November 29, 2012

Freedom of expression

We are in the modern word, technology everywhere, so many information available yet it seems that we are not really given the freedom of expression. There are so many talented journalists around the world but I wonder if they can write everything people need to know.

I am writing this blog it is because I can't get over the movie "Nothing But The Truth". The protagonist is a political columnist who was unintentionally given information which matters to the national security. Since it is a risk to the national security they say, she has to reveal her source before a grand jury in order for them to take the necessary actions. However, she is holding on her principle as a journalist. And she didn't.

With this kind of movie, although fictional, which I think may happen,  I came to ask " How far can writers go? How much information should we know and write about?

Note: This is also published in with the same and only one username.

November 21, 2012

It's time to say "It's Enough"

How difficult it is to say "no"? Being in a situation where it seems like all people disagree with your opinion is tough. If you make a sudden big decision, it will create a commotion which in time make people dislike you or worst condemn you. I have been holding to some frustrations that I am afraid it will burst out soon. I have tried to make huge decisions in life but thinking of the people around me makes me draw back from what I am planning to do this time. I am still in trouble thinking if it will be the wisest decision or not. If it is already the time to say "it's enough". But I also question myself, "if not now, when"? God help me when the time comes. I know I will be hurting other people but I came to realize that hurting them is the best way for them to learn. I guess I am now tired of people trying to take advantage of my kindness and not even thinking of the difficulties I am in. I have given so many chances for them to acknowledge the effort that I give them but it seems like I am waiting in vain for the recognition. I have to stay determined. In the end, I will be the one who will suffer if I will stay the same. I maybe selfish but being one is not bad after all as long as you have given enough.