April 23, 2015

Bucket list: Learning to swim again

Since the day I was almost drowned, I gave up the idea of swimming and exploring the sea. Every time I get close to deep water, I feel scared. I may not be showing it to the people around me but I always feel like the water is swallowing me whole. 

However, these past few days, I got the courage to overcome it. Hence, I decided to start doing what's on my bucket list and that's to overcome the fear and learn to swim again. 

On April 18th, Saturday, I then asked anyone available at home to come with me at the newly opened swimming pool which is just 15 minutes away on foot. It's not completely done yet but it is conducive to learn and beat the heat of the hot season.  Though the place was a little crowded with teenagers who seem to be not having life problems at all, we still enjoyed swimming with them. We went there around 11:30 in the morning and we went home at 22:30. 

Anyone close to this place could come and enjoy the Lykano Resort. It is located at Itlugan Taysan Batangas, just before the famous Barcelona Garden Resort when you're coming from Lipa City.

Perfect weather to swim
 The resort is surrounded with coconut trees, citrus trees and a rice field. I have noticed that the swimming pool has a double purpose. The water is constantly changed and it goes directly to the rice field. There's no need for irrigation! Brilliant idea!

April 6, 2015

An Ode To An Unrequited Love

A reminder of the journey with you

Unrequited Love
Composed: April  6, 2015 @ 5:30 pm

I hate to feel I miss you 
Your absence makes me blue
Hugging my pillows while thinking of you 
I can only wish this is you 

I hate to think I'm nothing to you 
All the days when I'm with you,
were just ordinary days for two.
Can be forgotten for you want to. 

I hate to say I love you 
My words are empty for you
What've done are rubbish 
For you they're easy to banish 

I hate to hate what I feel 
Since in reality I hope for you 
I hate to hate what I think 
Since I will always love you

April 4, 2015

Thank You for the Friendship

We met again after 15 years

Words Are Not Enough
Composed: April  4, 2015 @ 5:00 am

Thank You
The only words I can say
Yet it can’t be compared
Of how much you care

Younger years; you were my big bro
Sadness; you gave me laughter
Pain; tried to polish it off
Tears, wiped from my cheeks