October 30, 2015

2016 Philippine Election: Registration

Will the Philippines bloom or wither?
We are almost at the end of the registration of new voters, transfer of voters and so on for next year's national election. Since I don't stay in one place before I got married, I decided not to vote. This time that I am settled in one place I think, it's time to register and I did it yesterday. 

While I was filling out the forms, I can hear people asking questions to each other what they should write on those forms. I am busy filling out the forms so I didn't mind them. I had a hard time handwriting since I am now used to typing on keyboards so I got a little slower than expected. I was reviewing the forms after filling them out when a guy suddenly approached me.

The conversation went this way:

October 23, 2015

Stupidity at Its Best!

Beautiful to see but it can be deadly
Life is a game; if you know how to play it well, you'll win. Yes it's true but make sure that you're not harming others to acquire what you want. We're humans and we are all sinners but this doesn't justify that we can keep making the same mistakes over and over. It's like abandoning a flower repeatedly until it will lose its blossom and die. 

We all experience heartaches in life. Different kinds of heartaches that could possibly break you, but allowing yourself to be broken won't do you good. Instead, it should be a stepping stone for a better tomorrow. I've been there and I know I have told myself I won't allow anyone to take away happiness from me. As I always say, happiness is a choice and at the end of the game, I will make sure I will laugh at it. 

You might have encountered someone leaving you for no reason. The time when you were together, you have promised you will take care of yourself only for him. Your life revolved around him. You made sure that your success will be shared by you and him but little you know, he's been planning to leave you in the middle of nowhere. You cried, you had sleepless nights and you even forgot to have your meals. Your life was crushed and perhaps at that point you wanted the earth to just throw you away to another planet. However, you came back to your senses and made clear, that was not the end of it. You took the challenge, made yourself a lot better and molded into someone wanted by many. 

October 19, 2015

My Birthday Celebration

The happy birthday celebrant
 My booked flight for my birthday was put to waste for I can't travel for now due to medical condition. It's not a really bad one but I decided to take a rest for a few months to get better. I guess I will just move it to December if I have time to go somewhere. Since I am at home, we decided to celebrate. It's semestral break, my in-laws can come home to celebrate with us. I then decided to make a homemade ravioli. It was a tough one since all one done manually but the outcome was really delicious. 

The making of ravioli
My brother in-law was the one who continued making the pasta dough after I instructed him how to do the it. He was definitely tired! :D (Well, I am munching ravioli while writing this)

October 8, 2015

I Felt The Chill

The University Athletic Association of the Philippines Cheer dance Competition 2015 is over. I have read countless of comments and criticisms regarding the result of the competition. I wasn't able to watch the competition on TV and so I waited for it on Youtube. I can't wait to watch and see how it went

I just saw it the other day. I watched NU's , UST's, FEU's and then UP's team. Call it bias but as a former Iska I still cheered for UP. I know nothing about cheer dancing but wacthing UP's team many times makes me think most comments were right. The first time I did, I noticed I was smiling. I just love how they executed everything. Flawless! Then came the end, I felt a chill when I heard the Wardy Puyod's guitar rendition of UP Naming Mahal. Mind you, I sang while I was watching it.

October 5, 2015

Movie Date: Hotel Transylvania 2

Listening to the laughter of the children in the cinema brought out the child-like in me. 

As promised, we had a movie date with my two daughters haha! They were like my daughters except me not being pregnant to them. How I wish though. I was still sleepy but I had to force myself to get up since we still have to drop by the dressmaker's shop for my body measurement. Because I am too dumb when it comes to landmarks, I asked my husband to come along as I can't still remember where the fabric shop is located even if we have been there countless of times. I guess I need to rewire my brain, ey?! 

After all of those little things to do, we all decided to watch the movie including my husband. Talk about encouraging him to close the business for just one day just to watch the movie with us! haha! Success! While waiting for the movie, they all decided to eat at Jollibee. Because it's fast food, I was hesitant but then I was with the younger ones so I can't do anything but follow. LOL! Good thing I had fun... taking pictures of Jollibee's butt. hahaha! 

I am fascinated with butts including Jollibee's butt!