February 26, 2015

Short story: Dreaming her Whim

Lights in the dark

Take that shot! Someone demanded! 

At an instant, she positioned her camera to where that someone is pointing. While she's trying to figure out which part of the whole scenery he wanted to be taken, she can't avoid her caprice in going down the crater but of course, that's one thing she should be controlling because it will totally destroy the beauty of it. She took some snapshot of it however, her amateurishness cannot warrant was she's actually looking at.

I can't do it, she said, lowering down her lenses. The person beside her was trying to convince she has an eye for details and that she just have to be self-reliant on her skills. The sun is nearly rising yet she hasn't taken something that will make her words flow into writing. The heat will be unbearable and they don't have a choice but to go down once the sun has come out into full view. 

She positioned her lenses again and with confidence, she pressed her one last click. The sound of the shutter seemed to be deafening while the light of the sun is so gutsy in blinding her. 

This moment is so poignant a thousand words cannot define it, part of her mind was saying. With that thought, she woke up; she was only dreaming.

February 23, 2015

The Search for Ramen

Yesterday, Feb 22, 2015 was my schedule to go to the derm clinic for my IPL treatment. I then asked my friends if we could meet up. I also asked my husband to accompany me because I know I am not feeling well emotionally. I might get off the wrong station or perhaps I won't go home anymore if I went alone.  Sitting on the bus, my mind is flying over the void thinking of many things on how to divert my attention into something positive. It's hard but I must. I wanted to have an eye cleansing but then I have to control since I am in a public place. So then, I was trying to tell stories to my husband, appreciating the beauty of the scenery we were passing by and luckily we got to our destination without me doing the eye cleansing.

After my IPL treatment, we took a taxi to Trinoma because my friend's house is near there and the weather was  hot for them to travel to Cubao, besides they just came from a Christening, they really gave time for our meet up. Before the meeting, Gael and I decided to eat at a Ramen restaurant because she can't eat hard food; she just got her braces. We searched for Ramen X which was also located at the same mall.

They arrive at around 3 pm I guess; my husband and I killed time at Dairy Queen. Ice cream! I think eating sweets helps in feeling happiness so even I don't have a sweet tooth, I asked my husband to drop by at DQ. Once they arrived, we scouted for Ramen X, we asked the customer service counter but they don't know about it. I then consulted my gps and it says it is on the rooftop. But we ended up eating at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka.

You can't miss to appreciate this sign at the door.

And this another sign on their wall going to the restroom.

My husband ordered Spicy Ramen.

I ordered Shoyu Ramen. It's a soy sauce flavor.

Gael and Peejay ordered a group meal with chicken, a bowl of ramen, rice, tea and some deserts.

The smell of the ramen really made me hungry.  While eating, I was actually thinking if I am eating the same kind of ramen they have in Japan. LOL!  But, it was yummy! I love salty foods so it was really good for me.
I can't complain with the ambiance of the restaurant, I guess the lighting was a perfect match for the color of the things inside. The waiters are really friendly and they made sure that our glasses of water never went empty. Although the price was a little expensive, it's worth it!  We'll eat here again whenever we crave for ramen.
The satisfied customers
The Inside
Such a wonderful eating experience! I was able to divert my mind even just for a short time.

P.S. Just today, I asked my student if the ramen I ate looks the same with the ramen they have in Japan and I am happy, she said yes! :)

February 16, 2015

Rekindling the Memories

Most people say, high school is the best but it didn't apply to me. It was the most painful stage of my life; stating the reason would be a litany. Have I forgotten? Of course not! But I have forgiven. I actually used those emotional pain to make myself better.

After so many years of not personally communicating with most of my former classmates in high school, we have come to the idea of meeting each other last February 14, 2015. I was only planning to visit my former university because of the yearly February fair but then we ended up having a night swimming in a hot spring resort! We were all excited; I felt that while we were chatting on Facebook.

After dinner at Splash Mountain Resort, Los Banos Laguna

Since it was Valentine's day and it was raining, all of us were stuck in traffic, darn! I can't believe with all the days the sky has to cry, it was on that day! Seems like it was testing our willingness to meet up but luckily, we all made it to the resort.

The three of us enjoying the hot spring. The two others just watching LOL!

I bet we missed each other so much because of the unending stories. We also had the chance to speak out topics we should have said a long time ago which made me really comfortable. I longed for an honest conversation and it was success!

Our last stop; University of the Philippines Los Banos Laguna

We will definitely do it again! And perhaps with more former classmates!

February 6, 2015

My Morning Walk

I've been struggling in getting my sleep at night these days and I have tried a lot of ways to make me sleep but nothing happened. Because of lack of sleep, I have difficulty doing my exercises during the day. Last night, I guess the alcohol made me sleep as soon as I got on the bed which made me wake up earlier today. Thus, I decided to go walking. I walked my sister-in-law to her school and it was fun because I have someone to talk to but I have to head back home alone. LOL! 

On our way to her school, I just can't avoid appreciating the beauty of the moon slowly hiding its face. I know my phone can't justify the scenery but I took a photo of it anyway. 

The moon hiding behind the clouds
 As I headed back home, the sun is shining slowly and the formation of the clouds plus the light is just fascinating to watch. I stood by the sidewalk and looked up the sky for a while. It relaxed my mind.

Wanting to burst into view

As I was observing the sky, the photo below reminded me to hurry back home since my job is waiting for me. I wish I could bring my laptop with me while walking! Hahaha!

The sunlight overpowering the darkness
I was glad to have witnessed a wonderful Friday morning while keeping myself fit!