November 24, 2014

Care is Reassurance

Humans are gifted with many different emotions; some are very talented to handle and as the world of opposites was also created, some are too darn stupid in dealing with it. We are facing different walks of life and as we traverse, we meet people who we wanted to be part of our journey. 

With those differences, misunderstanding will always arise but as the wise men say, we just have to try to understand each other. But how much do we understand? Should we try to put their shoes on? Understanding is a very simple word but most people don't know it. Relationship with each other, family, friends, marriage and others need understanding. It's easy to say, "I understand you" but do you actually know how it is being shown? Most people don't. 

There are many factors affecting who we are. It maybe how were are being raised, people we have met, and the past; which gives a big impact in our lives. Because of this, people may became strong and people may become weak. People with strong personality are often  seen to be leaders, to be able to do things they desire and so on on their on. But most people with this strong personality has this emptiness in their thoughts. They often lack care from others even from their families because others think they don't need it. 

What does care do to one person as we may ask? There are many things it can do. Care is like a balm that soothes us. Simple things like "how are you?" can make someone's dark day lighten up. A hug which speaks so much care can make someone smile. The complex words "I love you?" can draw back someone's tears.

Always remember that if we are adding somebody to be part of our lives, we always have to be ready of the good as well as the bad effects of it. You may not know, you are already making a difference in their lives. 

Show some care, it's not expensive, and you might save someone's life.

November 23, 2014

I Drink Because...

          We have this stereotypical thinking that when a man loves drinking, he's irresponsible, bad and so many other bad things tied up to his personality. It is worst when it comes to women who choose to love drinking. I am well-aware of the bad effects of alcohol in the body but I still choose to do so.

          I drink because I have a terrible sleeping order.  Alcohol makes me sleep well. After two bottles of beer or two glasses of red wine, I have to hurry up, go to bed and close my eyes before the effect of alcohol has gone.  I have tried a lot of remedies to make me fall asleep at night but then nothing had worked. So instead of being drowsy at work in the morning, I'd better have alcohol before bed time.
          I drink because it clears up my mind. When I have alcohol in my body, my brain stops becoming active. I can forget a lot of things that makes my life miserable. It stops the flow of my tears. The best part of it, it makes me smile. I maybe strong as perceived by many but I am emotionally weak, too. I cry over small things and most people think it's crazy. Oh well I am and if you don't understand me, there's no reason for you to be part of my life.

         So whatever people say when I drink, I don't care. Besides, I am not asking them to buy my drinks. I may have health problems in the future because of it, I still don't care. I have no child therefore I don't have any reasons to live longer.

       Want to change me? Show me why I have to.

November 15, 2014

Life Equals Sacrifice

Living is equal to making choices. That's what I have known since I got my mind on what is reality. People say if you choose something over something, you have to be ready for whatever consequences it may bring.  Some are making drastic decisions in life and in the end they will be finding someone to blame. Since knowing and accepting the truth is the most painful of all, some end up living their lives in denial.

What makes life worth living? It is when you choose something or someone to be your reason to live. Having those aspects in life will keep your feet moving no matter how troublesome the road you are walking into. However, humans have a certain point in life when they raise their hands in surrender. This is where you yearn for answers as to whether you made the right choice or not. The question "why" is always present.  But we also have to bear in mind that there are many factors affecting the choice we made.  People around us always give the biggest impact to it.

Sacrifice... they say, that's what we do for people we love. But the question is, how much can you bear? Can the other party do the same thing? Loving takes two to tango. Unrequited love is like a double-edge sword repeatedly stabbing every flesh in your body but some people choose to have their eyes closed and continue putting an effort hoping that the other party is going to do the same in the future.

Nevertheless, up to what extent? Whatever the answer in here, life must have a purpose.

November 11, 2014

Please Don't


written by: Susan G. Cura
November  11, 2014 @ 11:57 pm

Please don’t look for me when I am away
I may have just gone astray.
Please don’t look for me when I am nowhere to be found
I may have just had a quiet time.
Please don’t look for me when I am gone.
I may have chosen to become

Absence may kill you but not sure
Time will heal the wounds I know you will.
For I have known you to be surpassing
Please don’t wait for me for it is the last time.

I have loved you but it isn’t enough
I was just a past time you can leave anytime
I have loved you but isn’t good for you
For I am not the woman you look forward to.

November 6, 2014

Boracay Escape 2014

Working with foreign people will make you open your mind to so many possibilities I would say. When we talk about Philippines, the first thing that they know is Boracay Island. One of my Japanese student once told me, Boracay tour is the talk of the town. It's a shame I don't know anything about it except the ones I read from the internet.  Hence, this is one of the reason why I visited the place aside from getting out of my usual routine.

September 2014, I got a long holiday from my Korean company and so I booked a flight to Boracay. It will be my first to go as far as 400km by plane from Manila. I was excited of course!  Who isn't?

Me on the plane bound for Caticlan

Touching down Caticlan airport, I can smell the sea. That means, the island is just that close. I took a tricycle ride to the sea port, rode a small ferry, took another tricycle to the accommodation and in no time I have seen the famous white beach. 

Touch down Boracay Airport

I stayed at Moreno's cottage and I was so happy I was given a room on the attic with a small balcony.  I can see the beautiful scenery of thick trees surrounding the cottage.

View from the cottage's balcony

I wasn't able to do some activities because of the southwest monsoon. The waves were so high I can't see boats sailing. But I enjoyed the white sand. They were so fine, it feels so good on the feet. I jogged for a while on the seashore at dawn. I savored the moment when the wind coming from the sea touched my skin.

My feet loved the sand

The sea was angry :)
A foreign tourist enjoying the scenery

My last night on the island; I tried to experience the night life. I went out drinking at a bar of Mandarin Hotel. The cool breeze, the live band plus a bucket of beer completed my night.

The bucket of beer

Perfect for the beer

The live band
 After few hours of enjoying the drinks, the food, the live band and the people around, I decided to retire since I will have to wake up earlier the next morning for my trip to Kalibo airport.

Waking up in the morning, the sun finally came up. I guess the sun was telling me to go back and explore the island next time. LOL

A fine weather to explore but I was going back home. Tsk!

On my way back to Caticlan port (Going home)
Thank you Boracay for the memories! See you again! :)