August 25, 2015

Tempura Obsession

The rainy days make me stay in place and think of food all the time. Even though I try to work on weekends my mind still wants to cook something so I always make sure that there's something in the refrigerator whenever my cooking addiction attacks. 

It's been a long time since I tried cooking shrimp tempura. That was a total failure. haha! I guess I was just so confident that I could turn it out right just by imagining how it was cooked. The result, delicious but it looked terrible! Huh! 

Failed tempura :D

August 19, 2015

A Choice

Solitary Chair

Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the wrong words seem to rhyme.- Collide Howdie day

You are trying to get your sleep in the middle of a quiet night when suddenly your mind drifted to an event of your life you considered the happiest. You suddenly miss him. Tears started to fall while your mind keeps scanning the time you spent together.  You remember all the events and even the words he told you vividly while you were together. You can't forget his scent, his voice and his laughs. You know exactly how he makes you laugh even with just ordinary jokes. His whole being is written in your mind.

August 14, 2015

Who Wants Kebab?

Cooking is something I do when I feel sad, angry, or happy.

With that, I went back to cooking after I got sick for a few weeks. My palate craved for something after eating bland foods and taking doses of medicines. My entire bed rest was dedicated to reading, watching movies and digging the internet for some recipes I may want to cook someday. 

I haven't used my broiler for a long time since after I invaded someone's kitchen. I can't even remember when was that. I thought pineapple pork kebab might do well in there.  I have been watching Cooking with Jack Show but I haven't tried cooking his recipes, so I thought this one is easy enough to do, besides it can be a family bonding. LOL! You can look for the recipe from the video.

Not everyone in the family eats pork so I decided to use beef, chicken and pork. Lot's of choices, ey? I am generous I guess. hahaha! Since I hate shopping, I asked someone to do the shopping for me but of course there's always a mistake but it doesn't matter, it makes me more resourceful.

While the broiler is busy doing its job, our noses are already full of the yummy smell of the food. I couldn't wait to taste it!