Last weekend, I decided to get a massage since I have been suffering back pain the past few days. The massage parlor already knows me so they know who I want to handle my body. 

I had an opportunity to have a conversation with my masseuse while she was giving me the massage. I asked if she could be my personal masseuse. We talked about my schedule unfortunately, she won't be available on Saturdays starting next week.

After a few minutes, she had to excuse herself to talk to a client who just came in. I wondered because they have a receptionist. When she got back, she asked for an apology and because I was so inquisitive I asked why isn't the receptionist doing that. I came to know that the receptionist is also the OIC and that she should be the one giving the massage because she's also a massage therapist. She also told me their rule, the OIC must take some clients if the others can no longer take the responsibility unfortunately, according to my masseuse, she refuses all the time, as a result they are all exhausted except the OIC. I was also wondering why they refuse to do so yet they are given percentage for each client but to my astonishment, the percentage cannot even buy them snacks. I didn't get into details since my heart was already in pain.  

It's not my thing to ask for someone's salary because it's very unprofessional. However, with her disappointment, she told me how much it is and I can't believe she's receiving that per day. I felt really sorry for her. I then asked her if she could be my regular masseuse but she can't because she won't be doing Saturdays anymore starting next week. I asked if she could be on on call but she refused because it would be her loss if she does. Because of that, I promised her I will pay for her one day salary plus the service just for her to come and service me, finally, I saw a smile on her face. 

July 12, 2015

Masagitsit Lobo, Batangas: Our "Summer" Sanctuary

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

Rainy season is here, time to close the chapter of summer. Therefore, time to write. hahaha!

It's been our tradition to go out every summertime. This year, my friends came over our house to tag a long. They have been busy for the previous months and they also wanted to unwind. Since I always plan things like this ahead of time, they didn't have any problems taking a leave from work.  

There are many good beaches around my place but I really don't know I always want to go back to one place, Masagitsit. My family members always ask me why I love going there and I told them that the sea feels comfortable for me. People are so friendly as well. We even have the chance to help them catch fish and of course the fish we buy from them are way cheaper than in the market. Farm gate price err seashore price! LOL!  

People in this place have the tradition of dropping by a certain church before heading to that beach. And so we did. I don't believe in such but there's no harm in following the majority.  

The Church

July 10, 2015

What's Baking?

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like..." - Mark Twain 

Since I was a kid, I prefer cooking than eating out but of course, when I was a kid, there are only two recipes I can make because I was born poor, salt plus rice equals salted rice and salt plus vegetable oil plus rice equals salted oily rice.  LOL! I chose to live than die of hunger. And I am glad that those paid off. 

The past few weeks, I have spent most of my free time (as if I have a lot) reading recipes online and also thinking what's inside the refrigerator and trying to cook in my mind. Believe me, I can smell them. hahaha! 

Luckily, I had a 2-hour break today and I thought of preparing baked mussels for dinner. I dropped by the supermarket this morning after going to the bank so I have all the ingredients I need. There are many different versions of it online but I tried to alter it. I can't call it as mine because there might have been someone who did it as well. I always like my food to be aromatic because it makes people at home stay in the kitchen with me. Aside from the usual, butter, garlic and cheese, I added chili powder and rosemary. What's the taste? Awesome of course! I love spicy foods that much so my in-laws can't complain. It's yum so they eat it anyway, they just have to prepare lots of water beside them. hahahaha! 
First batch
The spicy ones
More baked foods to come.

June 29, 2015

He can sing!

The presence of karaoke is very common in parties in the Philippines. Here in my community, it seems like a party is not complete without one. For them, it is boring to just eat, drink and talk. The party will surely be over in no time! Thus, the karaoke machine business became popular as well to meet the demands of the people. 

I don't like going to parties  especially here in my neighborhood. I feel like I don't fit in but I think it is just me because they love inviting me. I really keep myself busy when I know there are upcoming parties to have a valid reason not to come. But there are those who won't give up so I feel obliged to join. I often do eat and run or which I often say military eating. I can eat for 5 minutes and then go back home. hahaha! 

The other month, my husband's cousin invited me for a small party. I think we get along in many ways making us stay in the corner and have our own world. LOL! We didn't mind the bigger group laughing while singing and drinking. But then, we were noticed so we were forced to join them. One of the guys in this community who became my personal driver was with us. We barely know each other because he's so quiet when he drives me around but he's a very careful driver and I feel comfortable with him. He doesn't even want to join me for lunch when we go out! 

June 25, 2015

Social Problem: Traffic

Traffic is a major problem anywhere we go. With the growing number of vehicles on the road due to the increase of population, we must increase our patience dealing with such as well. How's the situation in your country?

June 24, 2015

New Lappie for more Workload!

It's been a long time since I decided to buy a new laptop but I had difficulty letting go of my old one. I have been using my old Dell laptop for like maybe more than 5 years and I know I had used it beyond it's performance. I didn't have any complain with it until when its battery just stopped working. Working from home needs a lot of back-ups especially if you are living in a developing country with a lot of sudden black outs. I decided to buy it a new battery but I got skeptic after doing some calculations. I then decided to buy a new one but it took me almost two weeks to finally buy it. 

I always look for cheap products so buying from a physical store will cost me more. I shopped online for the model I wanted to buy. And to my surprise I saw this Dell E7240 laptop which is half the price from bricks and mortars! I was really happy after reading good reviews about it. Last weekend, June 20th, my husband and I visited my sister in Manila and I though of meeting up the seller as well. We went back home, dead tired because of the super heavy traffic but I was happy and excited to use my new laptop. 

What really caught my attention is the lightness of the product. Since I started traveling, I have to take note of how heavy my things are and this will make my luggage a lot lighter! 

Dell Latitude E7240
It's thin and it is a lot easy to handle anywhere I go. I can now work on the bus without giving pain on my arms! It also has metal edges which I think prevents from damages when bumped onto hard objects. This happens when I am in hurry riding a public transportation. 

Shiny ey!
What's really impressive is that it is equipped with a back lit keyboard I don't need to turn on my desk lamp early in the morning and late at night when I am working. I won't need any kinds of lighting even when black outs occur! Seems like I won't stop working whatever circumstance there is! LOL! 

Backlit keyboard
I haven't tried it's maximum potential but I will be installing heavy games and softwares to test its limit.  With it's core i5, 4 GB ram and with solid state drive, it will definitely make my favorite games run well and of course will meet my needs at work! I know there are still a lot of high speed laptops but still this gave me a good impression besides I will never let go of Dell. A big fan here! I'll be waiting for the newest release of Need for Speed. hahaha!

This reminds me that hard work pays!

Anyway, let me go back doing my house's floor plan. :D

June 16, 2015

Behind the Tears

A wonderful scenery while writing

After watching fast and the furious 7 again, I listened to its soundtrack attentively. The first time I heard it I didn't give much attention on it. While listening to it, I didn't notice my tears were running down my cheeks. The lyrics got stuck in my head that made me write something when I couldn't sleep last night. What's funny is that my tears were falling again when I was writing this poem here. I am such a cry baby I guess. :)

June 12, 2015

The Rise of Robots

The future of technology is drastically improving. We just see these in movies before but now we are using most of them, making our lives more convenient. The impossible seems to be possible these days when it comes to high-technology.

Japan, because of its aging population, it has been looking for ways to fill in the gaps in the society. Encouraging foreign people to work in their country doesn't seem to work well that led to the creation of life-like robots. In July, a hotel in Sasebo Japan will have robot staffs. From the front desk to bell boys to cleaners.

June 10, 2015

Back To My Hobbies :)

Last weekend, June 6th was a little boring weekend for me at first. I couldn't go swimming since I am still under a treatment. I then decided to work for a few hours so not to waste the whole weekend doing nothing. However, I was able to finish work before noon and that made me think of what to do next. I felt like I was getting crazy while I was thinking about it.

While lying down my bed staring at the ceiling, something came up my mind. Light bulb! Yey! I went to the kitchen, searched, and found something!

 Perfect waffle filling

June 5, 2015

Seriously! No Pain, No Gain!

The hot season is almost ending as I can feel. O well, it should have ended but if I am not mistaken, we just experienced 3 times of rain by the end of May and just twice for this month so far. I can still feel the agonizing heat of the sun from 10 am until 4 pm. 

Anyway, because classes in schools has started, I need to get myself back to working hard or else the students I am sending to school will stop; this also means that I have to lessen my days of swimming. It's okay since the whole month of April and May were spent mostly in swimming pools and beaches.
My idea of overcoming my hydrophobia and learning to swim had given me a lot of pain physically. But I didn't mind those since I was really determined to do what I want to do. So the saying "No pain, no gain" really applied to me.

May 28, 2015

Dressmaking 101: School Uniform

I am very keen when it comes to fabric. Maybe because of what I have learned form high school. I studied in a vocational high school and when we reached third year, we have to choose our major; I took dressmaking. I knew it will be difficult for me because the materials needed were costly. However, I thought of taking the risk and the universe will do the rest. LOL!

Anyway, after high school, I didn't get a chance to pedal a dressmaking machine again. I do some sewing but just by the hand and those were just minor repairs. 

Nowadays, I tend to be picky on what to wear. I don't follow fashion trend, I just wear what I am comfortable with but sometimes, the increase and decrease of weight makes me spend more on clothes adding the fact that I am choosy with the kind of fabric. I hate shopping but when I do, I read the details. With regards to those, I thought of sewing again. I'll make my own clothes and perhaps if I have more time, it will be a profitable one. The sewing machine is just sitting in the corner anyway, might as well make it a money-making machine but I still need practice.

May 26, 2015

Will It Bring Peace?

On May 15, 2015 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who was one of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was convicted by a federal jury to death. The major Boston said in a statement that he hopes that this judgement will give a small amount of closure to the victims. 

There were many people who died and were severely injured during the Boston bombing.  The death of Tsarnaev had resulted into many different opinions whether this will make the victims and their families at peace. It was mentioned in the article Does death penalty bring closure? that some of them felt relief after his death but others didn't.

May 18, 2015

A Chapter Worth Reading

"I wish I could lay down beside you when the day is done. And wake up to your face against the morning sun. But like everything I've ever known, you'll disappear one day..." -Adele

Life is temporary and so is everything it has to offer. Thankful I am for the ups and downs life has given me for I believe money can never buy those experiences.

A certain chapter in my life when I got to meet someone who had opened me up to so many possibilities and even emotions. I learned to hold on to miracles. Despite of my attitude, he has tried to understand me. Unfortunately, as I have said, everything is temporary and he being a part of my life maybe as well temporary. 

May 14, 2015

Even In A Dream

The sun nearly setting is blinding her. She's alone. She got up and realized she's alone. He was just there an hour ago.

She started looking for him. They boarded the ship together but he was nowhere to be found. He must have left while she was taking a nap. She went to the dining area but he wasn't there. She asked the cabin crew assigned to their cabin if he noticed him went somewhere but he didn't see him either. Her tears started to fall. People were staring at her for she seems to be a lost girl on a big ship.  She went to the bar, he might be there drinking while relaxing but no one was there either. She remembered, he might have brought his phone with him so she called; it rang for several times but no answer. She called again, this time he answered "I am at the pool" and he was laughing. Why did you leave while I was sleeping? , she asked. He hung up.

May 5, 2015

Short story: Abandoned

A tree that caught my attention in a heavy traffic

It stood there alone and withering to death.

In a garden of the unknown, there was once a tiny beautiful purple flower. Butterflies seem to like it for most of them never forget to perch onto it. It blossoms pretty well that it attracted one distinct butterfly.  Everyday, the butterfly visits the flower while the latter waits for it patiently. In a short period of time, they shared a lot of things within the vast garden; the butterfly telling stories about the beauty of other gardens and the flower listens amusingly. 

One day, the butterfly didn’t come and the flower felt a pang in its whole being.  It was worried something horrible happened to it and it can’t help but cry with the idea.  It was helpless because it doesn’t have the ability to move around and find it.

April 23, 2015

Bucket list: Learning to swim again

Since the day I was almost drowned, I gave up the idea of swimming and exploring the sea. Every time I get close to deep water, I feel scared. I may not be showing it to the people around me but I always feel like the water is swallowing me whole. 

However, these past few days, I got the courage to overcome it. Hence, I decided to start doing what's on my bucket list and that's to overcome the fear and learn to swim again. 

On April 18th, Saturday, I then asked anyone available at home to come with me at the newly opened swimming pool which is just 15 minutes away on foot. It's not completely done yet but it is conducive to learn and beat the heat of the hot season.  Though the place was a little crowded with teenagers who seem to be not having life problems at all, we still enjoyed swimming with them. We went there around 11:30 in the morning and we went home at 22:30. 

Anyone close to this place could come and enjoy the Lykano Resort. It is located at Itlugan Taysan Batangas, just before the famous Barcelona Garden Resort when you're coming from Lipa City.

Perfect weather to swim
 The resort is surrounded with coconut trees, citrus trees and a rice field. I have noticed that the swimming pool has a double purpose. The water is constantly changed and it goes directly to the rice field. There's no need for irrigation! Brilliant idea!

April 6, 2015

An Ode To An Unrequited Love

A reminder of the journey with you

Unrequited Love
Composed: April  6, 2015 @ 5:30 pm

I hate to feel I miss you 
Your absence makes me blue
Hugging my pillows while thinking of you 
I can only wish this is you 

I hate to think I'm nothing to you 
All the days when I'm with you,
were just ordinary days for two.
Can be forgotten for you want to. 

I hate to say I love you 
My words are empty for you
What've done are rubbish 
For you they're easy to banish 

I hate to hate what I feel 
Since in reality I hope for you 
I hate to hate what I think 
Since I will always love you

April 4, 2015

Thank You for the Friendship

We met again after 15 years

Words Are Not Enough
Composed: April  4, 2015 @ 5:00 am

Thank You
The only words I can say
Yet it can’t be compared
Of how much you care

Younger years; you were my big bro
Sadness; you gave me laughter
Pain; tried to polish it off
Tears, wiped from my cheeks

March 10, 2015

Haiku: Sofia

Photo credit: Sofia Park

Composed: March 9 2015 @ 23:40

Sofia the name
Like the rain it calms my brain
In person the same?

Your eyes shines like pearls
Staring must I really dare?
Trembling haven't done

March 5, 2015

Impossible Star

Impossible Star
 © by: dexterous
composed on March 4,2015 @ 23: 45

Gazing up the sky, I see you
Twinkling, changing from red to blue
Millions of miles away, up in the sky
You’re an amusement only for my eyes.

To hold you, solely my heart’s glee
Yet the universe wants you free.
Dreaming, only I can do
For a little while I can be with you.

March 1, 2015

It's Beach Time!

The clouds and the sea in perfect harmony, it's saying, come explore me.

I've put away my pajamas, my socks and my thick bed sheets. It only implies, it's time to bring out shorts, slippers and of course, swim suits! It's time to go to the beach. Am I ready? I don't know! Hahaha! But before that, I have to look back and see if I have carried out the plans I had before the cool season ended. 

At the back of my mind, I guess I had. I was able to send the needed amount to my bro for our investment; I just have to check when I get home by the end of March. I guess I trust my bro for that because when it comes to being scrooge, he'll be on top of the list. When it comes to my jobs, I guess I have done something worthwhile. I have achieved my expected salary for the month and I was able to reduce my internet connection trouble. It pays when you push on those internet technicians to come and fix it. I was also able to meet my former high school classmates which I should've done last year.

February 26, 2015

Short story: Dreaming her Whim

Lights in the dark

Take that shot! Someone demanded! 

At an instant, she positioned her camera to where that someone is pointing. While she's trying to figure out which part of the whole scenery he wanted to be taken, she can't avoid her caprice in going down the crater but of course, that's one thing she should be controlling because it will totally destroy the beauty of it. She took some snapshot of it however, her amateurishness cannot warrant was she's actually looking at.

I can't do it, she said, lowering down her lenses. The person beside her was trying to convince she has an eye for details and that she just have to be self-reliant on her skills. The sun is nearly rising yet she hasn't taken something that will make her words flow into writing. The heat will be unbearable and they don't have a choice but to go down once the sun has come out into full view. 

She positioned her lenses again and with confidence, she pressed her one last click. The sound of the shutter seemed to be deafening while the light of the sun is so gutsy in blinding her. 

This moment is so poignant a thousand words cannot define it, part of her mind was saying. With that thought, she woke up; she was only dreaming.

February 23, 2015

The Search for Ramen

Yesterday, Feb 22, 2015 was my schedule to go to the derm clinic for my IPL treatment. I then asked my friends if we could meet up. I also asked my husband to accompany me because I know I am not feeling well emotionally. I might get off the wrong station or perhaps I won't go home anymore if I went alone.  Sitting on the bus, my mind is flying over the void thinking of many things on how to divert my attention into something positive. It's hard but I must. I wanted to have an eye cleansing but then I have to control since I am in a public place. So then, I was trying to tell stories to my husband, appreciating the beauty of the scenery we were passing by and luckily we got to our destination without me doing the eye cleansing.

After my IPL treatment, we took a taxi to Trinoma because my friend's house is near there and the weather was  hot for them to travel to Cubao, besides they just came from a Christening, they really gave time for our meet up. Before the meeting, Gael and I decided to eat at a Ramen restaurant because she can't eat hard food; she just got her braces. We searched for Ramen X which was also located at the same mall.

They arrive at around 3 pm I guess; my husband and I killed time at Dairy Queen. Ice cream! I think eating sweets helps in feeling happiness so even I don't have a sweet tooth, I asked my husband to drop by at DQ. Once they arrived, we scouted for Ramen X, we asked the customer service counter but they don't know about it. I then consulted my gps and it says it is on the rooftop. But we ended up eating at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka.

You can't miss to appreciate this sign at the door.

And this another sign on their wall going to the restroom.

My husband ordered Spicy Ramen.

I ordered Shoyu Ramen. It's a soy sauce flavor.

Gael and Peejay ordered a group meal with chicken, a bowl of ramen, rice, tea and some deserts.

The smell of the ramen really made me hungry.  While eating, I was actually thinking if I am eating the same kind of ramen they have in Japan. LOL!  But, it was yummy! I love salty foods so it was really good for me.
I can't complain with the ambiance of the restaurant, I guess the lighting was a perfect match for the color of the things inside. The waiters are really friendly and they made sure that our glasses of water never went empty. Although the price was a little expensive, it's worth it!  We'll eat here again whenever we crave for ramen.
The satisfied customers
The Inside
Such a wonderful eating experience! I was able to divert my mind even just for a short time.

P.S. Just today, I asked my student if the ramen I ate looks the same with the ramen they have in Japan and I am happy, she said yes! :)