November 15, 2016

Photography: November 14,2016 Super Moon

My husband was so excited to tell me one night that there will be a super moon so I immediately made my research as to what time will it be. I even set my alarm for that. LOL!

November 14th which was yesterday came and the thought of seeing a bigger full moon made me a lot more excited. I prepared my camera in advance because I might be working and that my time might be limited to prepare and take photos. After eating dinner at around 6 pm, my two sis in-law went out to check the moon and so I followed. Upon seeing its beauty, I dashed inside to get my camera. The following photos were taken in Taysan, Batangas.

This was taken at the back of the house using my 55-300mm lens. My sisters in-law went to the farm nearby to have a better view and so I followed them. 

Zooming in to 300mm, this is what I got. It's kind of creepy but still looking good. I was in hurry to take the shot because the wind above was strong the clouds were hiding the moon so quick.

November 5, 2016

The Hunt for Authentic Lomi

I always believe in the concept "In order to understand one's culture, you have to learn their language and taste their food". Since I started traveling around the Philippines, I always try my best to eat what symbolizes the culture of the place. 

Marrying a Batangueno is challenging. Their culture is totally different from mine. The first time my husband brought me to his hometown, I was shocked by the way they talk. They always have a high-pitch tone in which for me, it is already a sign of misunderstanding or a fight. The worst thing, I met the elderly people in the neighborhood! Talk about high-pitch voice ey? haha! But I learned to understand it even with just one night of staying. 

My husband's cousins bragged about their famous lomi, one kind of noodle soup in the Philippines. Yes, from north to south, I think we have our own noodle recipe. Writing this makes me crave our own noodle soup in the north. I am not a picky eater so I was game in trying their lomi. The first time I tasted it, I loved it but according to them, that's not an authentic one. I can still remember how they were teaching me in preparing the sauce! hahaha!