November 3, 2011

Jardin de Dasmarinas Resort and Restaurant: Review

Looking for a place to relax?  I will highly recommend Jardin de Dasmarinas Resort and Restaurant. My friends and I planned to go swimming to a resort recommended by one of our friends too. Before we decide to go, we already talked about not checking in unless we see the place. We learned from our previous experience. We don't like to waste our time and money to a place where we can't enjoy our holiday together. 

To estimate the time of travel, it is just 30-45 minutes drive from our place (Istana Subdivision). It is actually located at 83 Brgy. Sabang DasmariƱas City, Cavite, Philippines. We don't actually know where the place is so we just drove and ask people around. Fortunately, we were able to find the place with no hassle.

Upon arrival at the place, we parked near the resort. I guess it is an intended space for customers. However, the parking space is not that wide enough to accommodate a lot of cars. I would suggest, it's better to commute going there specially during summer season.

Before we went in, they checked the place first. If the water is clean and if it safe for children since we have two kids with us. According to them it was nice so we decided to settle up.  I was actually surprised with the place. It is not that big but it looks big because the ambiance is clean. The cottages are well-built with tables that are spacious enough for a group or a family. The floor is not slippery even wet. 

The big swimming pool 
They have one big swimming pool, I can say it's an Olympic size pool. The water is so clean that you can even see the floor very clearly. They also have two other swimming pools. The one is not that deep and the other one is actually under a shade for people who don't like the sun (but it's cold).  All the pools are built with stairs which I guess is purposely done for children.  There is also a life guard on duty situated in a tree house where everybody is visible to him. 

The entrance fee is affordable including the rent for the cottage. They also offer an overnight stay which we really plan to do anytime soon.  So if you are looking for a nice place to relax specially if you are living in Cavite, try Jardin de Dasmarinas. I am sure, you and your family will enjoy :)) 

Keep up the good work for the management of Jardin de Dasmarinas Resort and Restaurant!


kittypaws said...

Welcome back to blogging bes. It has been a long time since I last saw you post out here. :) Nice review about the place. Maybe you can revise this review once you already manage to go and have an actual outing there. Add ka na din ng pictures para masmaganda.

nalor04 said...

Nice place to relax, very accomodating and clean. Hope to get back soon for overnight!AJA

dexterous said...

Thanks bes! I thought it's worth to write a good review about the place since we really enjoyed our time there. Yup, I'll write a review after our overnight stay there. I have a lot of pictures taken there but I am not sure my friends like their pictures to be posted. :))

dexterous said...

Thanks Nalor04 for taking time to read. We will soon be back there for our overnight stay. hehe!

Anonymous said...

i know where to go now

Zonia H. said...

The best place to stay this weekend. Thanks for sharing!