January 10, 2016

Hotel Review: New Rajah Soliman Hotel and Restaurant - Baguio City

Peak season in Baguio makes it difficult to book a cheap and good accommodation not to mention not many of the cheap and good ones can be searched online. We started looking for an accommodation in October but unfortunately, I wasn't able to see one that suits my needs.Since it's Baguio, I would like to have a good view from our room. Most of the time these accommodations are expensive. 

However, by the end of November, I was able to see New Rajah Soliman Hotel and Restaurant from I was very glad to see it because the site offered a 20% discount plus the points I still have on my account. In total, I was able to book it for only 1200 php a night. The sad thing is, they only offer 1 night booking from that site. I then asked my husband to call the hotel to inquire if they still have available vacancy from the 24th of December until the 26th and the luckily they have. But there's no discount which means we have to pay 1800 php a night. We booked it immediately as I am afraid we will be sleeping on the street! LOL! 

I was excited to see the hotel. It's not far from the city proper in which we can even go on foot. The hotel's facade was not quite impressive but as soon as we entered, I was delighted  by the waiting are. It's spacious adorned with a very comfortable sofa, a flat screen TV and of course a Christmas tree since it was Christmas. I feel like sleeping on the sofa every time we get back from our tour. It was encouraging! 

The hotel's entrance
First floor waiting area

Our room was on the third floor but they don't have an elevator so we have to stretch and take a deep breath before climbing up. hahahaha! It was high, ey? Every floor has its waiting area with sofas, a coffee table and a Christmas tree! 

The room is good enough for 4. It has 1 queen size bed and 1 double bed. It also has a closet which was large enough for 4 big luggage. Hangers were also provided. If the closet isn't enough, you can also put your luggage under the bed. 
The room
The room
View from the room
The bathroom was just an ordinary one. Nothing really fancy but it was really clean. I guess they just needed to change the shower because it looks really old but still functional so nothing to worry when you take a shower.  But as I have said earlier on my previous post, the hot water seems to be getting cold once it lands on your body because the open window for ventilation. That means, you won't burn even if it is put on the hottest! Do at your own risk. hahaha!

The bathroom
The staffs were really welcoming and approachable. It doesn't take that long to wait when we asked for water. I would like to try eating at the hotel's restaurant but it every time I think doing so, either we are ready to go out or it is already closed!

 Maybe next time.We'll definitely go back there!

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