October 18, 2016

Photography: Long Exposure Shots with Lights

Warning: I am not a pro photographer so please pardon my shots.

Vacationing in the city for two weeks gave me a lot of opportunities to practice photography. I still have a lot of things to learn I know and I am not giving up until I get to learn more. Well, life is all about learning anyway! 

Every time I see long exposure shots of lights, I am so captivated and that's the reason why I tried my best to play on my camera settings and practiced shooting. I didn't bring my tripod with me so I only relied on the terrace's grill of my friend's condo unit. It was difficult because I should hold my breath for a certain period of time. 

With all the shots I made, I only get to like some of it. Hence, I need to practice more. 

I was skeptic to have a longer exposure because I don't have a tripod so I tried it with 3 seconds.  I think it turned out great! But I am still dissatisfied so I set it longer. 

I think this one is a lot better. So I tried taking a photo of a lamp post with the same camera settings, however it turned out creepy. But I love it. LOL!

It seems so Gothic but it feels good when I look at it. I feel like it's a perfect book cover. haha!

I really wanted to produce a long exposure shots of moving cars but I am on the 8th floor and there are trees around the condominium so it was hard to get a good shot. I can't go down because it was drizzling so I patiently waited for a moving car inside the estate. That's when I took the above picture. Still creepy though! LOL

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