December 16, 2016

No-Knead Pizza Dough

My family loves eating anything Italian. Pizza and pasta are always on the list of request it maybe during an occasion or just ordinary days. I am not fond of pizza since then, in fact I am picky when it comes to this food. It's because I always think pizza is so greasy it makes me feel bloated even just by eating one slice. Well, that's what I have eaten in fast food restaurant here in the Philippines. In addition to that, it is expensive! This lead me to try making a homemade pizza. However, kneading the dough is really a exhausting job, also time consuming; that is if you don't have a mixer at home which I didn't before. 

For the past few times we had pizza at home, we opted in buying the dough since I was not so industrious enough to make a homemade pizza dough. But with all my effort in looking for an easy way to do it, I found out that it is possible to not knead the dough. I was skeptic about it but then I told myself, it's worth trying. The procedure I followed was simple. Mix the dry ingredients together, then the wet ingredients, after that,, pour the mixed wet ingredients to the mixed dry ingredients. Mix it well with a wooden spoon until well incorporated. Cover with a plastic wrap and let it rest for 18 hours. I did this the day before prior to the pizza making. 

The next day, I could smell the yeast and it was so satisfying. The mixture had risen, almost triple the size. I was so excited to try baking it. 

November 15, 2016

Photography: November 14,2016 Super Moon

My husband was so excited to tell me one night that there will be a super moon so I immediately made my research as to what time will it be. I even set my alarm for that. LOL!

November 14th which was yesterday came and the thought of seeing a bigger full moon made me a lot more excited. I prepared my camera in advance because I might be working and that my time might be limited to prepare and take photos. After eating dinner at around 6 pm, my two sis in-law went out to check the moon and so I followed. Upon seeing its beauty, I dashed inside to get my camera. The following photos were taken in Taysan, Batangas.

This was taken at the back of the house using my 55-300mm lens. My sisters in-law went to the farm nearby to have a better view and so I followed them. 

Zooming in to 300mm, this is what I got. It's kind of creepy but still looking good. I was in hurry to take the shot because the wind above was strong the clouds were hiding the moon so quick.

November 5, 2016

The Hunt for Authentic Lomi

I always believe in the concept "In order to understand one's culture, you have to learn their language and taste their food". Since I started traveling around the Philippines, I always try my best to eat what symbolizes the culture of the place. 

Marrying a Batangueno is challenging. Their culture is totally different from mine. The first time my husband brought me to his hometown, I was shocked by the way they talk. They always have a high-pitch tone in which for me, it is already a sign of misunderstanding or a fight. The worst thing, I met the elderly people in the neighborhood! Talk about high-pitch voice ey? haha! But I learned to understand it even with just one night of staying. 

My husband's cousins bragged about their famous lomi, one kind of noodle soup in the Philippines. Yes, from north to south, I think we have our own noodle recipe. Writing this makes me crave our own noodle soup in the north. I am not a picky eater so I was game in trying their lomi. The first time I tasted it, I loved it but according to them, that's not an authentic one. I can still remember how they were teaching me in preparing the sauce! hahaha! 

October 29, 2016

Summer The Lazy Cat

summer and autumn
My brother in-law brought his two cats home because pets are not allowed where they recently moved. They were kittens when they arrive and they seem to be dying! hahaha! And they don't have names! So I named them autumn for the female and summer for the male. Oh well! My dog's name is winter that's why! LOL! 

Summer got so close to me and my husband. He often sleeps with us even if our dog is sleeping with us too! The problem is my dog gets jealous most of the time when I pet summer and she drives him away. Poor summer! 

He seems to be in a hotel bed! :D
When I went on vacation, summer and winter seem to have missed me a lot. They both sleep with me when I take a nap in the afternoon. Winter loves to be cuddled while summer sleeps on my chest. How sweet, ey? The only problem I encounter is that when summer feels so cozy on the bed while I am working. It is so difficult to work when I see him like that. Because of that, I tried to take his pictures while sleeping tight.

October 26, 2016

Uber Thanks to Uber!

screenshot of some of my trips
Every time my husband and I go to Manila, it makes me nervous as I am scared to ride taxis nowadays. This is because of all the bad news I have read online and also some of the bad experience I had with them in the past. Nowadays, we rarely encounter taxi drivers who don't ask for tips which I think is ridiculous considering Philippines is not a tipping country. They often say, "dagdagan nyo na lang,traffic kasi" ( add some amount because of traffic). Come to think of it, if they're time is wasted because of traffic, so the passengers! Riding other public transportation such as jeepneys or buses is not also a good option especially when we carry a long of things with us. 

My friends are Uber users and they have told me how convenient and safe it is. My husband and I tried it once with my friends and yes it was very convenient. The last time we traveled to Manila, we decided to use Uber as we don't know how to get to the place. God knows taxis will roam as around if they know we are not aware of the place! That was the time I can say that it is really convenient and safe!

October 18, 2016

Photography: Long Exposure Shots with Lights

Warning: I am not a pro photographer so please pardon my shots.

Vacationing in the city for two weeks gave me a lot of opportunities to practice photography. I still have a lot of things to learn I know and I am not giving up until I get to learn more. Well, life is all about learning anyway! 

Every time I see long exposure shots of lights, I am so captivated and that's the reason why I tried my best to play on my camera settings and practiced shooting. I didn't bring my tripod with me so I only relied on the terrace's grill of my friend's condo unit. It was difficult because I should hold my breath for a certain period of time. 

With all the shots I made, I only get to like some of it. Hence, I need to practice more. 

I was skeptic to have a longer exposure because I don't have a tripod so I tried it with 3 seconds.  I think it turned out great! But I am still dissatisfied so I set it longer. 

I think this one is a lot better. So I tried taking a photo of a lamp post with the same camera settings, however it turned out creepy. But I love it. LOL!

It seems so Gothic but it feels good when I look at it. I feel like it's a perfect book cover. haha!

I really wanted to produce a long exposure shots of moving cars but I am on the 8th floor and there are trees around the condominium so it was hard to get a good shot. I can't go down because it was drizzling so I patiently waited for a moving car inside the estate. That's when I took the above picture. Still creepy though! LOL

September 19, 2016

First Fun Run, First Placer!

I've been trying my best to stay fit and because of that I have tried so many kinds of exercises. I've done kickboxing, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and many others. Aside from that I have been doing strength training especially for my upper body. However, losing weight was still a struggle even after working out for an hour 5 times a week and eating less. I did notice difference but losing my lower belly pooch was really difficult. 

After urging my husband to do running as his exercise, he then told me to try as well. He had been running for almost a year now and he his longest run was 21k in just 56 minutes. I was skeptic because I am aware that my knee is weak. I suffer from arthritis. But then I said, there's no harm in trying. I started to run, I mean jog and it was horribly hard but I kept telling myself to push to my limit until I was able to run 1 kilometer non-stop. Since I can see a big change on my weight, also I felt more energetic, I made sure to run 5 days a week except when it is raining. After2 weeks of doing so, I go to run 3 km straight without struggling. My pace in running is also getting faster. These days, I really feel dull when I don't go running. Now that I am burning so much calories, I decided to have a healthy diet. I went back to eating white rice although I still eat red rice at night. I need carbs to burn. I addition to that, I always have greens on my meal so lettuce and steamed cabbage are not part of my diet. After 3 weeks, I weighed myself and to my surprise I lost 3 kg! My belly pooch was slowly diminishing. I am now incorporating body toning every after my cardio routine, this is to may my muscles firmer!

August 31, 2016

Poem: Footsteps In My Thoughts

Footsteps In My Mind

© by Susan G. C.
August 28 at 22:54

My eyes closed, your face I see
Our mem'ries instilled in me
Stupid I am keeping you alive 
In my mind, together we are anytime.

Our messages still I read.
Though it was for many years 
yet I smile but often cry.
For I miss you by my side.

Travel my thought would do
for that's how I met you.
Sceneries I'd want to see
to feel you again happy I'd be.

Photographs of you I keep.
Oftentimes I see before I sleep.
hence you in my dream I wish 
to see you and prolly have a kiss.

I wish you come to read this 
to let you know how I miss
Time with you endless desire
For me 'twas never a goodbye.

August 15, 2016

When Chismosas Are All Together

Many relationships have been destroyed because of chismosas (gossipers) as we call it in my language. It's a disease of the society in which the cause is deeply rooted into our culture. It's like cancer that mutates into millions of deadly cells. Once a person step into this kind of awful situation, it will spread like cancer cells in the society. Most of the time, there's no way out because it's like heroine that you will seek for it once you, your friends who are all chismosas as well, even neighbors gather together. For some, a get together won't happen unless there are some people they're going to talk about.

I myself experience this first hand. I have been the subject of these shit talking women in my hometown and this is one big reason why I stay away from there as much as I could and even stay away from my so called "friends" because it's disheartening when you come to realize they are stabbing you from the back. I came home several times these past few years but then I was their subject again! I don't know what's in me that they love talking about! Is it because I don't follow their fucking norm? There are many people I have known for a long time who I choose to forget because they are like a disease slowly killing my entire humanity. Even if you are my family, I'm very much willing to cross you out from my list if you talk shit behind my back. Wherever I go, I know there will be chismosas wanting to meddle my life. I am fully aware that this kind of scenario can't be avoided hence I choose to stay home, read books, watch movies and work. I go out sometimes but I try hard not to be too close to those who I know are potential chismosas. 

August 8, 2016

Cooking: Pizza Ghetti

It's been a long time since I cooked something special for the family. I got busy the whole hot season with family outings and of course swimming at the nearby resort. We have gone there a few times compared to last year but still it's tiring after the swimming session. Besides, the kitchen seems like one step to hell during the hot season. I can stand staying there for a longer time. 

With all my intensive workouts recently, I feel like I deserve to eat something with lots of calories so when I saw a video of a girl eating pizza ghetti, I decided to try it. I didn't get the recipe anymore. I cooked the spaghetti the way I cook it. After that I put some on a baking pan like a pizza dough then added the pizza toppings of our choice. Since I am a cheese lover, hence the recipe has lots of cheese, unfortunately, mozzarella is not available in all supermarkets nearby hence we bought quick melt cheese. I baked it for 20 minutes under 200 degree C, good enough for the toppings to be cooked and for the cheese to melt.

August 2, 2016

Poem: A show

A Show
© by Susan G. C.

July 27, 2016 at 9 am

I wished to have your last name
But you thought it's just a game
Mem’ries we’ve had with Enrico
Only there’s no more tomorrow

Stepping my right foot, just you follow
You pulled back my left in a hollow
Things I did only a waste
For it’s you who pushed me away

Now, you came back with lies and tales
Saying three words meant only for your lips
Waiting for an answer buried in grave
Trying to make me believe yet I’m pissed

You were dressed in white long time ago
Now you’re black with a mask you can’t let go
Where now the old you, I don't know
Honesty and love only a show.