December 10, 2011

Our Adorable Dog

Stolen shot while I am trying to make her bark :)) 
A month ago, our friend woke us up early in the morning only to bring a puppy for us. We have been wanting to have a pet dog but we don't have the chance to buy one. I was still half asleep that time but the puppy was so cute and adorable that made me adopt her. There was no hesitation at all. Because of excitement, we immediately decided to buy her a feeding bowl and dog soap. We even forget to give her a name. It took us two days to think of her name. The first word that came into my mind was "Winter". It is because I always long to experience the winter season and she will always reminds me of reaching that goal. :))

Winter is deeply asleep

She is just an ordinary dog in my country however she is well-fed with dog foods which made her grow beautiful. We also dewormed her and gave her vitamins so she will have a good appetite. Fortunately, all our efforts of taking care of her had good results. She is a very active dog. She always helps me release stress whenever she wags her tale and hugs my feet. She taught us to become more responsible of taking care of her by waking us up early in the morning to feed and bathe her. The most important thing  I learned since we have our dog is that they can truly understand people. She knows when I am really mad or just pretending to be mad at her. She is aware if the food I am making is for her or not.

In conclusion, we love her so much that we can't stand losing her. :) She is now a member of the family. I will surely buy her dog treats for Christmas eve. :D