June 29, 2015

He can sing!

The presence of karaoke is very common in parties in the Philippines. Here in my community, it seems like a party is not complete without one. For them, it is boring to just eat, drink and talk. The party will surely be over in no time! Thus, the karaoke machine business became popular as well to meet the demands of the people. 

I don't like going to parties  especially here in my neighborhood. I feel like I don't fit in but I think it is just me because they love inviting me. I really keep myself busy when I know there are upcoming parties to have a valid reason not to come. But there are those who won't give up so I feel obliged to join. I often do eat and run or which I often say military eating. I can eat for 5 minutes and then go back home. hahaha! 

The other month, my husband's cousin invited me for a small party. I think we get along in many ways making us stay in the corner and have our own world. LOL! We didn't mind the bigger group laughing while singing and drinking. But then, we were noticed so we were forced to join them. One of the guys in this community who became my personal driver was with us. We barely know each other because he's so quiet when he drives me around but he's a very careful driver and I feel comfortable with him. He doesn't even want to join me for lunch when we go out! 

June 25, 2015

Social Problem: Traffic

Traffic is a major problem anywhere we go. With the growing number of vehicles on the road due to the increase of population, we must increase our patience dealing with such as well. How's the situation in your country?

June 24, 2015

New Lappie for more Workload!

It's been a long time since I decided to buy a new laptop but I had difficulty letting go of my old one. I have been using my old Dell laptop for like maybe more than 5 years and I know I had used it beyond it's performance. I didn't have any complain with it until when its battery just stopped working. Working from home needs a lot of back-ups especially if you are living in a developing country with a lot of sudden black outs. I decided to buy it a new battery but I got skeptic after doing some calculations. I then decided to buy a new one but it took me almost two weeks to finally buy it. 

I always look for cheap products so buying from a physical store will cost me more. I shopped online for the model I wanted to buy. And to my surprise I saw this Dell E7240 laptop which is half the price from bricks and mortars! I was really happy after reading good reviews about it. Last weekend, June 20th, my husband and I visited my sister in Manila and I though of meeting up the seller as well. We went back home, dead tired because of the super heavy traffic but I was happy and excited to use my new laptop. 

What really caught my attention is the lightness of the product. Since I started traveling, I have to take note of how heavy my things are and this will make my luggage a lot lighter! 

Dell Latitude E7240
It's thin and it is a lot easy to handle anywhere I go. I can now work on the bus without giving pain on my arms! It also has metal edges which I think prevents from damages when bumped onto hard objects. This happens when I am in hurry riding a public transportation. 

Shiny ey!
What's really impressive is that it is equipped with a back lit keyboard I don't need to turn on my desk lamp early in the morning and late at night when I am working. I won't need any kinds of lighting even when black outs occur! Seems like I won't stop working whatever circumstance there is! LOL! 

Backlit keyboard
I haven't tried it's maximum potential but I will be installing heavy games and softwares to test its limit.  With it's core i5, 4 GB ram and with solid state drive, it will definitely make my favorite games run well and of course will meet my needs at work! I know there are still a lot of high speed laptops but still this gave me a good impression besides I will never let go of Dell. A big fan here! I'll be waiting for the newest release of Need for Speed. hahaha!

This reminds me that hard work pays!

Anyway, let me go back doing my house's floor plan. :D

June 16, 2015

Behind the Tears

A wonderful scenery while writing

After watching fast and the furious 7 again, I listened to its soundtrack attentively. The first time I heard it I didn't give much attention on it. While listening to it, I didn't notice my tears were running down my cheeks. The lyrics got stuck in my head that made me write something when I couldn't sleep last night. What's funny is that my tears were falling again when I was writing this poem here. I am such a cry baby I guess. :)

June 12, 2015

The Rise of Robots

The future of technology is drastically improving. We just see these in movies before but now we are using most of them, making our lives more convenient. The impossible seems to be possible these days when it comes to high-technology.

Japan, because of its aging population, it has been looking for ways to fill in the gaps in the society. Encouraging foreign people to work in their country doesn't seem to work well that led to the creation of life-like robots. In July, a hotel in Sasebo Japan will have robot staffs. From the front desk to bell boys to cleaners.

June 10, 2015

Back To My Hobbies :)

Last weekend, June 6th was a little boring weekend for me at first. I couldn't go swimming since I am still under a treatment. I then decided to work for a few hours so not to waste the whole weekend doing nothing. However, I was able to finish work before noon and that made me think of what to do next. I felt like I was getting crazy while I was thinking about it.

While lying down my bed staring at the ceiling, something came up my mind. Light bulb! Yey! I went to the kitchen, searched, and found something!

 Perfect waffle filling

June 5, 2015

Seriously! No Pain, No Gain!

The hot season is almost ending as I can feel. O well, it should have ended but if I am not mistaken, we just experienced 3 times of rain by the end of May and just twice for this month so far. I can still feel the agonizing heat of the sun from 10 am until 4 pm. 

Anyway, because classes in schools has started, I need to get myself back to working hard or else the students I am sending to school will stop; this also means that I have to lessen my days of swimming. It's okay since the whole month of April and May were spent mostly in swimming pools and beaches.
My idea of overcoming my hydrophobia and learning to swim had given me a lot of pain physically. But I didn't mind those since I was really determined to do what I want to do. So the saying "No pain, no gain" really applied to me.