December 31, 2012

Our 2012 Journey

There were so many hearsay that 2012 is the end of the world but it seems like it isn't for us. We started the year with my husband's family. Since we recently moved in, there are so many plans that my husband and I had talked about. 

We decided to make a few house renovations and luckily before the summer (March-May) ended, we were able to accomplish the goal. June comes and we also talked about future plans for his siblings education. God is so fortunate that we were able to have enough cash to spend for their enrollment. Although  we have some ups and downs in terms of financials, we managed to stay steady. Rainy season has started and we need to work on my father-in-law's farm. We managed to saved some of our income for the farm. Cultivation has finally started and we need to help to buy some seeds, fertilizer and so on. I never thought that I won't have much stress thinking of the finances. Thanks God! 

Second semester is almost approaching and again we need cash for the enrollment. My husband is lucky enough to have some bonuses from work. My wage also got almost doubled and it was in time for another project. We need to reconstruct our restroom since we have been using a very old restroom, older than me and older then my father-in-law. We began the construction in the middle of the year and after a month, it was finished. 

I decided to quit my second job since it requires me to stay up late until 4 am and it is affecting my health. I suffered from hypo-tension and I can't afford giving up my health for the job. After a week, I made up my mind and find for another job. God is great enough to give me a more descent hours of work. Although it is a bit difficult for me to wake up early in the morning, I was able to manage it after a month. The company is professional enough to recognize its employees efforts and performance giving awards and bonuses. Because of my punctuality I was given a raise thrice. 

November came and harvest time is near, everybody went busy but happy since we had a good harvest this year. We don't need to buy rice for the whole year. 

My sister has also spent some of her free time with us which made us even closer. December came and we made up our mind to visit our parents. I asked my husband to go with me since it is going to be after Christmas. Our Christmas eve was just simple regardless some heavy misunderstandings that we had before the celebration. We then went to my hometown (Cagayan Valley) after Christmas and I was very happy since we were able to see my parents doing fine. My husband and I also planned to help in renovating our house where I was born. Hoping and staying positive that we will be able to provide for the reconstruction and also for their everyday needs. 

It's the end of the year and we are getting busy. We went shopping on the 30th of December also celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday. I was grateful that we were able to buy them presents which they wanted to have. Seeing their smiles on their faces makes me happier. 

This year has been very good to me. Although there are times that I am on the verge of giving up, positivity sinks in. Frankly, I was almost falling out but I was thankful that God made a way for me not to stumble, gave me a glimmer of hope, made me look back and see what we have achieved together. I am thankful that I can still stand head up high and live by my principles. Thanks 2012 for being a good friend. Thanks to all the people who gave me sorrows and pain, happiness and laughter which made me even stronger. We are welcoming the year 2013 with love and understanding leaving all the burdens I think so heavy to carry and taking only the ones I know I can bear. 

December 11, 2012

Tried to search my name online...found this :)

At Night

Composed: April 7, 2009 2:54 A.M.

Moonlight shines,shadows gone.
Stars start to dwell,all-night so well.
In my room I lay down, my mind goes astray,
For tomorrow isn’t mine, neither can I stop time.

Lying down in bed, no one beside.
Thinking of tomorrow’s rules, goal’s to abide.
For I don’t know what it gives, what it resides.
May you reveal, what I shall do, thy desire.

No strength, no time,no means.
Things I won’t do,real in my dreams.
May it be my strength, my motivation ain’t leaves.
For when I sleep,you’re real and well-defined.


Staring at the moon, shining like a gold.

It’s sincere and pure and never grows old.
I wish one day I could be a moon,
that shines at night and gives light to a room.

I wish I could be a shadow walking in a dark
No one will hurt, no one will love
I wish I could be an air which gives life on earth.
No one can hold and no one can see

I wish I could be a thing for life is unfair
You try to be worthy but for others you’re liar
Your intentions are genuine but for others you’re nothing
You try to be excellent but for others you’re worthless

Life is confusing, it’s hard to detest
I make mistakes for no one’s perfect
But why most people can’t understand this concept?
I wish to die ‘cause I’m tired and restless

December 6, 2012

Irritating day!

Just this morning, I realized I have been reminding people what they have to do for the day. I also realized I am gradually getting tired of it. I need loads of patience here!

I am not saying I remember all the responsibilities I have but I am make an effort to accomplish each of them. There are so many ways we can do so as not to forget them but there are those annoying people who can't just make an effort to deal with their deficiencies.

So I often say, we all depend on saying "I am sorry, I apologize etc" whenever we make trouble. Can't we just avoid telling these expressions? Well, I guess I am expecting too much. I feel lazy too sometimes but the things I have to do are still in my brain. To think these people are below poverty line. No wonder they are always relying on other people to make their lives better! I always think poor people should work harder so as to improve their lives but most of them don't. They are satisfied of what they have and when rainy season comes, they blame the government for their misfortune!

I make a habit to smile every morning I wake up but I just had to scowl today because of these irritating people.It seems like everything is a joke! Goodness sake! If only they are younger than me...

December 2, 2012

My First Holiday For The Year 2012

Having a holiday during Philippine holidays is one of my dream since I started working from home. It is a bit difficult for me to adjust the first time. Working while everybody is on vacation made me sad sometimes. But I was just thankful that I have a job because many are longing to have one.

Talk of being lucky finding a foreign company which observes Philippine Holidays! I was so surprised to read the policies of the company that we will be having holidays as well. I was so excited! I then decided to spend my first holiday of the year well. We planned to go swimming. I have been waiting for this day! I spend the whole week looking for a nice but affordable resort. I was lucky to find Villa Crisanta Garden Resort online. It is just approximately 20 minutes away from the house. We visited the place first in the morning to make sure we will not regret. And yeah! We are not going to regret. So we hurriedly went back home, immediately changed to a proper swimming clothes, cooked rice for our lunch and headed back to the resort.

It was just half-day getaway since we arrived there at almost 12 noon. But we still enjoyed. The people are accommodating. They even extended our time until 6 pm since we came there late. The swimming pool is so big that  you can learn, play and have fun.

Me at the reception area

My sister-in-law at the entrance

Kid's pool (3ft)

Adult pool (4-5 ft)

My brother-in-law doing his stunt at the resort's garden

With these, I am very satisfied with the time we spent during the holiday.

'Til next time!

November 29, 2012

Freedom of expression

We are in the modern word, technology everywhere, so many information available yet it seems that we are not really given the freedom of expression. There are so many talented journalists around the world but I wonder if they can write everything people need to know.

I am writing this blog it is because I can't get over the movie "Nothing But The Truth". The protagonist is a political columnist who was unintentionally given information which matters to the national security. Since it is a risk to the national security they say, she has to reveal her source before a grand jury in order for them to take the necessary actions. However, she is holding on her principle as a journalist. And she didn't.

With this kind of movie, although fictional, which I think may happen,  I came to ask " How far can writers go? How much information should we know and write about?

Note: This is also published in with the same and only one username.

November 21, 2012

It's time to say "It's Enough"

How difficult it is to say "no"? Being in a situation where it seems like all people disagree with your opinion is tough. If you make a sudden big decision, it will create a commotion which in time make people dislike you or worst condemn you. I have been holding to some frustrations that I am afraid it will burst out soon. I have tried to make huge decisions in life but thinking of the people around me makes me draw back from what I am planning to do this time. I am still in trouble thinking if it will be the wisest decision or not. If it is already the time to say "it's enough". But I also question myself, "if not now, when"? God help me when the time comes. I know I will be hurting other people but I came to realize that hurting them is the best way for them to learn. I guess I am now tired of people trying to take advantage of my kindness and not even thinking of the difficulties I am in. I have given so many chances for them to acknowledge the effort that I give them but it seems like I am waiting in vain for the recognition. I have to stay determined. In the end, I will be the one who will suffer if I will stay the same. I maybe selfish but being one is not bad after all as long as you have given enough.

August 5, 2012

Rainy but wonderful weekend

Excitement is the only thing that describe what I felt yesterday. My husband and I went to SM mall yesterday to exchange his monitor that he just bought last Tuesday. I was excited because I am going to buy something for my laptop. Unfortunately, it is out of stock. 

A multifunctional laptop stand

I wish to have that because I feel uncomfortable using my laptop these days. But I can still take it. I hope I won't suffer from stiff neck. ;))

We are also trying to upgrade the RAM of my laptop but it is also out of stock (talking of excitement, huh?). Anyway, that's fine, I can still manage using it. After looking around for alternative and found nothing, I decided to wait for the stock to arrive.

We went to handyman for the electric heater and it made me good because they have it. :))

My Checklist:
1. Exchange monitor - check
2. Buy electric heater - check
3. Buy laptop stand - wait for stock
4.Upgrade RAM - wait for stock
5. Eat out - check

At home, a good news is waiting. And I am grateful  for that!

August 4, 2012

Our lovely and playful dog

Our dog when she was 2 months old

Our dog now (10 months old)

Now that she is 10 months old - sleepy dog  :))