January 17, 2013

Movie Review: Flight - Moral Lesson

Have you ever experienced you were almost at the peak of your career and all of a sudden you fall? Although it's a part of life, it is difficult to accept. There are times that we have to lie just to overcome it. But it shouldn't be since another mistake won't correct the other. 

I recently watched Denzel Washington's movie Flight which made me realize a lot of things. The movie is all about a pilot Whip (Denzel Washington) whose life is one hell of a mess. He is a heavy drinker and a drug addict. Whenever he has hangover, he turns into cocaine to get rid of it. But even if he is intoxicated, his mind is still sharp. He is divorced with a son. However, he has a very good career with every superiors supporting him. The aircraft which he flew with 102 passengers malfunctioned but he was able to crash land the plane flipping the plane while on air and flipping it back when it was about to land. Although only 4 people were dead, 2 passenger, 2 flight crews, and most people said it was heroic, the incident was still under investigation. Test were done and it came out that he is under the influence of alcohol. His superiors tried to kill the details which they successfully did and all he is going to do is to make, Katerina Marquez (Nadine Velazquez), the dead crew, be accountable of the bottles of vodka found on the aircraft. Since he suspended the servings of beverages on the flight, only the crews are the ones responsible for the consumption of the bottles of vodka which he drank while giving an announcement to the passengers. By the end of the movie, his conscience can't make him lie again and blame Katerina, his lover. He told the truth which stunned everybody in the courtroom. With his confessions, he went to jail which made him change into a better person, made him realize what he has done was the right one, that he has to stop lying because if he won't, he will be living in lies. It was the best decision for him I guess because no one will do it for him, he has to choose his own direction. 

Life is a lot better if we are honest. Achievements are more fulfilling if we have gotten it the right way, that no people were harmed while we are trying to reach our goal. We always say that we are humans and we make mistakes. No one is perfect but we may strive for excellence. It is better to stumble rather then hurting people. Besides we can stand up again and be a better one.

The movie is highly recommended if you haven't seen it!

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