February 20, 2017

Movie Review: Hidden Figures

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 Are you on the verge of giving up your job because of the flaws on your company? Have you lost your passion because of the struggles? Have you ever been discriminated because of some reason? Well, maybe Hidden Figures will rekindle the fire inside you to push yourself harder, love your job and be thankful for it. 

Hidden figures is a Hollywood true story set movie based on the book written by Margot Lee Shetterly set in the 1950's , the time when there is a huge difference when it comes to the color of the skin. This is the story of a three black women who made a name in science in the time when the United States is competing against Russia in conquering space, engineering and computers. Because of the brilliant minds, perseverance and the passion for their field of work no matter what kind of obstacle they face, Katherin G.Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, put them on top of everyone in NASA. 

Taraji P. Henson (Katherine G. Johnson) Octavia Spencer (Dorothy Vaughan) and Janelle Monae (Mary Jackson) gave the movie a life. Their superb acting will make you travel in time and feel how it is like to be treated differently. 

Jim Parsons (Paul Stafford) will make you feel the anger as he played very well as Katherine's foe in NASA's Space Task Group. I remember him very well from Big Bang Theory and I was expecting he will do a very good job in Hidden Figures and he did. 

I won't forget Kristin Dunst who portrayed Vivian Mitchel and who also became Dorothy Vaughan's greatest challenge for promotion. You might want to punch your screen every time they have a scene together. 

You will definitely love Kevin Costner's role in the move. He played Al Harrison the head of the Space Task Group. I won't forget what he said in the movie "Here at NASA, we all pee the same color." I was teary-eyed upon seeing this scene. 

Kudos to the people behind this movie, Director Theodore Melfi, screenplay writers Allison and Theodore Melfi. These are the kinds of movies people of today must see. 

I really appreciate my husband for recommending me this movie!

February 6, 2017

Baley Park Bar and Grille, Vigan

Our trip to Vigan on the New Year is considered one of the best we had. Not only we felt a stress-free life but also the sumptuous food the place has to offer. Let's start it off with the restaurant of the hotel we stayed at. Upon reaching the hotel, we were dead tired and hungry because of the long trip. We asked the bell boy if they have a restaurant and he ushered us at the back of the hotel, where the swimming pool is also located. The restaurant is very spacious; an open restaurant where you can't hear the busy national highway because of the big trees surrounding it and which serves as a shade as well. 

My husband and I ordered bulalo (beef shank soup) and of course their famous poqui-poqui for our late lunch and early dinner since we arrived late at the hotel. Beef shank soup is a very famous soup here in the Philippines and there are many different versions depending on the place. Since I was born in the north, my tastes buds still cheer for the northern Philippines' version.

beef shank soup

Poqui-poqui is a grilled eggplant then sauted with garlic, onion, tomatoes and egg favored with just salt and pepper. I know my husband is picky when it comes to veggies but I was surprised when he started devouring it after tasting it! LOL! 

Because we had a delicious lunch and dinner at Baley Park, hence we ate there again the next day. One order of their dish is good for 3-4 pax so we decided to have just two orders and just one rice each as we will have difficulty finishing them again. We ordered pinakbet and fried chicken for lunch. I was looking forward to their pinakbet because that's one of my comfort food during my childhood days. Pinakbet is dish comprising mainly of eggplant, ladyfinger, squash, and bitter gourd. You can flavor it with chicken, pork or beef. It's slowly cooked until tender. I can say that this restaurant never failed my taste buds. Even the fried chicken was really delicious! My husband loved them very much! 

We forgot to take a photo of the fried chicken before we murdered it. hahaha! 

Aside from the delicious meal they offer, our free breakfast come from this restaurant too. They served as their famous Vigan longganisa, egg, rice and coffee. Who wouldn't look forward to waking up in the morning and smelling longganisa for breakfast? I definitely would! 

If you plan to visit Vigan, try to eat at this restaurant, not only it's cheap, but the food they serve will definitely make you fall in love with Vigan. It's located at the back of Mel Sol's hotel along Bantay Ilocos Sur.

I wanted to meet the chef but my husband was shy enough to do so! Who ever you are, thank you for making us feel at home with your dishes!