July 10, 2014


Studying is Fun 

Today we are going to learn to benefits of studying.

 Exercise 1:  Please describe the picture. Tell something about the picture as much as you can.

 Exercise 2: Vocabulary

1 Classroom
There are many students in the classroom
2 Lesson
Our lesson for today was really difficult.
3 pass with flying colours Congratulations! You passed with flying colours!
4 fail an exam
He failed all his exams because he didn't study hard enough
5 revise
Tonight I'm going to revise the Cold War, then it's the EU tomorrow night
6 low mark He got a low mark in Statistics.
7 cram
I've got to cram for next week's test.
8 memorise/learn by heart  
I need to learn the French irregular verbs by heart
9 universityIt is my dream to study in a well-known university.
10 take extra lessonsShe's going to take extra lessons in French to help her pass the exam.
11 cheatI saw my classmates cheating so I told the teacher.

Exercise 3: Answer the questions

1.) Why do you like studying?

2.) Does studying only happen at school?

3.) What’s the most fun you’ve had while studying?

4.) Do you like studying English?

5.) How has the Internet changed studying?

6.) Do you think people in different countries study in the same way as you?

7. ) What would you study on a “How to study” course?

8.) Do all students actually study or do some find ways to do their work without anything staying in their brains?

9.) What advice would you give someone on how to study English?

This is created for my ESL students.