August 31, 2016

Poem: Footsteps In My Thoughts

Footsteps In My Mind

© by Susan G. C.
August 28 at 22:54

My eyes closed, your face I see
Our mem'ries instilled in me
Stupid I am keeping you alive 
In my mind, together we are anytime.

Our messages still I read.
Though it was for many years 
yet I smile but often cry.
For I miss you by my side.

Travel my thought would do
for that's how I met you.
Sceneries I'd want to see
to feel you again happy I'd be.

Photographs of you I keep.
Oftentimes I see before I sleep.
hence you in my dream I wish 
to see you and prolly have a kiss.

I wish you come to read this 
to let you know how I miss
Time with you endless desire
For me 'twas never a goodbye.

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