April 10, 2017

Our Trip To Puerto Princesa

The day has finally came for us to travel to Puesto Princesa, Palawan. I booked our plane ticket in August last year so we had enough time to prepare for everything especially for our expenses. 

It was my first time traveling domestically without delays. Our flight was on schedule and we even arrived 10 minutes earlier in Puerto Princesa Airport. Our airport pick up seemed to have arrived early and we were dropped off at the hotel. After taking a rest for a few hours we went to Robinson's Mall to buy some foods and slippers for my husband; it's a grocery which is good for our entire stay! Lots of beer of course. haha! After we were headed back to the hotel to take a longer rest. 

At night, we went to baywalk to have our dinner. It's surprising to see how clean the place is and also how cheap the food was! 

my husband thinking which one to eat first :D
We wanted to find a bar to drink but we went out late so most have already closed. We just went back to the hotel to take a rest and be ready for our next day's tour.  While on our way back, we met a tricycle driver who offered us a city tour for the price of 800 which my husband and I both thought it was good. 

We were picked up at the hotel at around 10 am as I just finished working. It was late and the weather was hot but then I though if we won't do it today, we might not be able to find time the next days. Our driver first brought us to Plaza Cuartel, a place were the burning of American soldiers during the World War II happened. I felt the chill while going around this place. My mind just went, thank you Americans for dying for the Philippines. 

Near the Plaza Cuartel is the Puerto Princesa Cathedral.

Our next stop was at the Butterfly Garden. It was a very nice place to visit as it is so close to nature. Of course, there are so many butterflies around and some bugs and insects that can only be seen in Palawan. 

My husband had a good interaction with those insects! LOL! While the tour guide was explaining something about those insects we were called to join a group of tourist having a discussion about the Palaw-an tribe.

According to the speaker, they were once hunters but nowadays they are no longer doing that because of the scarcity of animals in the forest. They go down from the mountain to learn the ancient way of writing as you can see on the board in the picture. When they go up, they bring some goods that are bought using the donations from the tourist which will be distributed to everybody of the tribe.

He is showing us that kind of basket they used to carry goods when they were still living their ways in the old days.

This is one of the products of the Palaw'an tribe. I am sorry but I have forgotten for what this is and if it is okay to buy it or not.

He's showing us how they start a fire in the old days using two pieces of stone (buhay na bato). It's a lot better than a match stick as it produced fire very quickly!

This is their spear which they used in hunting wild boars and other animals before. One of the tribesman warned us to be careful as it is still sharp and it had killed a lot already!

This is a kind of weapon they used before. They put this in a long bamboo stick and then blow it. It's like a bow and arrow but they used their mouth in releasing this arrow. This is hanged securely as they are poisoned arrows.

Of course I didn't waste my time taking a photo with them. Good thing my husband's hands didn't go chaotic in taking this shot. hahaha!

After our encounter with the Palaw-an tribe, we went around the garden and we saw these butterflies, flowers and plants.

Oh, the above photo isn't a real butterfly! LOL!

It's so relaxing seeing how beautiful these butterflies and flowers are!  

After that we went to Mitra's Ranch. I wanted to ride a horse but then the heat of the sun was making me fall asleep so we just enjoyed the view while seating down under a tree. 

Our driver was good in taking a photo! haha!

That's me wanting to fall asleep because the surroundings and the sun were making me to. Alibis! We spent a longer time here because it is just a good place to relax and enjoy the simple things of life.

However, we then decided to go because we were trying to catch the next tour at crocodile farm for that day.

I think our driver was a photo addict. LOL! He loved making us pause for the camera. Oh well, he's a very good man!

The above photo is a crocodile skin.

This is its skeleton. I didn't have the chance to take the whole skeleton as there are many people around it. Tsk!

These are still baby crocodiles. We were asked not to touch the container if we don't like to lose a finger, worst a hand! I was so scared in taking this shot!

After our encounter with the crocodiles we went around the farm. It is so big we can't visit the whole place that time. Imagine 4 hectares! Damn! I'd be exhausted walking!

These are talking mynas. They are so cute and their sound their making was like music to my ears.

Those two parrots are fighting, maybe hahaha!

 This is the Palawan Bearcat.


Ah, that's my husband, not a crocodile! 

After that, we went to some cave I forgot the name. huhu! How forgetful I am.  The owner is really religious, the garden is full of statues. It's a church like garden. We were also toured to a cave were we can have a bath with their natural spring. Unfortunately, we didn't bring extra clothes!

The formation is just so wonderful! We were asked to wear gloves because we might ruin them if we touch it with bare hands, also we used hard hats to protect our heads.

We were already tired but we still have our last stop, the Baker's Hill. I didn't have strength to take pictures anymore but with just this peacock!

We have covered a lot in one day! We have yet to book our underground river tour and of course, the night Firely Watching! 

You see I'm even tired writing! LOL! And this is just the first day!

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