June 23, 2014

Computer Games

Do you like computer games?

Today we are going to learn the good and the bad sides of playing computer games. We are going to learn vocabularies in this lesson and we will also try to make your own sentences using those vocabularies.

Exercise 1:  Please describe the picture. Tell something about the picture as much as you can.

Exercise 2: Vocabulary

The computer is heating up because I have used it for a long time.
He likes to play games but his mom doesn’t want to.
 Students sometimes become lazy because of playing computer games.
 I forgot to do my homework last night.
 Obese people sit for a long time.
 I was late in school today because I overslept.
  My friend has bad eyesight because of too much computer use.
 Children can’t socialize nowadays since the beginning of computers.
 Some people say; computer games can stimulate brain power.
 The boy is very attentive in playing computer games.
Backache After sitting down for a long time, he is having a backache.

Exercise 3: Free talk about computer games.
1. When was the first time you use the computer? Can you tell me how it was?
2. What kinds of computer games do you like playing?
3. How many hours are you allowed playing computer games? Why?
4. What do you think are the advantages of playing computer games? How about disadvantages?
5. At what age should a child be allowed playing computer games? Why?

Exercise 4: Writing

Direction: In a two paragraph essay, write the good and bad effects of computer games on you.

Note: This is created for my ESL students.