September 2, 2014

Short story: Now She Knows Why

It's been a long time since she's asked those questions. She's clueless but never gave a chance to find answers because for her, answers will come when it is the right time. She doesn't ask questions to the person concerned because she is a woman who knows how to respect ones choice. She on the other hand, remained truthful; she has unveiled details of her life which she thinks make the person at ease to who she is.

One day, she dreamt of something disturbing. She woke up with the question asking why this certain person is so cold to her despite the fact that she has done things that shows care and love. She's been asking why this person is stabbing her emotionally to the point of making her down. There might be a reason behind this she said.

With that, she did her research. She searched every corner of the web to find answers and she even asked someone's assistance for that. In no time, she found answers. She concluded, with all the information in front of her that this person has been hurt so badly he doesn't want to feel that again or maybe he's taking revenge of the past. In addition, she also assumed that this person is already a father. Perhaps, he has a broken family. Perhaps he chose to lie to her to protect his integrity.

She's glad she has known these information although not proven.  Now, the decision is all hers.