May 28, 2016

Family Outing 2016 Part II: Malabrigo Beach Resort

I finished work at 10 am. While working, I sometimes took a walk around the resort, lie down on the pebbly ground whenever I feel tired from walking and lie down on a hammocks around the resort. I also tried to take a picture of the sunrise but it seems like the sun is not showing up.

It loves the pebbles too

Sis in-law and my god child on a hammock
This is the closest sun rise I could get
The long stretch of the pebbly shore is just so amazing to look at. Different shapes and colors of the pebbles will make your eyes want to look more.  After working, I indulge myself on the crystal clear water.

Crystal clear water
I felt like the months of stress from work were all washed away because of the clear and cold water. I just don't want to get out from it. The water was so inviting I never felt scared in swimming deeper. I enjoyed swimming underwater because I could see lots of small fish with different colors and of course the formation of the small and big stones. I have been to many beaches but this beach just made me so confident in swimming. Although it is very salty, I still didn't like to stop. hahaha!

After few hours, they joined me in swimming. I was so scared with this shot because my hubby's cousin was the one holding the camera and he was half submerged. I was already shouting at him and they were all making fun of me. I can't afford to lose my camera. huhuhu!

When the sun was up and burning, we had to head back to the cottage to have some rest. I took time to explore more of the resort's vicinity to take some picture.
Life guard's hut

May 23, 2016

Family Outing 2016 Part I: Malabrigo Beach Resort

We haven't gone swimming as much as we did last year. I guess I am already used to swimming and have enough confidence to do it. There were many events this year so it was difficult for me to set up our family get together at the beach. I attended many graduation ceremonies as a photographer which made my schedule really tight. In addition to that, workload has been pouring this year.  My cousin reminded me of our yearly escapade so I had to hurry up and find a place to go before the rainy season comes. I am no longer interested going to the same place so I decided to take a risk going to another place. People in the neighborhood often talk about Malabrigo; my neighbor's hometown. We talked about staying at their place since it will just be for a day however, it it so difficult to go there. Our driver is not confident enough to carry almost 20 souls on a dangerous road. Good thing, I already had Plan B. We will go to another resort but the same town, only, this resort is nearer and easier to reach. My husband did all the negotiation with the resort owner. As usual, I had no sleep on Monday night. My job ends at 12 midnight. I still have to prepare and cook for our meals. Luckily, mom in-law and my youngest sis in-law were still awake. I wasn't alone in the kitchen. 

We left home at 3:30 in the morning. I asked our cousin to come early so we can reach the place before sun rise. All eyes on me because it's everybody's first time to go there and if the place doesn't meet their expectation, I am to be blamed. I readied myself. LOL! As part of the tradition, we have to stop by church before going anywhere the place. I don't know but it's a superstition. No harm following it anyway. Besides, I forgot to eat something before leaving and I was already feeling dizzy after 30 minutes on the road. I need to eat something or else I might start eating everybody in the jeepney. hahaha! 

May 16, 2016

Who Is He?

She's running fast, really fast she can no longer feel her feet touching the ground. 

She went out the library late because she needed to work on her school project. Good thing library hours extends until 8 in the evening. While walking, she felt like someone is following her. She turned around but no one was there. It was dark, the street lights aren't enough to light up the corners of the street. She started to walk fast, her heart beating like a drum and she can feel the coldness of the night. She's five minutes away from the library, she still has five more minutes before reaching her dormitory. However, she needs to make a right turn and right after that, a bridge that's really creepy. Many senior students talk about the mystery of the bridge but she didn't believe any of them. Now, those stories are rushing into her memory it made her stop walking. She's trying to convince herself, she can cross the bridge and will be able to get to the other side in no time. She decided to go on but when she stepped her right foot, she heard a howling sound, it deafened her.  Then someone grab her from behind covering her mouth so she can't scream. She passed out. 

She woke up. When she opened her eyes, she's in the woods, she saw a silhouette of a man-like body. Medium built, muscle-toned with black hair. She noticed a ring, illuminating from the dark. The man seems to be waiting for someone. Suddenly, he lit up a cigarette. She can smell it and it seems familiar to her. She decided to get up, her mind was telling her best to untie her. She used her teeth to untie her hands and luckily it worked, and then she untied her feet. Then she started running. But the man heard her and he's catching up on her. She ran a lot faster, as much as she could. In the middle of nowhere, she saw a house, the gate was open and so was the door. She ran inside. 

It was totally dark.

May 6, 2016

Freedom: Think Again

Few more days to go and those registered voters will cast their votes for who they think deserve to be in public service. However, not all of us voters will be exercising their freedom to vote; some sold their rights to vote and some are threatened. It is saddening that this kind of problem is still existing yet we consider our country democratic. 

We celebrate our Independence day every year. In addition to that, we also celebrate the People Power which led to the exile of the late President Marcos and ended his dictatorship. Many believed we were given "freedom." What kind of freedom is it? I can't deny that fact that yes we are free in some ways but we are also handcuffed in many. 

We have the freedom of speech but we also have the freedom to destroy people with hate speech. This kind of scenario can be heard and read everywhere especially this coming election. The goodness of this freedom is buried with the worst of it. The bad is more prominent than the good. We have the freedom to do business to improve our lives but we also have the freedom to do illegal business. We have laws, yes, we can read different codes and RA's but not many follow them. The worst part, those who are educated enough to know and understand the law are the ones breaking the law. We have the freedom to study but not all have the right to do so. In the Philippines, education is now considered a privilege for not all of us have the capacity to go to school. I know there are many ways to learn and to go to school but not all are capable of finding those ways. This kind of freedom is limited to those who have access to power. Lucky are those who stood up and did their best no matter what kind of storm comes their way just to finish their studies. But it doesn't end there, the competition in looking for a job is also saddening. Those who are in power can easily find jobs because they have relatives or friends already in the inside. Even though it's undeniable their qualification doesn't fit the job, they are just closing their eyes for them to avoid the reality. We are free to think the rich are gods and we are also free to exploit the poor.  We are free to roam around our communities but some people think they are also free to rape and worst kill people. Those who are under the poverty line are free to have benefits from the government but those who are in charge are also free to pocket them.  We are free to vote, but we are also free to buy votes and threaten those weak to chose what the strong wants. 

May 2, 2016

Movie: Colonia

Stunning yet dangerous
 The people you think will save you are sometimes the ones who will put you in danger. 

Colonia is a true-story movie set in Chile. It is about a couple who ended up in a place where no one escapes. 

Lena is a flight attendant; her boyfriend  Daniel who is an activist and a photographer where both stuck in Chile during a military coup. Daniel (Danile Bruhl) was abducted and was sent to a place called Colonia Dignidad which seems to be a dead end for those people who are sent there. Lena (Emma Watson) tried her best to seek help from Daniel's friends but none was willing to help. But she's determined to find the whereabouts of her boyfriend. She put herself into the same place where her boyfriend is. 

The first few minutes of the story seemed to be boring for me and I thought I am going to fall asleep while watching the movie but then I didn't and I was glad I didn't sleep. It will keep you on the edge of your seat especially on the climax of the movie. I didn't sleep after viewing it because I kept thinking what will I do if I where in that situation.