May 23, 2016

Family Outing 2016 Part I: Malabrigo Beach Resort

We haven't gone swimming as much as we did last year. I guess I am already used to swimming and have enough confidence to do it. There were many events this year so it was difficult for me to set up our family get together at the beach. I attended many graduation ceremonies as a photographer which made my schedule really tight. In addition to that, workload has been pouring this year.  My cousin reminded me of our yearly escapade so I had to hurry up and find a place to go before the rainy season comes. I am no longer interested going to the same place so I decided to take a risk going to another place. People in the neighborhood often talk about Malabrigo; my neighbor's hometown. We talked about staying at their place since it will just be for a day however, it it so difficult to go there. Our driver is not confident enough to carry almost 20 souls on a dangerous road. Good thing, I already had Plan B. We will go to another resort but the same town, only, this resort is nearer and easier to reach. My husband did all the negotiation with the resort owner. As usual, I had no sleep on Monday night. My job ends at 12 midnight. I still have to prepare and cook for our meals. Luckily, mom in-law and my youngest sis in-law were still awake. I wasn't alone in the kitchen. 

We left home at 3:30 in the morning. I asked our cousin to come early so we can reach the place before sun rise. All eyes on me because it's everybody's first time to go there and if the place doesn't meet their expectation, I am to be blamed. I readied myself. LOL! As part of the tradition, we have to stop by church before going anywhere the place. I don't know but it's a superstition. No harm following it anyway. Besides, I forgot to eat something before leaving and I was already feeling dizzy after 30 minutes on the road. I need to eat something or else I might start eating everybody in the jeepney. hahaha! 

It was kinda difficult to find the resort because there are no road signs. We were in touch with the resort owner but there are some places where there is no phone signal. It's a total dead zone. LOL! I was using GPS but it was showing a different direction!  We had to stop and ask people we see on the road. Good thing there are already awake during those hours. In no time, we got to the place safe and sound. 

I was so excited to go down and look at the beach. And yes, it was awesomely beautiful! It's not a sandy beach instead it's a pebbly one. 

I saw this man having coffee while seating down near the beach. I felt jealous about it. I thought of hoping I am living there like him. 

Coffee by the beach 

I wanted to go swimming right away but I still need to work. I am glad my data connection was strong enough to handle my workload. 

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