December 16, 2016

No-Knead Pizza Dough

My family loves eating anything Italian. Pizza and pasta are always on the list of request it maybe during an occasion or just ordinary days. I am not fond of pizza since then, in fact I am picky when it comes to this food. It's because I always think pizza is so greasy it makes me feel bloated even just by eating one slice. Well, that's what I have eaten in fast food restaurant here in the Philippines. In addition to that, it is expensive! This lead me to try making a homemade pizza. However, kneading the dough is really a exhausting job, also time consuming; that is if you don't have a mixer at home which I didn't before. 

For the past few times we had pizza at home, we opted in buying the dough since I was not so industrious enough to make a homemade pizza dough. But with all my effort in looking for an easy way to do it, I found out that it is possible to not knead the dough. I was skeptic about it but then I told myself, it's worth trying. The procedure I followed was simple. Mix the dry ingredients together, then the wet ingredients, after that,, pour the mixed wet ingredients to the mixed dry ingredients. Mix it well with a wooden spoon until well incorporated. Cover with a plastic wrap and let it rest for 18 hours. I did this the day before prior to the pizza making. 

The next day, I could smell the yeast and it was so satisfying. The mixture had risen, almost triple the size. I was so excited to try baking it.