June 25, 2011


Marriage is sacred for most people and I am one of those. I can’t forget the discussion or better yet call it an argument I had with some people I talked to this morning.  It caught my attention when one claimed that it is sad to know that Philippines doesn’t have this kind of law.  Out of curiosity, I asked why it is a sad thing. One pointed out that Philippine government should give chances to those youngsters who happen to be in a marriage they really don’t intend do. This one makes my blood boil! Getting married and it isn’t your intention? Come on! Did the government let you do this for them to be blamed? Aren’t we given brains to decide what’s best for us? Or isn’t it sharp enough to use it? 

Some people use marriage as scapegoat to solve another problem which I think is not right. And when they realize that their decision wasn’t that wise enough, they will cling to divorce! I would highly recommend, settle things on your own before you make things worse.

How about if your husband abuse you? Like you are beaten up? Another excuse! It means you didn’t know what you went into? You didn’t know what your partner really is. My suggestion, know your partner first before you settle down.

What if you caught your partner is cheating on you? There are reasons why your partner cheats on you. Not because men are born to be polygamous as they say. You have to do something to get your partner’s attention back. If this means you are becoming silly just to have him/her back, then do so. Loving is also discovering in the process.

I always think that when I get married, it shouldn’t stop there. I would like to consider my future husband as my best friend whom I can tell the deepest secret I have. A brother, whom I respect no matter who and what he is and a lover with whom I can share the greatest gift humans have, love! 

Marriage is the biggest commitment a person can make. There are those people in other culture who work hard just to be worthy of marrying someone and yet there are those people who just give up on it whenever they face troubles in marriage. How ironic!

I just hope that I no longer exist when divorce is implemented in the Philippines