October 21, 2014

Puerto Galera 2014: Experiencing the Beauty that Lies Beneath the Sea

January 2014; my friend and I already planned for our dry season escapade. It is difficult for both of us to take a break from work hence weekend was the most convenient days to travel. I live in Batangas which gives me easy access to the seaport going to Puerto Galera whilst she is living in Manila which will take more than 3 hours to travel by bus. Since both of us wanted to have a free schedule during our trip, we opted to have our own DIY trip. Three months were long enough to find for accommodation, plan of who to tag along and plans of what food should we bring.

The day of our trip called for a very early morning routine. We woke up as early as 3 am and we started off at 5 am. My friend's group started off at 4 in the morning. Traffic is not heavy in those hours which will make them travel faster. We will just be meeting each other at the seaport.

I had fun traveling for the scenery has a lot to offer but the road going close to the seaport was bumpy. But that was fine, it's part of the adventure. Arriving at the seaport, I was surprised with how huge the crowd was. I thought we were already early but we failed. Finding my friend in the middle of the crowd can be compared to finding a needle on a haystack.

With all the hardships from planning to traveling to waiting paid off when we reached the place.  The photos cannot justify it, so you've got to experience the place. LOL!

Batangas seaport
While waiting for the sunset. Seems like I was enjoying the sand not knowing that my friend was taking my picture.

Puerto Galera sunset

The first day of our stay was really relaxing. After swimming until the sunset came, we decided to go around the place to see what kind of night life they have. Since both of us are not into this, we chose to sit near the beach and have a drink. I called my other friend and the three of us talked while me and my other friend were stargazing.

The second day:
Happiness that money can't buy. I may not have a good relationship with my own family but my friend's family fill in those gaps in my life

Island hopping after snorkeling
The view from below was really spectacular. Getting close to sea creatures affright me at first but the hours of interacting with them faded away the fear.

We do not have an underwater camera so I would say, what lies beneath the sea of Puerto Galera stays beneath the sea of Puerto Galera. haha!

This is all I got,a tortoise! Thank you for showing up at the last minute :D

A tortoise!

'Till next adventure! The Philippines, my home country has a lot to offer. Got to see them before I return to dust. :)