March 31, 2011

Movie Review: State of Play

What could be so interesting in politics? Politics as defined by Wikipedia is from the Greek word πολιτικός “of, for, or relating to citizens”). It is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. The term is generally applied to the art or science of running governmental or state affairs. I think the most interesting part of politics would be politics in general. It would be so interesting to know the ins and outs of it without being involved. Well, I guess you know what I mean.

State of play is a 2009 remake of a British thriller mini-series. Cal McAffrey played by Russell Crowe, my all time favorite actor, a grumpy, old-school reporter was involved in covering a conspiracy together with his sidekick Della Frye played by Rachel McAdams pushed by a mentally nimble and resourceful boss Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren) . They work with police detectives to get into the story of the conspiracy. With a troubled past linked to Rep. Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck), Cal begins to find clues. These clues gave him the way to personally witness covering up, witnesses and assassins. He is getting closer to the truth which will test him as a reporter. Will he write the truth even at the last minute of it or will he make stories to cover up for his college buddy?

Being a thriller fan, I was really fascinated with the twist of this movie. I have seen Russell Crow in action and drama kind of movies and he is undeniably a very good actor. Playing John Nash in “A beautiful mind”, my all time favorite movie made me excited and looked forward to his role in this film. I guess Crowe is inclined to do films with the role of a silent, smart and wise man plus unending arguments with a Brit accent Helen Mirren.

Ben Affleck with his stunning physique emphasized on his corporate attire drew my attention. He had done different films before and we all know who he is, being the dirty oil driller who saved the world in Armageddon. However, I can say that his lines and scenes in this movie are so inappropriate for him.

Poor Rachel Adams, she seems like an extra cast in this movie. I can’t imagine her doing this kind of film because everybody knows she is well-appreciated in romantic movies. God knows her role in “The notebook”! Well, better luck next time.

Let’s give credit to Matthew Michael Carnahan, Tony Gilroy and Billy Roy for the twist and well-written screenplay. Continue writing good or maybe better films like this.
I would like to say two thumbs up to Kevin MacDonald in making this film. I can see in his line of work that he loves making documentaries. I think I will be looking forward to your next documentary film.

Overall, this movie is good which can capture your interest to blog about. I recommend this movie on a lazy weekend afternoon. You may not know if this movie will cure your laziness and will make you turn on your computer and write about it. 

Valentine's Day

February 14th is the day of love for most people. It is also the day when profits for chocolates, flowers and restaurant skyrocketed.

Valentine’s Day is 2010 movie filmed for a purpose as the title says. It is a romantic comedy movie ( I am not so sure if it really is) with multiple stories. Three couples, Liz and Jason (Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace), Estelle and Edgar ( Shirley MacLaine and Hector Elizondo), and Julia and Dr. Harrison awake together, two teenagers Grace and Alex  (Emma Roberts and Carter Jenkins) and Felicia and Willy (Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner) planned to do first time sex, a boy who wants flowers for his true love, a sports TV reporter assigned to find romance in LA and a group of people who hate Valentine’s Day. Will cupid be able to solve the crisis until midnight?

It is a rated PG-13 movie because of sexual scenes and partial nudity. This film turned viewers confused. With all the Valentine’s Day movies that I have seen, this one didn’t make me fall in love. You’ve got to chase the storyline till the end of it because of switching from scene to scene every now and then.

Big stars are in these movie and that's the reason why I watched it. Julia Roberts is undeniably a well-known actress who could have done better if only the scenes are not limited. Despite that, she still did a good job. You would also love to see Anne Hathaway with her sexy voice as an adult phone entertainer. 

The part that I consider the best was when Jennifer Garner pretended to be a waiter in a restaurant just to humiliate her partner in a professional way who lied to her about his married life and who is having a dinner date with his wife. I guess those people out there who happen to have the same situation might borrow this idea. 

I hope I can just sleep during Taylor Swift’s scene. There are a lot of acting schools! Come on! 

Gary Marshall, a well known director for its Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman can do better omitting the idea of multiple stories in just one film. I guess it is his forte to direct romantic comedy films anyway.

Katherine Fugate, the writer made a bit of a twist in this movie but this kind of stories is common. We’ve seen a lot of movies about couples trying to solve crisis in their lives. In addition she should have ended it a more interesting way so viewers won’t just sigh in disappointment while walking out of the movie theater.

I guess I will just be looking forward for a better Valentine's Day movie special. 

March 30, 2011

Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

Would you like to go back in the past without knowing it? This is what happened in the movie, hot tub time machine.

Three friends who are in the middle of failures in life; Adam (John Cusack) whose girlfriend ditched him, Nick (Craig Robinson), whose wife is a cheater and with a job without opportunities and Lou (Roby Corddry), a self-destructive alcoholic were thrown back in time. How did it happen? Lou tried to poison him. His two other friends wanted to help him recover, so they decided to go to a winter resort with Adam’s nephew Jacob (Clark Duke) and this resort happen to be their old party place. They had a great night drinking in the hot tub . Suddenly, they didn’t notice that there is something wrong happening with the hot tub and it takes them back to 1986, on a disastrous night for each of them. They agreed that maybe if they will do the same thing the way they did before, it might get them back to the future so Jacob will be born. Imagine, letting someone punch you without any hesitation and experiencing that twice in your life. Seriously, there are a lot of temptations to do things in a different way but they tried to fight those temptations. Does changing the past makes them go back to their poor lives? Find it out!

It is my first time to see John Cusack in a comedy movie and I was really impressed the way he did it. It looks natural.

Craig Robinson did an entertaining job with his wonderful vocals. He turned this movie into a funny and entertaining one.

Roby Corddry is a perfect combination of John and Craig. They are like singers with a perfect harmony.

I hope Steve Pink, director, should have reduced the flaws of this movie. Since it is full of sex scenes, cursing and many others that is not “acceptable” to all audiences.

The writes, Josh Herald and Sean Anders made a good story line. They made the viewers think of what will happen at the end of the movie.

The movie is totally entertaining despite its flaws. People who are not fond of watching this kind of movie would judge it senseless. However, understanding it deeply would give you a lesson.

Lesson learned: You can choose your destiny. If you want and you are determined to do it, you will succeed hundred percent.

I would love to have a hot tub like this. :)

March 29, 2011


We are all aware that the love of money is the root of all evil. Why? One reason is that an individual's mind will turn evil when he or she loves money so much. You will become selfish that you can't even help your love ones when they are in need. Selfish and practical are two different words so those people who have their love on money shouldn't say they are just being practical. 

What made me write this? I have a lot of experience dealing with people like this. Way back 2006, I had a foreign friend who happened to make Philippines one of his travel destination. Before he arrived in my country, I told him some of the flaws that he might encounter while staying in the Philippines. I was not mistaken. From Ninoy Aquino International Airport going to Malate, Manila, the cab driver was charging him double the exact fare. I was glad that he didn't give what the cab driver was asking. Is being an alien to another country an excuse for this cab driver to ask for a tip or worse double the price of the service? I don't think so. I am not generalizing that all cab drivers are doing this but most of them. One more unforgettable experience was when we went to Subic, Olonggapo. We decided to book a hotel for us to be sure we have a place to stay. When we arrived at the hotel, everything was ready. The place was fine, the receptionist was accommodating but the bell boy wasn't. He helped us with our  luggage. I was quite surprised at that time because he was waiting for a tip. He just stand at the door waiting for something. My friend then called me. So, I asked the bell boy, is there something wrong? He answered nothing. I then asked what was he waiting for? He just answered me with a smile. I asked him if their guests are obliged to give a tip. I told him that not all foreigners coming in the Philippines are rich who you can rip off. I was so angry at that time and I was so ashamed at my friend. I apologize for whatever bad experience he will encounter and will be encountering. 

Recently, my boss visited Philippines and I encountered almost the same situation again. I told those people that my boss isn't rich and that he is working hard for his family too. And because of that, I became bad for other people. I don't care if they will get angry because I was just protecting my boss for shameful purposes those people are thinking. Besides my boss is paying the services they are providing him. 

How can we keep our tourism industry well if this is the attitude we are giving our visitors? Come on! If we want our lives to be better, I guess we will just have to work hard for ourselves. Set aside whatever leisures you want to experience if you yourself can't make both ends meet and stop clinging on other people for your own benefit.

Money is so powerful that can corrupt your mind.

Note: This is also published in with the same and only one username.

March 28, 2011

Feeling Bad

Today isn't just a good day for me. I woke up this morning feeling my body in pain. I don't know why. I tried to think if I had eaten something that will trigger my rheumatism but I am sure I didn't. I haven't felt this for quite a long time so I feel uneasy. It's Monday and as much as possible I want to start my week well. It's not just meant to be I guess. I am trying to stay positive that I can make it till the end of the day. I don't want to miss classes since it doesn't give any advantages to both parties; me and my student. 

One thing that makes me feel bad is the weather. It's too windy here in my room. The weather is gloomy and it affects my emotion. I am trying my best no to look out the window. I am fighting this feeling. I am making myself busy as well by updating the book that I am writing. At the same time I am working on my friend's notebook computer. I hope I can finish this tonight so she will be able to use it. It is just making me think why this machine is so stubborn. It is really hard when you don't care of your things. I will be telling him to not just use this machine so it won't give any trouble again. 

I remember, I haven't eaten lunch yet. I don't feel hungry and I don't have the appetite to take something. I will just try to eat my dinner. 

I am positive that tomorrow will be fine. Maybe there's a reason why I am feeling like this. All I thought I am keeping myself healthy but I guess it isn't enough. I have to double my effort. 

Broken Friendship

No man is an island; a saying that we always remember and one reason why we make friends. Aside from that, there are also lame reasons why people make friends. First, they make friends so they have someone to cling to in times of need. Shall I call it monetary friendship? Second, they make friends because of low self-esteem. They can't make decisions on their own and they always need someone such as a friend to ask advice for. 

I have this attitude before that when I meet someone and my instinct told me that this person isn't good, I back off. But I changed. I changed because people deserve a second chance; that first impression doesn't last. The fruit of it was good. I had lots of friends whom I can share anything I want to share. Until recently, I noticed that someone isn't that kind of person whom I should trust. What hurts me most is that, I trusted that person much. He knows almost everything about me and the people around me. A trusted friend told me that this person told bad things at my back. The shocking part of it is that those things he told other people weren't true at all. I want to confront this person but my other friends told me not to step down to his level. I listened to them and I will just show him that he isn't a part of my life anymore. I may talk to him but not like before. 

Nowadays, it makes me realize that it isn't bad to choose friends at all. It is because we can only count on our fingers those people we can trust. I guess I will be very kin to the people I will be meeting in the future. I just wish that this person will realize what he is doing since I didn't create harm in his life. Despite all the good things I have done to him, this is all I get. Anyway, lesson learned, I should be more careful in giving my trust next time. 

It is very hard to mend a broken friendship

March 24, 2011

Education: Is it enough to succeed?

Education is important for success but not enough.

Since we started learning things from childhood, we were always been told that we have to study hard to succeed in life. Most parents are pushing their kids to study hard for them to have a better future. Most students are trying their best to make sure they will get higher GPAs. But is this enough? Will it satisfy our parents when we graduate with flying colors?

The past few days I have been thinking about someone who I know in the middle of education crisis. She is a high school graduating student and I can’t deny that this young girl has the ability for her to stand out. She comes from a poor family who can’t even make both ends meet.   Now, that she is going to make another journey in her life, I was thinking and puzzled how she can cope with college life. Why am I having this question? It is because the kind of education that she received from her teachers is not enough for her to survive college.Her parents can't afford to enroll her in a better high school. She took an entrance exam from one of the universities in the Philippines but unfortunately she didn’t pass. We asked her if the exam was hard and she told us that most of the questions were not taught to them. Now, is education enough to succeed?  The answer is definitely NOT!

There are a lot of people who succeeded without proper education. Let’s not get that far. Take Bill Gates for example. He is a college drop out but because of his passion in computers, he is ranked the world’ richest man from 1995-2006. One more popular entrepreneur who didn’t need college to succeed is Walt Disney whose accomplishments and career are astounding despite being a high school drop out. He is now the most influential animator. With all these people whom we can look up to only proves that education is not enough to succeed in life. I am not implying not to study because it doesn't guarantee success however, there are proper ingredients of success. 

I would like to say that, passion, patience and the determination to succeed would make a perfect combination for someone to be successful. 

This blog is dedicated to this person. Take the right path that you think will make you a better person inside and out. 

March 23, 2011

Book review: The Secret

Way back 2007; I was still working for a foreign company based in my country. It is a kind of call center industry where in we teach non-native English speakers improve their English communication skills.  It was that time I met these two kids named Nikka and Rachel (it’s their English names I gave them). At first it was too difficult to make them focus with our lesson until when I changed my approach. We became friends. I exchanged mails with their mom and I discovered a lot about them.

October 16, 2007; my birthday, I was surprised when the mailman arrived in the office and was looking for me. According to him, I have packages from South Korea. I was wondering from whom the packages are. When I saw these two boxes, it was from the kids. I was so excited to open them. I got a lot of things from them.  The one thing that caught my eye was a small box. It was wrapped beautifully with a ribbon on it. To my surprise, it was a book entitled “The Secret”.  I really don’t have an idea what the book is about. So when I got home, I read it. That was Friday so its fine for me to stay up late since it’s my day off on weekends. I tried to finish the book that night.

I learned a lot from the book. I can say that this book changed my way of thinking.  This book has several ideas that are considered exciting and controversial. It tells about the Law of attraction.
  1.     It says in the book that if you focus your attention on achieving your goal and believe that you can do it and you have done it, you will be successful in achieving your goal virtually that you set on your mind to. 
  2. If you focus on things that you don’t want and you can’t do, you are actually inviting those things into your life. The secret is you have to think of only the positive things. For example: Instead of saying I don’t want to be late for work, you have to say, I can go to work early. People should stop asking the questions “how” instead say it and put it in your mind that you can do it.
  3.   The principle of the Law of Attraction is whatever you focus your energy on, whether it is relationship, possessions, work, and even your health you will be able to achieve good or bad.
This book became controversial. Some people say that this book is anti-religion. It might be because readers would tend to focus on material things alone. But I disagree because it depends on how readers interpret it. 

This book has a lot of secrets to reveal. I am super thankful to Nikka Kim and Rachel Kim for giving me the opportunity to read this.

March 18, 2011

Movie Review: Knight and Day

Everybody wants to have a knight in shining armor whenever we face troubles. However, is there a knight in shining armor in our modern world? Definitely yes!

Knight and day, an action romance comedy in one has such a jump-starting and quite puzzling introduction. The story goes this way. June Havens (Cameron Diaz) bumps into Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) at the Wichita Airport while she is struggling in carrying his luggage full of car spare parts that she is going to use to restore his deceased father’s GTO for her sister wedding. Only to find out that they are on the same flight, however, she was not in the list of the passengers after checking her boarding pass. With that, Roy told her, that sometimes things happen for a reason. Puzzled June sat at the waiting area hoping that she could get on that flight. After a couple of minutes, she was asked to board on the plane because they found an available sit for her. To her surprise, he noticed that there are only four or five other people present. She chats with Miller about her dreams driving to Cape Horn and the latter is preoccupied glancing on the other passengers while they are both trying to make themselves comfortable with the bumpy flight. She is strongly attracted. She goes to the restroom to freshen up. While she is busy, Miller is attacked by the other passengers on the plane.  The fighting, chase and surveillance started. June Havens’ simple life is tangled with Roy’s troubled life.  As the story goes, Havens has trouble thinking who to trust. But Miller convinced her that he is the good guy protecting an energy source that a rogue agent wants to gain for his own benefit.  The question here is: Can she trust Roy when she starts to see bullets flying and explosions anywhere they go? You have to find it out.
We’ve seen Tom Cruise doing Mission: Impossible franchise and definitely he nailed this movie again. His charisma together with his moves made this movie a wonderful one combining with Cameron Diaz’s charm and easy to handle any movie past mediocrity. It was a perfect combination of the two.
Patrick O’Neil, the writer, wrote a good story to make the viewers excited for the next scene. The story was not boring because it was fast. I would keep on flipping the pages if this is a book.  Though the twist isn’t that unnerving, you still have to think what’s going to happen next.
James Mangold, who often directs an action movie made his ability to run this one. However, he could have added a bit of love to make it more special. But I guess romance is not his forte. But of course, every project has its own flaws.  Even so, I would still recommend this to everybody.
Clear your living room as you might accidentally kick and punch your pop corn and soda while you are enjoying this movie. :)

March 17, 2011

Movie Review: Kick-Ass

As I was trying to find something else to do to kill my boredom, I accidentally bump into something that caught my interest. I saw the movie kick-ass over the internet and I decided to watch the trailer on YouTube. Well, the trailer was a bit fascinating because the main character came up with the question “How come nobody has ever try to be a super hero? His friends obviously don’t want to be because for them it is impossible, but for him there’s nothing impossible when your intention is to help people.

It made me more interested when I saw one of my favorite action stars in the trailer. I then decided to stream the movie.

The movie is narrated by the main character, Dave Lizewski. It started with a question from Dave about how come someone hasn’t ever tried to be a superhero given those large amounts of comics over the decades.

To summarize the story, Dave is an ordinary high school student and a huge fan of comic books with a few of his friends. He lives alone with his father. There’s nothing very difficult in his life. His personal trials are not that tragic as well. However, he makes a simple decision to become a superhero despite the fact that he has no powers or training suitable for being a superhero.

Nicolas Cage (Damon), one of my favorite action stars is in this movie and I have noticed that he did remarkably well. I was a bit sad that he died in the movie.

Mindy, (played by Chloe Moretz) one of the other main characters in the movie had awesome moves. I was really fascinated! However, parents out there might not like their kids to like Mindy because she storms the movie with lots of swearing which is not common for super heroes I guess as super heroes should be teaching their viewers moral lessons.

Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), did also great specially being beaten by thugs! Of course, as expected, a superhero is going to save someone at the end of the movie. And he did so.

Mark Strong (Frank D’Amico) together with his son Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Chris D’Amico/Red Mist) is the main protagonist in the story. I really like Mark Strong’s aura being a criminal. He is really good at that. Chris shows that with lots of money, you can be a superhero or a super villain. This happens in reality.

For me, the movie is totally entertaining but don’t expect too much about it as it is not that big like other superhero movies. If you want to add something in your list for the weekend, watch this. Learn some moves. (I hope I can play martial arts again). A word of advice, don’t let your kids watch this alone.

There is something I learned from this movie. If we want change, then let’s start with ourselves. It is risky to be a superhero especially if you don’t have superpowers. It is also risky to change as we might lose some of our love ones but if we change for the better, go for it!

March 10, 2011

My favorites

While waiting for my student, I thought of all the things that I really like to eat and drink. So I thought of writing it down here. So I will list down my favorites here:

1. Favorite Filipino Dish: Shrimp in sour soup (siningang na hipon)

I can't help to finish one bowl of sinigang na hipon in one meal. If I eat with someone who doesn't like  vegetables, thank you! The vegetables will be all mine. :))

2. Favorite Dessert: Green mango with shrimp paste (bagoong)
I will have a perfect meal if I will be having this for dessert. I usually have a cup of coffee at eating this. My husband always says I am weird. 

3. Favorite drink: Iced tea and coffee
I feel refreshed when I drink a glass of iced tea every time we eat out. 

My day isn't complete without a cup of coffee.

4. Favorite snack: Corn 
My vacant time is complete if corn is served for a snack while lying down on a couch. ;)

Now, I am getting hungry again...;))

March 8, 2011

Bad Experience

As I was thinking of a lot of things, my mind kept scanning past events in my life. Events that made me smile and those that made me feel terrible. My mind stopped on something that made my life and my husband's like hell. 

It was when my boss (a Korean) asked me if me and my husband could take care of his daughter here in the Philippines as her home stay parents. He planned that his daughter will be studying in the Philippines for her to enhance her English communication skills. After months of thinking, we agreed with some conditions. Since he is my boss, I was thinking that her daughter is well-mannered but that was absolutely wrong. He then brought her here in the Philippines and he left after 3 days of stay. I enrolled her in one of the schools here in Imus, Cavite. We took care of the enrollment procedures, arranged her school bus schedule, talked to the principle about foreign student policies, etc. 

After a month of staying in the Philippines, she started to show her true colors. It was when my husband asked her of what to have for breakfast and she answered him in a wrong way. I was surprised with her manner because me and my husband never experienced that with our siblings (believe me, I am shaking while writing this one).

From that time, we experienced fights at home. There was once a time that we haven't talked to her for a week as a punishment of not being good to us. What I hate most is that, she doesn't mind of other people's feelings. There was an instant that my husband cooked dinner for everybody and she ate ahead of us since I am still working. We were then surprised that she didn't leave anything for us. From then on, we decided to separate her food from us to avoid such problem.

The worst thing in her is that she shouts at us. When we confront her why is she shouting at us, she will say, "I am not shouting". I was wondering if she is doing this to her parents. We told this to her parents but I don't think that idea solved the problem. This situation lasts for almost 8 months. My patience and my husband's was tested during that time.

We tried to teach her everything we can to make her a better person but I guess 8 months isn't that enough. We even tried to understand her and adjust for her but still the same. I just hope that she learned something from us and from other Filipinos.

March 7, 2011

A Very Bad Dream

Last night, me and my husband decided to sleep earlier than usual so we will wake up early. I had a deep sleep. I woke up at 5 am but I went to bed again since it is still early. From that time, the bad dream started. In my dream, I am in a place where it is surrounded by complete amenities. Me and the other people in my dream were leaving in a big building. We have our own rooms and the room is really luxurious. But there is something wrong with us. We have a disease. Something like we are not humans. We are like vampires. So the idea of us living in just one place is to prevent us from hurting humans. So we are provided with what we need as vampires. We also have a leader and our leader is giving me a special attention all the time. Whenever other vampires try to bully me, he takes care of them. One day, there is a newbie. I don't exactly know if she is half-human. She is often the target of other vampires in the community. The leader asked me ti take care of her. I happily accepted the responsibility. One strong vampire really like to eat her and I have to protect her from her. I told our leader about the other vampire but he didn't believe me. One time, the bad vampire told our leader that the new comer needs to meditate with her. I know her intention and I tried to stop it but I failed. I know she is going to attack her inside. But I was wrong, she came out with her holding her arm tightly and my friend is shaking from fear. As soon as they came out, the bad vampire threw her on the ground and ready to attack her. I tried to intervene but our leader stopped me. He said that she has to fight. So we were all watching them fighting. The newcomer gave her a strong kick and she fell on the ground. She got a pointed branch and tried to kill her but she didn't succeed. She ran away. As I was running towards my friend. I felt someone snatch me from behind. It was the bad vampire. I am now the target. But our leader was fast enough to save me. I heard him whisper, you should not hurt her. She is an asset of our community. She is the one. So I was confused with what he said that I am the one.
One day I was asked to stay beside our leader during a community meeting. I was shocked when he introduced me that I am the one with a true evil blood that will make everyone immortal. That I am going to do a ceremony. I was then in the middle of everyone stunned. I tried to scan my mind of what to do to remove this so cold true blood in me. I executed the ceremony I was told to do but the other side of my mind was praying and believing that I can get out from this community soon. I was planning of something to kill everyone in an instant.  My mind was praying for Him to help me. As I was ready to do what is right, I suddenly woke up. I felt tired and exhausted. As if I was really in there. 

I am now thinking what my dream is. What does it mean? Is this a warning? I hope it is not.

March 6, 2011

New lesson learned

Our landlord visited us today to hand us the lessor-lessee contract. We had a small talk about each other's lives. I had known few things about him. That he is now a freelance caregiver after his long service for a big hospital in Manila. We were quite intrigued with his achievements. He successfully owned a house and lot and was able to renovate it. The house is actually a condo style house with all the basic amenities that you can see in a typical condominium. As to how much he spent; it was over 250,000 pesos. I asked him if he ever thought of working abroad because he is an experienced caregiver. He said, he tried but it wasn't meant to be. He also told us that as long as he can provide for his family, he is contented of that. What moved me was when he said that, not all people working abroad are successful and the desire of having more has consequences. Lately, I was thinking of going abroad to work. It was because there are responsibilities that I have to take. But because of what he said, I guess I just have to wait for the right time. I will do what I can do here so I can still take the responsibility that I am supposed to do.  Fingers crossed! :)

March 4, 2011

Delicious Chicken

My week has been a lazy week but I am happy that I still managed to cook. :) Me and my husband were tired of the same recipe everyday so I tried to cook something different. I was able to find a recipe from the net that I can try to cook. So I asked my husband to buy me the ingredients I will need in cooking. Here's the outcome:

Yangnyeom tongdak with water melon

I decorated it with watermelon. Grapes would be better for decoration but it isn't available so I came up with the watermelon toppings.

양념통닭 (In Hangul) My husband can't wait to taste it so the fork is ready.

This recipe is awesome! For people who are not into eating spicy foods you can reduce the amount of chili paste and add more of the ketchup. :)