July 13, 2015

Crappy Employment System in the Philippines

I can't avoid thinking of my masseuse. Last weekend, I decided to get a massage since I have been suffering back pain the past few days. The massage parlor already knows me so they know who I want to handle my body. 

I had an opportunity to have a conversation with my masseuse while she was giving me the massage. I asked if she could be my personal masseuse. We talked about my schedule unfortunately, she won't be available on Saturdays starting next week.

After a few minutes, she had to excuse herself to talk to a client who just came in. I wondered because they have a receptionist. When she got back, she asked for an apology and because I was so inquisitive I asked why isn't the receptionist doing that. I came to know that the receptionist is also the OIC and that she should be the one giving the massage because she's also a massage therapist. She also told me their rule, the OIC must take some clients if the others can no longer take the responsibility unfortunately, according to my masseuse, she refuses all the time, as a result they are all exhausted except the OIC. I was also wondering why they refuse to do so yet they are given percentage for each client but to my astonishment, the percentage cannot even buy them snacks. I didn't get into details since my heart was already in pain.  

It's not my thing to ask for someone's salary because it's very unprofessional. However, with her disappointment, she told me how much it is and I can't believe she's receiving that per day. I felt really sorry for her. I then asked her if she could be my regular masseuse but she can't because she won't be doing Saturdays anymore starting next week. I asked if she could be on on call but she refused because it would be her loss if she does. Because of that, I promised her I will pay for her one day salary plus the service just for her to come and service me, finally, I saw a smile on her face. 

July 12, 2015

Masagitsit Lobo, Batangas: Our "Summer" Sanctuary

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

Rainy season is here, time to close the chapter of summer. Therefore, time to write. hahaha!

It's been our tradition to go out every summertime. This year, my friends came over our house to tag a long. They have been busy for the previous months and they also wanted to unwind. Since I always plan things like this ahead of time, they didn't have any problems taking a leave from work.  

There are many good beaches around my place but I really don't know I always want to go back to one place, Masagitsit. My family members always ask me why I love going there and I told them that the sea feels comfortable for me. People are so friendly as well. We even have the chance to help them catch fish and of course the fish we buy from them are way cheaper than in the market. Farm gate price err seashore price! LOL!  

People in this place have the tradition of dropping by a certain church before heading to that beach. And so we did. I don't believe in such but there's no harm in following the majority.  

The Church

July 10, 2015

What's Baking?

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like..." - Mark Twain 

Since I was a kid, I prefer cooking than eating out but of course, when I was a kid, there are only two recipes I can make because I was born poor, salt plus rice equals salted rice and salt plus vegetable oil plus rice equals salted oily rice.  LOL! I chose to live than die of hunger. And I am glad that those paid off. 

The past few weeks, I have spent most of my free time (as if I have a lot) reading recipes online and also thinking what's inside the refrigerator and trying to cook in my mind. Believe me, I can smell them. hahaha! 

Luckily, I had a 2-hour break today and I thought of preparing baked mussels for dinner. I dropped by the supermarket this morning after going to the bank so I have all the ingredients I need. There are many different versions of it online but I tried to alter it. I can't call it as mine because there might have been someone who did it as well. I always like my food to be aromatic because it makes people at home stay in the kitchen with me. Aside from the usual, butter, garlic and cheese, I added chili powder and rosemary. What's the taste? Awesome of course! I love spicy foods that much so my in-laws can't complain. It's yum so they eat it anyway, they just have to prepare lots of water beside them. hahahaha! 
First batch
The spicy ones
More baked foods to come.