February 29, 2016

My First Water Marble Nail Art

I've been wanting to do water marble nail art but every time I do it, I just don't get it right. I really don't know what did I do wrong on my first attempts. However, I don't easily give up! I am not that kind of person, hahaha! 

I tried doing it again one weekend while I was chatting with my in-laws. I know they were all surprised when I prep the things needed. I got a used medium-sized bowl, nail polishes of my choice; I used red, blue and purple and of course a pointed object, I used my dotting tool.  

I had to drop nail polish on the bowl of water until they form rings. After that, I did my design using my dotting tool, then dip my fingernail on the area of my choice. Using another dotting tool, I had to collect the unused nail polish on the water in a circular motion.  After removing my finger from the water, it was really messy! I had to patiently clean them with a cotton buds dipped into a nail polish remover. Darn! It was hard work!

I did my dominant hand first because I know I will have trouble cleaning it up if the my less dominant hand was already done.

Because of that, my dominant had was a lot better than less dominant one.

Dominant hand

February 19, 2016

Restaurant Review: Happy Tummy

Every time I travel somewhere, I try my best to research on restaurants where I or we can possibly eat. I also did months before we climb up Baguio. Ketchup community seems to be very popular among people who have been there. I then included it to our list of places to eat. 

Ketchup  community is a place where different kinds of restaurant are beside each other. It is said that you can stay in one restaurant and order from different restaurants in the community. It's location is perfect since it is near Botanical Garden, The Mansion and just in front of Wright Park. So after our visit to those places we had our lunch at Happy Tummy inside the Ketchup community.  It is a Thai restaurant. It's the first time for my in-laws to eat in such. They were skeptic at first as it might cost us much but then I was willing to try. We ordered spicy prawns and garlic chicken. I love prawns so much it made me excited to taste whether it can break my way of cooking when it comes to prawns.

When the food was served, I checked on the prawns if it was cleaned or deveined very well. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I still gave it a try. The spiciness was just fine for those people who are not into spicy foods but since I can't live without chili, it wasn't spicy at all. However, I think  it wasn't cleaned perfectly. I was truly disappointed when I got to taste near the head part, the black thingy which I believe the colon of the prawns were not taken out. Therefore the taste was truly disgusting! I wonder if a Thai food should taste like that. I bet not! The chef was stupid enough not to clean the prawns very well! I wanted to complain but I know my husband wouldn't want that so I just went ahead and ate the garlic chicken. 

February 11, 2016

Poetry: He's Only a Dream

He's Only a Dream
© by: Susan G. C
composed: 2.11.2016 @ 3:30 p.m
His hair, curly, black, as black as the coal mine
His eyes, so alive like those star you see up high
His nose, not pointy, as soft as a baby's skin
His lips, when kissed arousing feelings within

His voice, not audacious but tranquilizing
His smile often shy;always sly
His laughter loud sometimes mocking
His moves gentleman yet agile

He was mine once so I thought
He'd treated me as his so I beleived
But he'd quickly left like a storm in the dawn
He'd broken me whole made me grieve

Now, he's the man in my dreams
Yes, I create his image before sleep
Even trying to smell his scent only I can perceive
My mind revisiting our trip 'till it bleeds

February 5, 2016

Restaurant Review: Sizzling World

Coming from a long trip because of heavy traffic on our way to Baguio, we were knocked down once we got to the hotel. It was already past 9 p.m when I woke up. My tummy woke me up actually, lol! We had no idea where to eat for dinner. We tried the restaurant at the hotel but it was already closed. I then suggested to just walk and see if we could find a place to eat. The weather was really cold and walking on a mountainous area made my lungs race for air. After 10 minutes of walking, I saw Sizzling World, it's just a small eatery which can accommodate perhaps around 10 people inside and some outside. I suddenly got terribly hungry when I smelled the aroma of the food being cooked. Imagine eating something sizzling in a cold night! It's just wow! 

I ordered sisig with mushroom, my husband and my sister in-law ordered pork chop and my brother in-law ordered pork steak with corn. Unfortunately, they don't serve brown or red rice so I had no choice but to eat white rice. I didn't mind since we will be doing a lot of walking our entire stay in Baguio so I thought I needed a lot of calories to burn. hahaha! 

February 1, 2016

Poetry: First Love

First Love
© by: Susan G. C
composed: 1.13.2016 @ 12:03 a.m

You are like a leaf
falls from the tree in autumn
Grows again in spring

You're like a mushroom
invisible in summer
sprouts when the rain comes

You are like the sun
Nowhere to be found at night
shines bright after dark

You're deep in the sea
Waiting endlessly for me
you're we call first love