July 25, 2016

Grueling Passport Renewal

Right after the President Duterte's first State of the Nation Address, I remembered my experience in renewing my passport when he mentioned the difficulty of people lining up for this process at DFA Lipa Branch. 

My husband scheduled me for my renewal a month before the renewal date. I was confident that the process will be smooth since I am already scheduled. Upon arriving the shopping mall where the branch of the DFA office is located, there were already a lot of people waiting for the mall to open. My husband asked for the form to fill out so I am ready to give it to the processing personnel once it starts. However, the guard on duty who is in charge of the forms is nowhere to be found. We just then waited at a nearby coffee shop. When the mall opened, we immediately proceeded to the office and the assisting officers told us to find our seats in accordance to the number that we got during the scheduling date. So I sat down on seat 28 since that was the assigned number for me. I was surprised when there were 4 people claiming to have the same number as mine. I was already confused. My husband who was in queue for my form downstairs told me to go down first. When he got the form, I signed the form where my schedule is and I saw it was really number 28 but the form given for me to fill out was number 46. My husband then complained but there was no explanation from them. He's so patient he told me to let it go, fill out the form and go back upstairs to continue the processing. I even used the wall of the shopping mall as my table because there were no tables at all! 

We handed the filled out form the person who is in charge of the checking and he told us to wait for my name to be called. We waited standing and surprisingly, a hundred names were called first before me considering the number on my form was 46. There are four steps once you are called. First, a person will check the documents needed for the procedure. Second, you will proceed to the window where they will be checking your documents again, punch a hole on your old passport, then give you a receipt which you will use to pay the processing fee. Third, you pay for the fee and the last your picture will be taken, together with your signature and your finger prints. You will also be checking all the details correctly before they finally input it on the database.

July 13, 2016

Short Story: Lost Love

Fly freely
Your messenger beeps! "How are you?" said the person on the other computer screen. The person you least expect to message you suddenly did. You don't know if you will answer or not but much to your surprise, your fingers were already typing the words. "I'm fine, how are you?"

Your conversation deepened and you both reminisce the time you were together. You felt happy but at the same time disappointed for he wants you back. Your instinct tells you not to believe hence you are just riding on to what he's telling you. Then it came to the point when you can no longer hold it and you spoke out, told him what happened and had done after your break-up. You told him everything you felt which you kept to yourself for a very long time. You told him you were ruined when you heard he got a new girlfriend several weeks after your break up. So you asked, how can you say you still love me if you were able to love someone else right after me? He answers, he needs to move on and that girl was available but then you are the one he's longing for. 

July 5, 2016

Photography: Practicing Long Exposure Shots

There are so many technical details one can learn from photography. I have just restarted doing it and when I read more about it, I get information overload. Recently, I really wanted to do long exposure shots but I really don't know how. Fortunately with thorough reading, I learned how to  set my camera hence I tried practicing it with the clouds every time I go bicycling. However, I was not lucky to produce the results I want.

Last weekend, I asked my in-laws to go with me to the swimming pool. It was a hot day so I wanted to swim and relax. I also intended to practice long exposure shots with the slide. It was really a hot day; I didn't bring my tripod with me so I had no choice but to lie down on a scorching cement near the pool to make my camera stable.  I had several shots because I almost got the results I want.

I used the shutter mode on the above three pictures. However, the results were not the ones I like.