January 27, 2016

Photography: Flowers I Saw in Baguio City

On our way to Baguio, my eyes were filled with so many different kinds of flowers and trees. I can't close my eyes because of the beauty of the mountains. When we went around, I didn't notice I was already taking photos of flowers we saw on our way.

Most of these flowers are in Botanical Garden.

The color of the leaves of the trees were just so perfect with flowers below it.

It's not everyday I can see a blue-colored flowers like the one above.

I was so amazed with the flower above. It's a vine which serves like a shed along a pathway at the Botanical Garden.

These flowers below can be seen at Wright Park.

January 23, 2016

Trip to Baguio: Third day

Our second day tour was really tiring but fulfilling because we made it without taking the taxi.  We were thinking of going to PMA and Mine's View Park but then we woke up late so we didn't know if we can make it.

First we went to Mine's View Park. When we arrived at the jeepney terminal, there was a long line of passengers waiting for the jeepney. I guess it's because it's Christmas day, so most of the jeepney operators were taking a day off. My mind was telling me we won't be able to make it to PMA. It was really a good day and the sun seems to be a little angry at that time! It was hot!

Hot beautiful day
In addition to that, the park is full of people! We did our best to witness the beauty of nature including the beauty of humans! hahaha! We can't go to the observation deck because it's too crowded and the sun was trying to fry us. LOL!  The picture below can't justify the mining spots of Itogon. This is the closest my camera can get.

Gold and copper mining  area
While our eyes were happy with was being seen, I can't take my mind off the dogs working. Working as I say because they pose on camera with people in exchange for some amount of money. I felt sorry because the weather was hot and the dogs were already panting.

Tired dog

Bored dog
I feel bad looking at them because I can tell they're not loving what they're doing. They aren't given treats by their owners after posing on camera with tourists. I suddenly missed my dog during that time. :( 

Since there is no way we can get closer to the observation deck unless we wait until sun down or squeeze ourselves with other people, we made up our minds to grab some snacks nearby. After that we went up Cordillera World. It's like a museum of hand-made products of the people in Cordillera. You can also buy them if you wish to. 

January 18, 2016

Trip to Baguio: Burnham Park At Night

Having our lunch at the Ketchup community made us full and want to hit the sack. We all feel tired and dirty after going around therefore we went back to the hotel to take some rest. Well,  we were all knocked down!

I woke up at 9 pm and as usual, I had to wake everybody up for dinner. It's late again for us to try the hotel's restaurant so we ended up going out. We dropped by Burnham Park and we agreed to walk from there and scout for open restaurant. We were trying our best not to eat at any fast food restaurants. The park was well lit and there were many people; even so we could still found a place to sit. Taking pictures is difficult because it's crowded, also I just don't want to expose my hands because it was freaking cold! 

Man-made lake

January 15, 2016

Trip to Baguio: Second day: Botanical Garden, Wright Park and The Mansion

After Lion's head, we got off at the jeepney terminal near Burnham Park, rode another jeepney going to Botanical Garden. The jeepney's route is Mine's View Park. We wanted to go straight to Mine's View Park then get off at Botanical Garden going back but we settled to do it the next day.

Taken from the jeepney
Since I forgot to take a photo of the Botanical Garden sign, I took one while riding the jeepney when we rode back. I guess I was too excited to go inside the garden. It was a wide area which we were not able to see everything because we were tired. While enjoying the cool breeze, I tried to take some photos of what's inside. 

One of the statues inside Botanical Garden

Vine of flowers
I just  so love the trees on the background

Contagious smiles

January 12, 2016

Trip to Baguio: Second Day- Lion's head

We had plans on where to go around Baguio city before we traveled there but I made clear we won't be hiring a cab to tour us around. We will be using the jeepney to go around. Because of that I made sure that I have my phone fully charged, brought my power bank and my pocket wifi so I can navigate waze. The good news is, both my phone's data and my pocket wifi had a very good internet connection! 

Because I was working in the morning, we started our tour at around 10 am. We decided to go to the Lion's head first. We looked for the jeepney terminal with a sign, Camp 7. It was on Carantes Street. Jeepneys in Baguio don't have the signboard in front just like in other provinces so you have to make sure that you know where the jeepneys are going. It took us so long to look for Carantes Street! I am so bad with direction even with the use of Waze! Oh well, that's what you call adventure!  We were tired from walking but the view on the way to the Lion's head was just so relaxing I had forgotten the long distance we walked. 

Taken while riding a jeepney: To Lion's head

Taken while riding a jeepney: To Lion's head

Taken while riding a jeepney: To Lion's head

I was so excited to see the tip of the head of the Lion's head from the top. The jeepney driver dropped us off. There were so many people and it was so difficult to get a photo of just the head. And there was this annoying advertisement close to it.

January 10, 2016

Hotel Review: New Rajah Soliman Hotel and Restaurant - Baguio City

Peak season in Baguio makes it difficult to book a cheap and good accommodation not to mention not many of the cheap and good ones can be searched online. We started looking for an accommodation in October but unfortunately, I wasn't able to see one that suits my needs.Since it's Baguio, I would like to have a good view from our room. Most of the time these accommodations are expensive. 

However, by the end of November, I was able to see New Rajah Soliman Hotel and Restaurant from I was very glad to see it because the site offered a 20% discount plus the points I still have on my account. In total, I was able to book it for only 1200 php a night. The sad thing is, they only offer 1 night booking from that site. I then asked my husband to call the hotel to inquire if they still have available vacancy from the 24th of December until the 26th and the luckily they have. But there's no discount which means we have to pay 1800 php a night. We booked it immediately as I am afraid we will be sleeping on the street! LOL! 

I was excited to see the hotel. It's not far from the city proper in which we can even go on foot. The hotel's facade was not quite impressive but as soon as we entered, I was delighted  by the waiting are. It's spacious adorned with a very comfortable sofa, a flat screen TV and of course a Christmas tree since it was Christmas. I feel like sleeping on the sofa every time we get back from our tour. It was encouraging! 

January 5, 2016

Trip to Baguio - First night

Bus terminal waiting area
We arrive at the Baguio Victory Liner terminal at around 3 pm. We tried to reserve our ticket back to Manila but the line was too long so we decided to do it the next morning. I also feel like lying down the bed after a long trip therefore we really need to go to the hotel. Since there are so many tourist, it was very difficult to hail a gab. After 15 minutes of waiting, my husband was able to get one; we were relieved. Unfortunately, the traffic was terrible so we have to extend our patience to nth level. I was glad I still have the girl's scout instead bringing lots of chocolates and snacks with us in case we get stuck in traffic.  

Upon arriving the hotel, I was surprised the receptionist called my name! I guess they are waiting for us to check in. To my surprise, she's an Ilocano which made me spoke in my dialect making my husband and in-laws look so confused. I can still remember the look on their faces! hahaha! I actually had fun speaking in Ilocano! It's been a long time since I haven't spoken in such! I missed it so much!