May 8, 2017

Kapihan: When Coffee is Life

I consider coffee as one of my vices and something I can never let go of. When I was still living in the city where coffee shops were very accessible, it wasn't difficult for me to indulge in such vice. Having coffee in the middle of the night while my eyes are busy reading the pages of my favorite book was my favorite thing to do. Many people say it's a waste of money but I always rebut, the happiness I get from that can never be replaced by money. Unfortunately, when we moved to the countryside where coffee shops aren't that accessible, mother in-law became my personal barista. It's not as good as the ones we have on Starbucks or Coffee Bean and others but still I can taste the goodness of it. 

Just recently, a coffee shop emerged! Yey! It is located at GM Reyes Building, Rosario Batangas, across from Hypermarket. My husband kept telling me about it but I wasn't that interested at first. Then one day, we just decided to go try it. I was expecting for the usual menu from the famous coffee shops but no. I am a cappuccino and a cafe americano lover and they don't have them so I thought of giving a try with what they have. I ordered a single pour over and from then on my heart was captured. 

There's nothing much special about it but the aroma got into me so I order that every time I go there. And it's just 60 php! I have tried their french press when single pour over was not available and it just brings me back to my morning coffees at hotels when I travel. 

The coffee shop named Kapihan offers not only coffee but varieties of snacks as well. 

cookie ice cream tower


And there's more! They have books if you like to read, not many choices though but still it can help you kill time and enhance your brain while having coffee. LOL!  They also have board games which you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

teens playing
us playing scrabble

my sisters in-law playing jengga
There are times they also have concert err live band in the coffee shops. I think the owners are musicians thus reminds me of somebody I used to know.

The band

a customer singing with the band
Aside from the homey ambiance, it is full of positive quotes that will drive your brain to think positive.  Therefore it's a perfect place to go when you're under stress or whatever negative vibe you are having.

on of the quotes on the wall

I commend the crew for their all-smiles even I know they are already tired. They are very accommodating and this is one reason why I keep coming back. 

There are other crews and owners probably and those are the ones I encounter all the time when I go there. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a shot of them. I will try to take their photos when I go back there so you can see the handsome and beautiful ladies of Kapihan if you haven't been there or they might make you go there. LOL!

This blog post is not paid by Kapihan. hahahaha!