February 18, 2011

Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

The battle of the sexes. That's how I describe the movie "The Ugly truth". If you want to be entertained, you won't be disappointed. Butler and Heigl did performed very well in this movie. They delivered witty lines that will keep you laughing till the end. Not only that, the movie does give lessons specially for people who are searching for the "perfect partner" and for couples who are still in the middle of making their marriage a "perfect one". Butler actually highlighted that women oftentimes search or wait for smart, classic, tall kind of guy. He referred to this as the "imaginary guy". In addition, women should make men, men. He's right! We women shouldn't hold on to our husband's or boyfriend's neck because we will just be pushing them away. There are men who wants to be like that but very rare. Men are born to be egoistic. And we women should accept that we have to be sometimes submissive. One more thing that I learned from the movie is that women should always look good in your husband's eye. Why? Because men are usually physically attracted. If the physical attraction is gone, puff!, men will slowly drift away.The most important thing I learned is that, men always conclude. For example, if a man says I like you to a woman and the woman didn't answer, he will assume that the woman doesn't like him. I actually experienced this many times.

But don't forget, the movie is rated PG. The characters in the movie talked about sex all the time and some parents out there might not like the idea of watching this with their kids. :)

February 15, 2011

Saint Valentine: Who was he?

Since it is Valentine ’s Day, the Web had became busy for the past 24 hours.  The interest of users in Saint Valentine skyrocketed.  The keywords “Saint Valentine” and “who was saint Valentine?” each impaled over 300 percent.
So, St. Valentine, who was he? Was he the perfect lover a la Casanova? Was St. Valentine a real person? As stated by Catholic Online, he was very real, however he probably was not a smooth manipulator with the ladies.
Valentine was a sanctum priest in Rome, who assisted the martyrs in maltreatment under Claudius II together with St. Marius and his family. Because of his trouble, he was beaten and then put to death after the authorities were unable to convince him to renounce his faith. He died on February 14th.
With all the events that had passed, other theories abound. Surely, there were many different Valentine, and no one is sure which one was which a hundred percent. Some consider, he was a priest, other consider, he was a bishop, and some believe he was both and some others think he was entirely someone else. All that had been uttered; there is a thin line between doubt and truth among experts that he really exists in one form or another.
There are also few different hypotheses as for how Valentine’s Day came to represent love and kisses. According to a blog that specializes in saints, “some think the Romans had a custom where boys take names of girls to honor the goddess Februata Juno, the goddess of sex and fertility". Other people feel the custom of greetings which came from believing that birds begin to pair on that date.
There are bunch of related searches from "poems for valentine’s day" to "romantic movies' good pick up lines". With all this, we owe it to the one and only St Valentine, whoever he was.

February 8, 2011

Corruption: When will it end?

Anywhere, we can hear of corruption. It seems that this kind of wrong doing will never end. These days, whenever we turn on the television or read online newspapers, the issue of corruption of AFP higher officials is always on the news.

The figures that they are dealing about are really huge! It is really surprising to know that you if you are going to look at Philippines now, it seems so poor because there are a lot of street people and we are still considered a third world country. What if these huge sums of money are used in a right way? Will it help solve the problem in the country? It is definitely a YES!

Now, that there are whistle blowers, will it somehow help lessen the corruption? If not what is their real purpose of confessing?

One AFP higher official committed suicide just this morning. It is because of this issue that suddenly became the most controversial issue these days. Why? Does his silence means he is one of them?

There are a lot more questions that a Filipino citizen should ask. When will the truth be revealed? I hope they will find answers before they will seal the issue just like the other unsolved cases involving government officials.