April 26, 2011

Nail Art

Two flowers

I love painting my nails since then and I love painting other people's nails as well.  I have been thinking to do nail art but I hesitated because I am not good at drawing. Anyway, there's no harm in trying besides I can always erase it if the outcome won't be good.  So last night, while I was waiting for my hair to get dry, I tried to paint my nails and this is the outcome. 

First, I painted the nail with a base nail polish. Any color may do it depends on your taste. I used a lighter color. And then let it dry. 

Second, with a dotting tool or a toothpick make four dots close to each other. I used golden plum (frosted) for the first flower (near the tip) and red nail polish for the second flower. After making the dots, I put a small stem using dark green nail polish. Let it dry. 

Third,  apply the top coat to avoid chipping off and then let it dry. 

Try it! :)

April 9, 2011

Just Can't Get Over It

It was shocking and I can't believe it! We always watch American Idol at GMA Newstv Channel 11 while having dinner and I can't deny the fact that we always wait for Pia Toscano's performance. We've even concluded that she will be in the top 3. But now, maybe almost everybody is asking what happened. This is the question that until now is in my head. I just hope that the judges(Jlo, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler) have another save button to save Pia but what can we do? This happens when we rely on votes. 

I still believe that she will definitely stand out someday. Keep singing Pia! 

April 5, 2011

Always the government

I was watching Balitanghali at GMA Newstv few hours ago and I can't understand why most Filipinos blame the government of whatever happens in their lives.  I am aware that upon writing this, I will probably receive negative criticisms. 

We are all aware that poverty in the Philippines is on large scale. Everybody knows we are in a third world country!These large scale of people below the poverty line if not always, often blame the government of being poor. Why always the government? Why always the president? Are they doing something for their lives to get out from that scenario? I think not! Because they still have the guts to bear many children despite the fact that they can't even feed themselves! It's been a long time since we were given democracy and I know that was most people wanted to have. Freedom to do everything; journalism, working abroad, putting up a business etc. I am thankful also for the democracy given to us for I can write right now. But why is it that most of us are still complaining and blaming the government for the disease of our country? Isn't it that we are also contributing to the disease of the country? If there are problems in the government, we go out, shout for our rights and rally. What if the time that the government is facing problems, we unite and help? Isn't it better? 

The latest news was the three Filipinos executed in China. I think the government did something for them. Vice president Binay even went to China for them. And yet still other people blame the government of not doing anything. Come on! What do you want them to do? Do you want them to start a war against China? Did the government send these three Filipinos to go to China? No! Their only mistake is they inherited the problems from other leaders decades ago. We have to bear in mind that the president alone can't solve all these problems or the government itself. We have to unite if we want change. This is the concept that is lacking in the Filipino people after People Power I. UNITY is very important for the prosperity of a country. If we will just remove CRAB MENTALITY in our society, we will probably progress step by step and we will probably eradicate corruption soon.

April 3, 2011

Computer Game Review: The Serpent of Isis

The Screenshot of the game

I stayed up late last Friday because I have to finish something. While trying to force my brain in thinking for other ideas, I decided to relax for a moment. I then decided to find a game that will exercise my brain. Oh well, I stumbled on The Serpent of Isis by Bigfish Games. It is a kind of computer game that will make you find hidden objects to get a clue. I started playing at 2 in the morning and I decided to stop after one hour. Why? It made me feel too eager to finish the objective. I wanted to relax but this game just made me more aggressive. It will truly exercise your brain and your eyes. 

I told my friend who is a computer game addict about this. She wanted to try so I gave it to her. She told me she enjoyed playing the game. I thought she was able to finish the whole journey of the game but she didn't.

Last Saturday, she invited us to have a conversation over a cup of coffee. While having a cup of coffee and talking about a future project we are thinking to do, my friend and her sister were playing the game. So me and husband helped them find the hidden objects. It is more exciting because we played just like a team. We tried to have a race. It was really fun! 

Today, I tried to play it again but it just gave me a headache. It is really damn difficult! If you don't have a good eyesight, please don't play it too long. It will hurt your eyes. But for those who have good one, go on!

I just want to give thanks to the game developers. The credit goes to Andreas Schneider and Sandra Pieper for such a good idea and concept. This game isn't just a game but it will also test our ability and patience. The graphics is good enough. It will definitely attract people to play it without knowing how difficult it is. Another game with more walkthroughs would be perfect for someone who is having a boring day. 

The saying patience is a virtue applies to this game. Sometimes I am impatient in looking for something missing and because of this game, I have to put in mind that I have to use my eyes not my mouth. And that's the purpose why we were given eyes; and that is to see. Give it a try! Enjoy playing!

April 1, 2011

This is for you...

Dance while you are listening to this, ok? haha!

This song is for my two friends celebrating their birthday today. I hope it is not yet late or if it is, make this song one of the songs that will end your special day. Enjoy! 

Zena Alethea Perona Teofilo; my only best friend. Despite all the things that we've been through, we are still best friends. Oh well, sometimes I feel jealous with your other friends but that is just sometimes (defensive)! I have to understand that we live miles away (emo mode)Anyway, happy birthday best! Always be the person who makes me laugh in the middle of a serious conversation. Hahaha! 

Mark Lexter De Lara; the person who always reminds me of college. Thanks for the good times and also the bad times. hahaha! Happy birthday! Enjoy the rest of your special day :) 

Many more blessing to come to both of you. 


Time flies! I just couldn't imagine that it's April now. While I was staring at my to do list, I began nagging on myself why I haven't done much last month. I even told that I will punish myself whenever I fail to do things I have to do. Believe me! I was talking to me in front of the mirror. I am doing personality check again just like what I have done last month. I guess promises are made to be broken applies this time. The question is why is it just so hard? Is is time for me to ask help from someone who could push me to change? I guess I am not going to wait for my someone to this. 

Well, I have to set goals this time; goals that I think I can think of every time I wake in the morning, goals that will make me smile though I am aware that it is hard. As they say, there's nothing hard if you want to. I also have to set goals for myself that will make the best of me. Last month was not mine. I had decisions that I even forgot to include my wants and needs on the list. This will be different now. I have to tell myself that I am working because I don't want to go back from being hand to mouth. If I need to post this at my workplace I will do so just to remind me the reason why I am working. Being so kind makes me poor. 

It's weekend tomorrow and I have things to accomplish despite of not feeling well. However, I can still move my two feet and my brain is still working to command my body parts to where I should be going. And that's exactly what I have to do tomorrow. I have to shut down my life from any trouble first this time. As they say, you can't help a drowning person if you are also being drowned.  

Stolen Idea

Have you ever experienced asking an opinion about an idea that you will soon be doing and suddenly the person you have asked for copied your idea? I just can’t imagine why people do this. I have seen and experienced it many times but I just ignore it. Is it really our custom doing this?

First, we Filipinos are very good in music I know. We have a lot of famous composers and we can’t deny that these composers can write lyrics that people will patronize. So why is it that these days, singers keep singing revived songs? Would you rather listen to the original singer or the duplicate? It is definitely annoying to listen to the revived one especially if they sing it exaggeratedly. Can’t we just make our own music? Or are we becoming westernized and we are trying hard to adopt westernization despite the fact that we can’t do it in all aspects?

Second is in business. We can see a lot of the same concepts of businesses around the neighborhood. It is because when neighborhood A put up a business and neighborhood B noticed that many people patronize it, neighborhood B will use the idea neighborhood A did. It is just so irritating. Well, I have experienced it and I just kept silent because of the so called “freedom”. Will we prosper with this kind of business cycle? I don’t think so. That’s the reason why Coca-cola bring people in court whoever tried to copy their idea.

Third, writing nowadays is becoming a freelance job. If you try to search for writing job on Google, it will display thousands of online companies looking for content writers, short story writers and other varieties of writing. Plagiarism is very popular in the internet. Many writers try to copy other writers’ idea and changing some of the words and claim it original (rewriting). Or worse, copy the same concept of what to write.

I guess whenever we have ideas in mind for business or for whatever, let’s just keep it ourselves and never give anyone the recipe of it. As the saying goes, family, friends and religion; these are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business. It is hard to do but if you want to than you need to do it.