August 31, 2016

Poem: Footsteps In My Thoughts

Footsteps In My Mind

© by Susan G. C.
August 28 at 22:54

My eyes closed, your face I see
Our mem'ries instilled in me
Stupid I am keeping you alive 
In my mind, together we are anytime.

Our messages still I read.
Though it was for many years 
yet I smile but often cry.
For I miss you by my side.

Travel my thought would do
for that's how I met you.
Sceneries I'd want to see
to feel you again happy I'd be.

Photographs of you I keep.
Oftentimes I see before I sleep.
hence you in my dream I wish 
to see you and prolly have a kiss.

I wish you come to read this 
to let you know how I miss
Time with you endless desire
For me 'twas never a goodbye.

August 15, 2016

When Chismosas Are All Together

Many relationships have been destroyed because of chismosas (gossipers) as we call it in my language. It's a disease of the society in which the cause is deeply rooted into our culture. It's like cancer that mutates into millions of deadly cells. Once a person step into this kind of awful situation, it will spread like cancer cells in the society. Most of the time, there's no way out because it's like heroine that you will seek for it once you, your friends who are all chismosas as well, even neighbors gather together. For some, a get together won't happen unless there are some people they're going to talk about.

I myself experience this first hand. I have been the subject of these shit talking women in my hometown and this is one big reason why I stay away from there as much as I could and even stay away from my so called "friends" because it's disheartening when you come to realize they are stabbing you from the back. I came home several times these past few years but then I was their subject again! I don't know what's in me that they love talking about! Is it because I don't follow their fucking norm? There are many people I have known for a long time who I choose to forget because they are like a disease slowly killing my entire humanity. Even if you are my family, I'm very much willing to cross you out from my list if you talk shit behind my back. Wherever I go, I know there will be chismosas wanting to meddle my life. I am fully aware that this kind of scenario can't be avoided hence I choose to stay home, read books, watch movies and work. I go out sometimes but I try hard not to be too close to those who I know are potential chismosas. 

August 8, 2016

Cooking: Pizza Ghetti

It's been a long time since I cooked something special for the family. I got busy the whole hot season with family outings and of course swimming at the nearby resort. We have gone there a few times compared to last year but still it's tiring after the swimming session. Besides, the kitchen seems like one step to hell during the hot season. I can stand staying there for a longer time. 

With all my intensive workouts recently, I feel like I deserve to eat something with lots of calories so when I saw a video of a girl eating pizza ghetti, I decided to try it. I didn't get the recipe anymore. I cooked the spaghetti the way I cook it. After that I put some on a baking pan like a pizza dough then added the pizza toppings of our choice. Since I am a cheese lover, hence the recipe has lots of cheese, unfortunately, mozzarella is not available in all supermarkets nearby hence we bought quick melt cheese. I baked it for 20 minutes under 200 degree C, good enough for the toppings to be cooked and for the cheese to melt.

August 2, 2016

Poem: A show

A Show
© by Susan G. C.

July 27, 2016 at 9 am

I wished to have your last name
But you thought it's just a game
Mem’ries we’ve had with Enrico
Only there’s no more tomorrow

Stepping my right foot, just you follow
You pulled back my left in a hollow
Things I did only a waste
For it’s you who pushed me away

Now, you came back with lies and tales
Saying three words meant only for your lips
Waiting for an answer buried in grave
Trying to make me believe yet I’m pissed

You were dressed in white long time ago
Now you’re black with a mask you can’t let go
Where now the old you, I don't know
Honesty and love only a show.