August 5, 2012

Rainy but wonderful weekend

Excitement is the only thing that describe what I felt yesterday. My husband and I went to SM mall yesterday to exchange his monitor that he just bought last Tuesday. I was excited because I am going to buy something for my laptop. Unfortunately, it is out of stock. 

A multifunctional laptop stand

I wish to have that because I feel uncomfortable using my laptop these days. But I can still take it. I hope I won't suffer from stiff neck. ;))

We are also trying to upgrade the RAM of my laptop but it is also out of stock (talking of excitement, huh?). Anyway, that's fine, I can still manage using it. After looking around for alternative and found nothing, I decided to wait for the stock to arrive.

We went to handyman for the electric heater and it made me good because they have it. :))

My Checklist:
1. Exchange monitor - check
2. Buy electric heater - check
3. Buy laptop stand - wait for stock
4.Upgrade RAM - wait for stock
5. Eat out - check

At home, a good news is waiting. And I am grateful  for that!

August 4, 2012

Our lovely and playful dog

Our dog when she was 2 months old

Our dog now (10 months old)

Now that she is 10 months old - sleepy dog  :))