April 27, 2016

Moon Shots

It has been my desire to take shots of the moon. Because of that, I tracked down the phases of the moon on the calendar, looked out the window every night and even go around the community just to find the moon! LOL! Well, sometimes I can't see it from our window.

I did my best to take good shots although I admit I am not that good yet. I still have to learn a lot in setting my camera, how to position my tripod perfectly and even not to breath for a while when handheld. hahaha!

I was so excited when I saw this since I have been interested to take shots of the phases of the moon. However, it took me several shots before I was able to get that one.

April 11, 2016

Nikkor 55-300 mm shots

I have been wanting to buy a zoom lens for my escapade. I was hesitant because I don't know if I already maximize my kit lens. However, I had no choice because of my in-laws graduation rites;I couldn't go near the stage to take pictures because of the tight security. It was worth it because I didn't have to sneak in to take photos of my sister in-law during her high school moving up ceremony.

My other two in-laws will be having their university graduation by the end of April. So while waiting for it, I tried to practice using my new lens. 

Here are some of the shots. I am not a professional photographer; pardon me :D

There are so many farm animals near our house. We often bring our picnic mat at the farm to relax while waiting for the sun down.  Being a farm girl, I always feel delighted watching these farm animals.

April 1, 2016

Movie: The Fountain

A flower needs to wither to bloom again

Death is a stage in life which most people fear the most. 

Tommy, starred by Hugh Jackman, a modern day scientist is struggling to find a cure to save his wife, Izzy, starred by Rachel Weisz from cancer. She's dying by Tom is never giving up. 

Tomas, (Hugh Jackman) a conquistador is sent by the Queen of Spain (Rachel Weisz) to find the tree of life which she thinks will save them death. 

Tom Creo (Hugh Jackman) a space traveler, travels with his love seeking eternity. 

All of the three characters were all searching for only one thing; to escape death.  This movie is not for someone who is looking for just an entertainment. It makes you think and reflect as to what is your point of view about life and death. 

Being Hugh Jackman's fan, I admired him more after watching the movie. His portrayal of the three characters is so genuine it makes the viewers travel in time as well. I was in awe!  On the other hand, Rachel Weiz did a very good job in making me cry (or I'm just a cry baby, lol!). 

Salute to the people behind the screen especially to Darren Aronosfky, the director as well as the writer together with Ari Handel. It was brilliantly written! What a mind! 

Death is something we must accept no matter how hard it is especially for the living. It's difficult to let go when you know there's no coming back. But without death, there is no life, that's the grand design  we can never change. 

The modern day society is seeking for the fountain of youth believe it or not. There are many research out there seeking for anti aging element that may prolong life or lessen aging diseases. Science has many possibilities but there's always a limit. 

While alive, let's make sure we spend it happily without causing a lot of damage to others. We're not perfect but we could atleast strive for excellence! In the end, we all turn to dust when the time comes. 

Be happy and learn the art of acceptance!