March 30, 2017

Hotel Review: Palawan Palm Suites

Palawan Palm Suites is located near Puerto Princesa International Airport. If I'm not mistaken it's less than 10 minutes by car. I booked the hotel through and the reason I did so was because of the discount offered. The original price is 4,200 php for 3 nights but I got it only for 2,560 php. The booking includes a superior room for 2, free breakfast and a round trip airport transfer.

A day before our flight I sent sms to them informing about our flight schedule. They were prompt enough to reply. We agreed that I will be keeping them posted if there are any changes on our flight. Fortunately, there wasn't any delay on our flight. Upon arrival at Puerto Princesa International Airport, I sent them sms that we've arrived but the driver was already there waiting for us. He was holding a card with my name on it. LOL! The driver was courteous enough  he even offered to carry our luggage even if my husband refused to. While on our way to the hotel, he gave us a lot of tips on what to do and where to go. We had a mini tour as I call it. The heat of the sun was making me uneasy but his humor made my day.

The staff on duty on the hotel were welcoming. We were ushered to our room by one of the staffs. I was glad there were no elevators, in that way, we can exercise our legs when going up and down as I always gain weight when traveling. haha!

The room was spacious it can accommodate up to 10 people. I requested for a queen-sized bed but we got two single bed so my husband and I just put the two beds close together. It wasn't hard enough to move the bed, so it's fine. On our first night, our cable channel was lost, unfortunately, the staff or I think the manager on duty was not able to fix it. What's more annoying is that the manager is so arrogant, I felt like wanting to shoo him away from our room right away. The next morning, their technician tried to fix it but nothing happened so we were asked to transfer to another room. I guess it was better as everything was working very well. 

One more thing, the rooms are equipped with a safe and you can set the password yourself when you plan to use it. You can put your small valuable things there because the safe is just small it won't fit laptops. LOL! 

I love the shower room because the lavatory is separated. The shower was strong enough, the hot and cold was working well and that's the reason it took me around 20 or more minutes to take a shower. LOL!  The room also includes a small refrigerator. It's beneficial because we love having beer at night so we bought some on our first day.  The only down side is that we can hear people talking from the other room. However, when we transferred to another room, the adjacent room was vacant so it was quiet. 

Overall, the hotel is great! Just keep distance from the manager if you happen to stay there. He's on duty at night so you don't have much opportunity to see or deal with him.

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