August 15, 2016

When Chismosas Are All Together

Many relationships have been destroyed because of chismosas (gossipers) as we call it in my language. It's a disease of the society in which the cause is deeply rooted into our culture. It's like cancer that mutates into millions of deadly cells. Once a person step into this kind of awful situation, it will spread like cancer cells in the society. Most of the time, there's no way out because it's like heroine that you will seek for it once you, your friends who are all chismosas as well, even neighbors gather together. For some, a get together won't happen unless there are some people they're going to talk about.

I myself experience this first hand. I have been the subject of these shit talking women in my hometown and this is one big reason why I stay away from there as much as I could and even stay away from my so called "friends" because it's disheartening when you come to realize they are stabbing you from the back. I came home several times these past few years but then I was their subject again! I don't know what's in me that they love talking about! Is it because I don't follow their fucking norm? There are many people I have known for a long time who I choose to forget because they are like a disease slowly killing my entire humanity. Even if you are my family, I'm very much willing to cross you out from my list if you talk shit behind my back. Wherever I go, I know there will be chismosas wanting to meddle my life. I am fully aware that this kind of scenario can't be avoided hence I choose to stay home, read books, watch movies and work. I go out sometimes but I try hard not to be too close to those who I know are potential chismosas. 

In today's society which we think everything seems to be modern, there's one thing that will never become modern; the minds of the many people. No matter what kind of diplomas they have, it's useless if they refuse to open their minds to the reality. It's saddening to say that they often regard themselves educated but unprofessional and ill-mannered. I've known a lot of people who are well educated yet they step into their so called education once they started talking ill about other people.

There are many issues in the society people can talk about but many choose to talk about other people and make their brains as tiny as it can be. I strongly believe these kinds of people are idiots. Idiots because they can't even make themselves useful in the society. Those people who made big differences in their community can't even think of judging others but you as a shit talking person love to do so. Your life is full of shit you want others to suffer.

Bear in mind, no matter how high your education is if you love being a chismosa, you're worst than those who aren't educated at all. Judging people without even knowing what they've been and going through is not the attitude of someone who deserve to live. If you are one of them,  FUCK YOU, you deserve to die not tomorrow but NOW because you're a useless animal.


kittypaws said...

Ayoko din ng mga chismosa.

Bakit nga ba merong chismosa?
- Dahil wala silang magawa kaya ito ang libangan nila or mahilig lang talaga sila makialam sa ibang tao.

Mahirap silang iwasan per se pero hindi ibig sabihin na hindi natin sila kayang kalimutan. Bahala sila sa mga buhay nila. Sana lang matuto din silang manahimik at hindi makialam. Kung hindi naman e kakarmahin din sila. Yaan mo sila.

Smile. Mahal magpaBELO.

Susan G.C said...

Oh well! I often don't care about them but if I am fed up, you know me Lola Gel, I can make someone look stupid in front of everybody. Hahaha!

Sure thing, I smile at them but I slowly kill them in my brain. hihihi!