January 31, 2011

Never Expected

Today, I was able to talk again to my students who stayed in the Philippines. When they came here, it was too difficult for them to express what they wanted to say. There are students who can't even say they want to drink water. It was a challenging time for me and for other teachers. It was an intensive class and tiring but fulfilling to see their English skill development. Today, I was surprised at how they expressed their opinion about our topic. They did all the talking and I did all the listening. I am very happy for their improvement. They also improved their listening skill. I am also surprised to discover that they no longer pronounce words with a tail sound. Congratulations to them!

January 30, 2011

Why Property Company of Friends Inc. is rich?

We were wondering why Profriends ( Property Company of Friends Inc.) is rich. Couple of months ago, we decided to withdraw our house purchase because of my Pag-ibig financing too complicated issue. Instead of paying the whole amount and we will end up frustrated because my Pag-ibig loan won't be approved, we decided to stop it. We then asked for a refund of what we already paid. We expected that we will be getting an amount less the expenses of the company for the processing of our papers. However, we failed. We didn't receive a cent of refund from them. Now, we know they are rich and getting richer because of their so called dishonest system. We let go of what happened and thought positively that we will be gaining more than we lose.

Last Tuesday, we were shocked with the news that one of their agents were gunned near our place. I then thought that this happened because of their dishonest system. Sooner or later, this company will reap what they sow.

They have to think that money is not the answer for everything. And the golden rule " Do unto others what you want others do unto you".

January 28, 2011

Poem: How Can I?

How Can I?
©By: Susan G. C
August 30, 2010
2:32 A.M

How can I express the feeling I have?

How can I utter the words that I may say?
How can I reveal the emotions I keep?
...if all I have is you in my dream

How can I sing the songs for you?
How can I write the poem about you?
How can I seal the memories we have
...if all I have is you in my dream

How can I go through the days of the week?
How can I say, it’s you that I seek?
How can I forget the words I love you?
...if my answer is I love you too?

You’re all that I desire, you’re all that I need
Emotions may kill, I am so weak.
For it is you that makes me feel,
...that I am a woman indeed

Things that I have learned....

Time flies! It seems that me and my husband were just thinking on how to start and how to end the winter camp. Now, it was over.

I learned a lot from this project. First, I discovered that no matter how tired and sleepy I am, I can still manage to wake up early in the morning to prepare for the whole day's classes. Second, I learned that, me and my husband can work together minus arguments. I also discovered that his patience is to the nth level when it comes to work related issues. But most of all, I again proved that religion can not guarantee one's attitude; that even if the person is not devoted to whatever religion, there is a tiny part of kindness in his heart.

Lots of things happen in just 21 days. I experienced that in terms of work, some Filipinos are proven to be lazy. They want an easy going job. A job that won't use their intellectual capacity. It's just irritating to know that I have seen this disappointment from a friend. A friend that I have to erase from my list.

I have also discovered that there are people who are insensitive and too slow to catch up weather you like to be close to them or not. I don't want to be rude at that time but I have to, just to show her that our working relationship won't go beyond it. I just couldn't imagine that I still have to tell her frankly that I don't like to be her close friend.

I also proved that a college degree won't guarantee that a person is suitable for the job. An English major who can't even pronounce the word "laugh" properly. She is even proud to tell me that she graduated with high grades. I wonder what kind of teachers she had?

The worst of all that I discovered that there is really a person who loves to take advantage of other people. Why is it that if they see foreigners, their eyes can only see the dollar sign. OMG! If only I can tell them that this person is also working hard to have a comfortable life.

Anyway, I am thankful that I have known people like them. This only tells me that we have to be careful next time. And we also learned that we have to be selfish sometimes. There is a saying goes, "In business, you have to slay your family, your friends and even your love ones," specially if they deserve it.