November 9, 2017

Taiwan: First Is Always The Best Part II

After trying to finish our food at Modern Toilet, we decided to go back to out hotel to take a rest to have an energy for our night market tour.

There's a night market near our hotel, accessible on foot which is the Ximending Night Market.There were a lot of foods to choose from but since we can't understand what's written on their food stall, it's just so difficult to buy. Gael and I both don't eat pork so it was more difficult to try without knowing what are the ingredients. But we still tried some.

onion pie

I don't know what's it called :D
It was fun chasing the man above because he and the other stall owners were running away from the cops and we just kept chasing him.


Highly addictive popcorn chicken

We were so full we couldn't finish everything. The serving sizes were big enough for us to finish everything.  Time to rest for the next day's adventure. 

First stop for the day was Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. It is in Xinyi District. We took the train going there which was very convenient and this time we didn't get lost. hahaha! It pays to look at the map on the station!

It is not as big as the Chiang Kai Shek but the outside view is awe-inspiring! Of course we didn't just stay outside, we tried to get in and we were lucky enough to witness the changing of the guards. Also, if you appreciate art, the objects inside the hall will make your heart jump for joy.

Even the lighting fascinated me! Who would forget to take their pictures in this amazing environment?

When you are beating the timer of your camera to be included in the frame, this is the result. hahaha! My photo below looks like I wanna pee!

I wouldn't get tired of taking her photo. You know why? She knows exactly how I want her to be on the photo. hahaha! I think she is my soulmate, really! Don't get me wrong, our brainwaves are just wired to fully understand each other. 

Isn't she gorgeous?

October 11, 2017

Taiwan: First Is Always The Best

Unplanned trips are actually the most memorable ones. Booking my plane ticket a month before the trip, made me really nervous as  I usually plan 6 months or more in advance. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the best. This is also my first time traveling with my friend and of which we've been planning to do for countless of times.  Prior to that, we worked on our e-visa which was approved a day after, booked for our accommodation and read a lot of blogs about Taiwan.

Gael's outward flight was different from mine since she booked hers earlier than me therefore she needs to wait for at Taoyuan Airport for more than an hour We also booked for our airport pick-up to our hotel since we arrived early in the morning. Going through everything made me nervous but it was a wonderful experience especially going through immigration. I noticed that most of the immigration personnel master the art of poker face. Lol!

Day 1:

I woke up late as usual. haha! I was startled when I saw the time on my phone which was almost 12 noon. Gael and I were not staying in the same room but we were just next to each other. We decided to have something to eat. The food on the plane made me full until I wake up I think. We went for a walk to find a place to eat. We ate at a noodle shop, not so far from our hotel.

There's nothing more delicious when the food you eat is really authentic! The noodle soup was just so good I finished mine in no time even it was too hot! I have tasted other soy milk before and I didn't like the texture. But Taiwan's soy milk was so good!

Of course, the day won't start without tasting an aromatic coffee! We can't function without it, I tell you! Therefore, we got on our feet and roam around the place to find a coffee shops. Thanks to our reliable gps for teaching us where to go! hahaha! While walking, I took the opportunity to take some photos. Practice makes perfect, they say! My ability to adjust my settings while doing other things was really tested!

The streets are just so clean! And walking here is perfect!

 I am so fascinated with the architecture design of most of the buildings in Taipei!

In addition to practicing, I have a wonderful model so who wouldn't take the opportunity to snap her photo?

September 26, 2017

Hotel Review: Leez Inn, A Gem In Malate, Manila

Traveling can be tedious at times especially when looking for an accommodation that suits your low budget. I am the kind of person who doesn't want to spend so much for my accommodation because I prefer spending more for my food. Since I am working from home, sometimes I just wanted to go somewhere to change my ambiance and re-energize and perhaps to change my perspective. Staying in a routine for a long time makes me bored to death. When I go to Manila, I usually stay in Malate, with that I have tried different low-budget hotels in that place. Most are just okay but there's always something missing. 

It was planned to attend the international book fair event in SMX convention center so I booked a place to stay. I usually use for my bookings but then that time I used to see if there are cheaper hotels I could find. And I did! 

I saw Leez Inn and upon checking the location seems to be ideal for me. The reviews say that it is a quiet place to stay. I booked the deluxe double room which was priced at $23. I was a bit skeptic of course since I am not so familiar with the place. I was wondering if Manila Bay is accessible on foot as I planned to take some photos. 

Getting to the place wasn't difficult at all. Well, I used Uber service so that could be an advantage. It was near the bus station where I got down. I arrived 2 hours earlier, unfortunately I wasn't allowed to check-in early because there were no rooms available as per the receptionist. So I just left my luggage with them and went to my other appointments. 

The lobby

September 2, 2017

Poem: Astray

by: Susan G.C 
composed: 22 August 2017

Creating images in my mind
filling the emptiness you left behind
You stayed quiet until now
friendship over I think somehow

Staring at nothing
tears slowly falling
Regret I feel revealing it
Better I should have just concealed

Your messages I read
paints a smile yet I bleed
"I will never leave", your creed
Yet your absence all I feel

Should I wait? Should I stay?
Will you remember, please convey?
Should I leave pages? Should I close?
Leaving your chapter, better or worse?

August 16, 2017

Who Is He?

The silence is deafening and waking up her fear. She scanned the place with her eyes not moving her body as if it got numb because of the darkness. Her mind is drifting to a world of malarkey yet a piece of it is pushing her to think of the world she is in. She made a step, a subtle one, not intending to awaken anyone inside.  She’s reaching for the staircase; an old, wide and beautifully carved staircase. While her feet are busy ascending, she heard footsteps coming from the door. Her heart started to throb thinking her captor was able to follow her.   She stood in silence in the middle of the staircase hoping she won’t be discovered. She wanted to hold her breath as long as she could but she doesn’t want to pass out again.

As the footsteps are getting closer to the staircase, her mind came rushing of an idea what to do. A part of her brain is telling her to run away from the footsteps but another part is telling her to keep still and pretend like a lifeless thing.  She noticed the illuminating ring, the same ring she saw from her captor.  She got ready as if starting a race but as soon as she made her first step, two masculine hands hugged her by the waist. She wanted to scream but nothing came out because of fear. She can hear the stranger’s breath but suddenly noticed his breathing is a gentle one. The warmth of his breath pulled her back from the void. She wanted to feel safe but the ring is making her horrified.

She can feel that the man behind her has a lean body figure, broad shoulders and stone-like muscles. She is envisaging this man can pick her up single-handed. She decided to speak but as soon as she opened her mouth, she heard him say, in a guttural voice.

Keep silent.

*This is a continuation of this story: Who Is He?