December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015 - Way to Baguio

I haven't traveled much this year after my epic one on the New Year. Since Christmas is not highly celebrated where I live, I decided to go somewhere. I asked my husband if he could come along, also my two in-laws who are having their birthdays in December. I hate shopping and also a bit tired of manning the kitchen so I am pretty sure there won't be any celebration for them unless they will come along. When I told them, they were more excited than I do! 

Before the day of the trip came, we made sure to ready everything. I asked my husband to reserve our tickets at Victory Liner Cubao. Mind you, they don't have online reservations, huh, I thought it's an airline. nyahahahaha! Itineraries are done and so our jackets! Brrr! It's cold in there :D 

The day of the trip came. I have no sleep for we are leaving at 2 am and my work hours ends at 11:30 pm. I then decided to just finalize our luggage. I was done finalizing at 12:30 am. It doesn't matter, I will just sleep on the bus. 

While waiting for our ride to the bus stop

December 11, 2015


We can always stand out

Everybody knows
the world is round, up and down 
nope; city nor town.

Always, all agree
pick not the unripe fruit trees
sour, bitter it'll be.

Do good, yes of course!
yet selfishness dominates 
nothing good is done.

Hope, glimmers maybe,
darkness lingers, spread freely
 Light; guard cautiously.

December 7, 2015

I Love Kimchi!

Since I was a kid, constipation was one of my biggest health problems. It is said in many health-related websites that I should eat foods with lots of fibers. Because of that, I started eating red rice. I think eating white rice gives a hard time for my stomach to digest food. I also tried eating oat meals, wheat bread which I bake, and of course, lots and lots of veggies. Unfortunately, since I am living in the country side it is a bit difficult to go to the supermarket when I consume all my foods. I know it is easy to get vegetables here but mother in-law isn't always home to prepare for my meals if I am busy at work. 

I remember when I was still in college, I used to eat kimchi which my Korean friends introduced. I noticed that my digestion improved during those times. However, when I started working and was away with them, kimchi was no longer part of my diet. I only ate that when we go to Korean restaurant or when I decide to patiently eat supermarket kimchi which taste really aweful! 

These past few days, I decided to make my own kimchi and have it stored so I can eat anytime I want. There are no Korean stores nearby therefore I had to ask my husband to drop by a Korean store in Ortigas when he went to the bus station for reservation. Luckily, he was able to bring home what I need.

December 3, 2015

Review: Summerwind Resort Laguna - Hot Spring

I planned a get together party with my former high school classmates but unfortunately,  they were not able to come due to their tight schedules. Since I am working from home, I can bring my job anywhere as long as there's an internet access hence I still pushed it through together with my husband and my sister in-law. I decided to have a room rented instead of just a cottage because I am sure I will be tired from the long travel time. I am also being careful with my back due to my fall from the stairs and of which gives me difficulty to be lying down anywhere. 

Upon arrival, we asked if we could check-in earlier because we arrived at 13:30. Their policy is guests can only stay for 12 hours with the basic charge which is 1000php for a room with a maximum of 4 pax. I asked if we could just leave our things for a while and we will just be going back at 19:00; they didn't allow it. They offered 1200php, 200 extra charge for the early check-in but we will have to check-out at 7:00 the next morning.